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What and mainstream
Onna Roll records, with artists including Nasty Boys and Donna Williams, realized mainstream success with the single, " What I'm Feeling ", which with 63 plays was the most played single in a single day on WKTU.
Beginning in 1986, " London Greenpeace ", a small environmental campaigning group ( not to be confused with the larger Greenpeace International organisation, which they declined to join as they saw it being too " centralised and mainstream for their tastes "), distributed a pamphlet entitled What ’ s wrong with McDonald ’ s: Everything they don ’ t want you to know.
By the early 80s, the Kinks revived their commercial fortunes considerably by adopting a much more mainstream arena rock style ; and the band's four remaining studio albums for Arista — Low Budget ( 1979 ), Give the People What They Want ( 1981 ), State of Confusion ( 1983 ) and Word of Mouth ( 1984 )— showcased a decidedly canny and opportunistic approach.
What was previously seen as a niche phenomena turned more and more mainstream as the organization gained members.
It was on Epic that the Staple Singers began moving into mainstream pop markets, with " Why ( Am I Treated So Bad )" and " For What It's Worth " ( Stephen Stills ) in 1967.
Most What If stories begin with Uatu describing an event in the mainstream Marvel Universe, then introducing a point of divergence in that event and then describing the consequences of the divergence.
What other summit of world leaders in politics, finance and business would go completely unreported in the mainstream media such as the BBC?
Nestor Alexander Haddaway ( born January 9, 1965 ), better known by his stage name Haddaway, is a Trinidadian-German singer, best known to mainstream audiences for his 1993 hit, " What Is Love ".
What is known more solidly is yet-more political theory: In late February 2011 upon the 2011 Egyptian revolution, PL published a fiercely supportive reaction and also called the mainstream media's characterisation of the revolution as nonviolent " lies ", asserting instead that revolutionary violence and even a quasi-communistic or at least genuinely populist spirit saturated the entire process.
Their mainstream debut on Atlantic Records was in 1983 with their eponymous album, highlighted by the singles " Tell Me What You Want " and " Who's Behind The Door ".
What resulted was the most mainstream looking Studebaker's since 1946.
What Cobweb stood for the mainstream rock scene in Nepal, X-mantra proudly stood for the metal and underground scene in Nepal.
The success of liquid funk never left the mainstream, and was followed by Mistabishi's ' No Matter What ' being played on daytime radio, Chase & Status ' " More Than Alot "' album charting and the Brookes Brother's single ' Tear You Down ' hitting Dance charts.
The following track, " What I Do on Saturday ", is a " playful " pop song, while " Maintain " is a more mainstream song influenced by American alternative band They Might Be Giants.
What is noteworthy about both Cosmobiology and Uranian astrology, which has developed along a different path technically, is their emphasis on critical analysis and testing by observing more clearly measurable or observable astrological correlations, rather than to simply perpetuate observations or assumptions written in historical astrological texts, a problem leading to widespread criticism of mainstream Classical Astrology.
" What made them dangerous was that they came across as mainstream ," said Lethbridge to the Globe and Mail.
" What Hurts the Most " was solicited to mainstream radio stations on December 11, 2007 in the United States, following its digital and physical release within the two weeks before.

What and rock
Nicholas E. Tawa, in his 2005 book Supremely American: Popular Song in the 20th Century: Styles and Singers and What They Said About America, included Beefheart among the prominent progressive rock musicians of the 1960s and 70s, while the Encyclopædia Britannica describes Beefheart's songs as conveying " deep distrust of modern civilization, a yearning for ecological balance, and that belief that all animals in the wild are far superior to human beings.
Instrumentally, their sound contains lush, multi-layered, psychedelic rock arrangements, but lyrically their compositions show elements of space rock, including unusual song and album titles — such as " What Is the Light?
What is left of the rock is located west of Highway 130 across from Brace Park.
What the band is most known for, from its start, is the fusing of rock, blues, pop music, horn arrangements and jazz improvisation into a hybrid that came to be known as " jazz-rock ".
Others involve punk metafiction (" So What "), surrealism (" Accuracy "), straightforward rock / pop (" Boys Don't Cry ", " I'm Cold "), and poetic mood pieces (" Another Day " and " Fire in Cairo ").
While Nelson preferred rockabilly and uptempo rock songs like " Believe What You Say " ( Hot 100 # 4 ), " I Got a Feeling " (# 10 ), " My Bucket's Got a Hole in It " (# 12 ), " Hello Mary Lou " (# 9 ), " It's Late " (# 9 ), " Stood Up " (# 2 ), " Waitin ' in School " (# 18 ), " Be-Bop Baby " (# 3 ), and " Just a Little Too Much " (# 9 ), his smooth, calm voice made him a natural to sing ballads.
" That's What I Like " featured the theme music from the television police drama Hawaii Five-O, with overlaid excerpts from rock hits like Chubby Checker's " The Twist " and Ernie Maresca's " Shout, Shout ( Knock Yourself Out )".
" Among the first songs Vaughan learned were " Wine, Wine, Wine " and " Thunderbird " by The Nightcaps, a Dallas garage rock band, along with Jimmy Reed's " Baby What You Want Me to Do ".
The influence of this folk-protest movement would later manifest itself in the sociopolitical lyrics and mildly anti-establishment sentiments of many folk rock songs, including hit singles such as " Eve of Destruction ", " Like a Rolling Stone ", " For What It's Worth ", and " Let's Live for Today ".
What was formerly a discrete genre known as rock and roll evolved into a catchall category called simply rock music, which came to include diverse styles like heavy metal and punk rock.
In 2008, Greenwood wrote the theme music for Adam Buxton's comedy pilot meeBOX, and collaborated with Israeli rock musician Dudu Tasa on Tasa's Hebrew-language single " What a Day ".
Irons and Slovak however, decided to leave the Red Hot Chili Peppers in order to pursue a " more serious " future with rock band What Is This?
** Pallas contributed What In The World to this tribute compilation to the work of the late neo-progressive rock artist Geoff Mann, who died the previous year.
The Amen break has also been used by rock music acts including Oasis (' D ' You Know What I Mean '), Perry Farrell, Nine Inch Nails (" The Perfect Drug ") and quite frequently by The Mad Capsule Markets.
" Kiedis observed that his playing evolved during his time away from the group in What Is This ?, with Slovak adopting a more fluid style featuring " sultry " elements as opposed to his original hard rock techniques.
" Indie " rock band Two Gallants covered the parable in the song " The Prodigal Son " on their 2006 album What the Toll Tells.
* Stourhead House was featured on the cover of English indie rock band Milburn's single What Will You Do ( When The Money Goes )?
" What resulted on March 25, 1960, was the first operatic rock ballad in the history of popular music.
What resulted was 2003's Total Entertainment !, an album that the band described as a meeting point between the lighthearted humor of their early work and the introspective rock of their previous album.
" Christianity Is Stupid ", a track featuring samples from the propaganda movie If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do ?, layered over a buzzing and droning hard rock groove, proved to be an enduring signature song.

