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What and their
What is required is the full implementation of Article 2 of the Treaty, which provides: `` The Parties will contribute toward the further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions, by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded, and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being.
What is in doubt as the free Germans and their allies consider the voting trends is the nature of the coalition that will result.
What the American people will do turns in large degree on their leadership.
What is left to traditional systems of philosophy is, in effect, only the history of these fields prior to their becoming rigorous enough to abide by the canons of scientific method.
What do parents need to know about those `` years of the braces '' in order not to waste a child's time and their money??
What is noteworthy about this large group of teen-agers is that, although their attitudes hardly differentiate them from their gentile counterparts, they actually lead their lives in a vast self-enclosed Jewish cosmos with relatively little contact with the non-Jewish world.
What do the pretty SMU girls like on their plates??
Pastor and theologian Dr. Brian Abasciano claims " What Paul says about Jews, Gentiles, and Christians, whether of their place in God ’ s plan, or their election, or their salvation, or how they should think or behave, he says from a corporate perspective which views the group as primary and those he speaks about as embedded in the group.
" When Congress, in the summer of 1973, legislated an end to U. S. military action in, over, or off the shores of Indochina, the only U. S. military activity then going on was air support of a friendly Cambodian government and army desperately defending their country against a North Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge onslaught ... What destabilized Cambodia was North Vietnam's occupation of chunks of Cambodian territory from 1965 onwards for use as military bases from which to launch attacks on U. S. and South Vietnamese forces in South Vietnam.
What started as an elitist political movement against their colonial master, finally ended as a full-fledged civil war between pro-Independence Criollos who sought political and economic independence from Spain and royalist Criollos, who supported the continued allegiance to and permanence within the Spanish Empire of the Kingdom of Chile.
What they shared in common was their dissatisfaction with the dictates of the Salon.
What set deists apart from their more orthodox contemporaries were their critical concerns.
Furthermore, frescoes and murals dealing with death had a long tradition and were widespread, e. g. the legend of the Three Living and the Three Dead: on a ride or hunt, three young gentlemen meet three cadavers ( sometimes described as their ancestors ) who warn them, Quod fuimus, estis ; quod sumus, vos eritis ( What we were, you are ; what we are, you will be ).
", " What We Do ", and " Fresh ", which are tracks from their new album.
: What does seem nowadays proved is that the British troops who had landed on the South Mole area raised their flag to signal their presence to the ships, and avoid being fired upon by their own side.
What was scandalous was their open admission of the relationship.
What did surprise some observers was the forcible conversion of three sons of Jahangir's brother, Prince Daniyal, to Christianity, followed by a parade to celebrate their conversions.
What generally differentiates the different swords is their length.

What and music
What is interesting about these chamber works here is how they all reveal the aspect of French music that was moving toward the rococo.
What makes a painting beautiful is quite different from what makes music beautiful, which suggests that each art form has its own language for the judgement of aesthetics.
Marlene Dietrich as Frenchy performs the songs " See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have " and " You've Got That Look ", written by Frank Loesser, set to music by Frederick Hollander, which have become classics.
Larger ensemble works include Galina Ustvolskaya's Composition No. 2, " Dies Irae " ( 1973 ), for eight double basses, piano, and wooden cube, Jose Serebrier's George and Muriel ( 1986 ), for solo bass, double bass ensemble, and chorus, and Gerhard Samuel's What of my music!
Ropin ' the Winds music was a melange of pop country and honky tonk ; hits included Billy Joel's " Shameless ", " What She's Doing Now ", and " The River ".
Released in 1989, The Iceberg / Freedom of Speech ... Just Watch What You Say established his popularity by matching excellent abrasive music with narrative and commentative lyrics.
Gilbert Chase, in his book The Music of Spain, describes Pedrell ’ s influence on Albéniz: “ What Albéniz derived from Pedrell was above all a spiritual orientation, the realization of the wonderful values inherent in Spanish music ".
What the mainstream rock press perceived as the excess of Tales From Topographic Oceans ( 1973 ) marked the start of the backlash against Prog music.
It was released on DVD for the first time on January 9, 2001, and included an audio commentary by Reiner, a 35-minute " Making Of " documentary featuring interviews with Reiner, Ephron, Crystal, and Ryan, seven deleted scenes, and a music video for " It Had To Be You " by Harry Connick, Jr. A Collector's Edition DVD was released on January 15, 2008, including a new audio commentary with Reiner, Ephron, and Crystal, eight deleted scenes, all new featurettes ( It All Started Like This, Stories Of Love, When Rob Met Billy, Billy On Harry, I Love New York, What Harry Meeting Sally Meant, So Can Men And Women Really Be Friends?
What followed was a string of albums and events that saw Marillion struggling to find their place in the music business.
UK cassette culture was championed by marginal musicians and performers such as Barry Lamb, Storm Bugs, the insane picnic, Instant Automatons, Stripey Zebras, What is Oil ?, The APF Brigade, Blyth Power, The Peace & Freedom Band, Academy 23, Sean Terrington Wright, Frenzid Melon, Cleaners From Venus, Chumbawamba, 5ive Ximes 0f Dust and many of the purveyors of Industrial music, e. g. Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and Clock DVA.
Both Liquid Architecture and What Is Music are annual festivals of modern music and sound art.
What unified these cultures in the Middle Ages was the Roman Catholic Church, and its music served as the focal point for musical development for the first thousand years of this period.
The music used for the final version of the museum sequence is an instrumental cover version of The Smiths ' " Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want ", performed by The Dream Academy.
In 2007, No Nukes recorded a music video of a new version of the Buffalo Springfield song " For What It's Worth ".
Others who have seen success in the fields of music and acting include Marta " Martika " Marrero (" Toy Soldiers "), Mario Lopez (" Saved by The Bell " and " Dancing with the Stars "), Eric Balfour ( 24, Haven, Skyline ), Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was credited simply as " Love Hewitt ", ( Party of Five, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Ghost Whisperer ) and Ryan Lambert ( The Monster Squad, Elephone ).
The most recent music video filmed on Malibu Beach was " What Makes You Beautiful ", the debut single from British boyband One Direction in July 2011.
What began as the dream of six Charlotte students in the early 1920s has exploded into a powerhouse music program of hundreds of 6th – 12th grade students.
Kingsbury was the setting of Dierks Bentley's music video of the song " What was I Thinkin '".
They have created music videos for His Name Is Alive (" Are We Still Married ", " Can't Go Wrong Without You "), Michael Penn (" Long Way Down ( Look What the Cat Drug In )") and 16 Horsepower (" Black Soul Choir ").
What I write is also a reaction to the music we make, so the Deftones ' sound is not pop, it doesn't communicate happy feelings.
What had started out as a purely professional alliance — Cohen playing and championing Bax's piano music — developed into a passionate relationship.
What the band is most known for, from its start, is the fusing of rock, blues, pop music, horn arrangements and jazz improvisation into a hybrid that came to be known as " jazz-rock ".
She also appeared in the subsequent music video which gained coverage on the " What the Buzz " segment of ABC's World News Now.

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