What and press
With the release of the 2008 book What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception by George W. Bush's press secretary Scott McClellan, there are some who contend that this is evidence of Mark Halperin being correct instead of biased.
As noted by many scholars, Nevisians have often referred to a structural imbalance in Saint Kitts ' favour in how funds are distributed between the two islands and this issue has made the movement for Nevis secession a constant presence in the island's political arena, with many articles appearing in the local press expressing concerns such as those compiled by Everton Powell in " What Motivates Our Call for Independence ":
* Chalmers, Alan ( 2007 ) What Is This Thing Called Science ?, University of Queensland Press, Open University press, ( reprint of 1999 3rd revised edition ).
According to press secretary George Christian, Johnson was unsurprised by the riots, saying: " What did you expect?
After the tabloid press alleged an affair between Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson, with whom he had shot the video for his single " What Goes Around .../... Comes Around Interlude ", Diaz and Timberlake issued a joint statement on January 11, 2007:
It was Buñuel's intention to shock and insult the intellectual bourgeoisie of his youth, later saying: " Historically the film represents a violent reaction against what in those days was called ‘ avant-garde ,’ which was aimed exclusively at artistic sensibility and the audience ’ s reason .” Against his hopes and expectations, the film was a huge success amongst the French bourgeoisie, leading Buñuel to exclaim in exasperation, " What can I do about the people who adore all that is new, even when it goes against their deepest convictions, or about the insincere, corrupt press, and the inane herd that saw beauty or poetry in something which was basically no more than a desperate impassioned call for murder?
Gallagher was seen celebrating the victory, and interrupted a post-match press conference, telling reporters " What do you want to know lads?
On 21 April, in a State Department press conference, President Kennedy said: " There's an old saying that victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan ... What matters is only one fact, I am the responsible officer of the government.
What has been called a " sinkhole " by the popular press formed suddenly in Guatemala in May 2010.
Nearing searched his soul in a lecture delivered in January 1923 at the Rand School, later published in the Socialist press, posing the question " What Can the Radical Do?
Automotive press asked Chevrolet product managers, " What is a Camaro?
At a press conference days later, Napolitano modified her position: “ What my letter said was that we would work with them on the implementation in terms of timing and the like … But we do not view this as an opt-in, opt-out program .” She did not provide legal justification.
Not only was Wilson able to cast his vote in a firm voice, but he even held a brief press conference during the late-night session in which he jokingly asked reporters, " What are you all doing up this late?
* " What gunpowder has done for war, the printing press has done for the mind.
When confronted with intense questioning by the press over the nature of the relationship, Kerrey famously replied ; " What can I sayshe swept me off my foot ," alluding to the fact that the lower part of one of his legs was amputated due to injuries sustained in his Medal of Honor action in Vietnam.
At an international press conference in Spain, the prime minister answered a question of a journalist by saying, " What if the headscarf is a symbol?
*" Apple Computer's eWorld — What AOL could have been " — eWorld screenshots, history and press release
He also scoffed at fears expressed by dissenters that the press was now too unconstrained: " What the Court has done, I believe, will have little, if any, practical effect on the functioning of responsible journalism.
: Press: ( After murmurs by other press ) What were you thinking … when you moved your lips?
Kay said, " What Ortiz-Shamrock ratings woke people up to was there ’ s an opportunity for 18-34s that is unexploited, and 18-to-34-year-old guys love this ... I think one was it did, as you said, wake up the press to fact that there ’ s something going on here that was unexpected.
What if he fails to comply and we fail to act, or we take some ambiguous third route, which gives him yet more opportunities to develop this program of weapons of mass destruction and continue to press for the release of the sanctions and continue to ignore the solemn commitments that he made?
" Comparing himself to a soldier drew national attention and Kellen quickly issued a statement " After speaking with the press, I immediately regretted my comments and felt embarrassed for my family, my team, the University of Miami, our fans, alumni and myself, " What I have learned from this experience is to take my triumphs and failures in stride.
In the modern era it has mostly been promoted as a supper dish instead of at breakfast, and has also been included in Britain's growing street food movement with food stall " What the Dickens " being featured in the national press for their devilled kidney recipe.
* Jibjab's 2008 Year in Review was set to the song and featured a similar lyrical concept, for instance " When the maverick tapped a hockey mom the press said, ' What the ...' Truck bombs in Islamabad ", etc.

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