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What and was
What else he said was lost in the rattle of gunfire on all sides.
What a spectacle he was, caked with dirt and sweat and blood, filthy as a pig and naked as an Indian, kissing the finest, the sweetest, the bravest, and absolutely the prettiest girl in this whole wonderful world.
What Joyce wanted me to do was go to Thor's house and `` do whatever detectives do '', and get her clothes -- and handbag containing her identification.
What had caught his attention was obscured by the car itself, so that neither the girl nor the truck drivers could see, but Benson knew what it was.
What they wished for most was security ; ;
What Lincoln could not concede was that the states rather than the people were sovereign in the Union.
What was only a vague suspicion in the case of Sherlock Holmes now appears as a direct accusation: the private eye is in danger of turning into his opposite.
What irritated Miriam was that Wright had told the papers about a reasonable offer he had made, which he considered she would accept `` when she tires of publicity ''.
What I fled from was my fear of what, unwittingly, you might betray, without meaning to, about my father and yourself.
What was the list??
What is not so well known, however, and what is quite important for understanding the issues of this early quarrel, is the kind of attack on literature that Sidney was answering.
What was true for archaeology was also true of place-name studies.
What they meant was that there was no evidence to show that the south and east coasts of Britain received Germanic settlers conspicuously earlier than some other parts of England.
Those famous lines of the Greek Anthology with which a fading beauty dedicates her mirror at the shrine of a goddess reveal a wise attitude: `` Venus, take my votive glass, Since I am not what I was, What from this day I shall be, Venus, let me never see ''.
What was he doing??
What Mr. Kennedy, in fact, wrote was: `` It is the Department's view that no anti-trust enforcement considerations justify any loss of revenue of this proportion ''.
What was missing in the Governor's argument, as in so many similar arguments, was a premise which would enable one to make the ethical leap from what might be militarily desirable to what is right.
What if it came when he was playing, or was asleep and dreaming??
What the hell was he up to now??

What and perhaps
What I want to point out here is that all of them are ex-liberals, or modified liberals, with perhaps one exception.
" On the other hand Clement Greenberg called Immanuel Kant ( 1724 – 1804 ) " the first real Modernist ", though he also wrote, " What can be safely called Modernism emerged in the middle of the last century — and rather locally, in France, with Baudelaire in literature and Manet in painting, and perhaps with Flaubert, too, in prose fiction.
What was perhaps most significant for the LXX, as distinct from other Greek versions, was that the LXX began to lose Jewish sanction after differences between it and contemporary Hebrew scriptures were discovered ( see above ).
What follows is a typical definition of " God ," which, perhaps with some adjustments, would be acceptable to many within the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths:
What finally bothers their detractors is, perhaps, not that these people are humiliated but that they are not.
What happened to them after this is not known, but presumably they took them away, perhaps to Hanoi.
Dumbshows were a Medieval element that continued to be popular in early Elizabethan drama, but by the time Pericles ( c. 1607 – 08 ) or Hamlet ( c. 1600 – 02 ) were staged, they were perhaps quaintly old-fashioned: “ What means this, my lord ?” is Ophelia's reaction.
In the credits, Burton is credited as playing " Tony ," as opposed to " Duke " ( perhaps to avoid confusion with the George Washington Duke character ) Rocky V is the second time in the series to do so, with the first being Rocky II as Apollo asked " What are you afraid of, Tony?
What could have been the design of the Almighty in this wonderful occurrence is not for me to say ; but I can say that the curse is not yet taken off the sons of Canaan, neither will be until it is affected by as great power as caused it to come ; and the people who interfere the least with the decrees and purposes of God in this matter, will come under the least condemnation before him ; and those who are determined to pursue a course which shows an opposition and a feverish restlessness against the designs of the Lord, will learn, when perhaps it is too late for their own good, that God can do his own work without the aid of those who are not dictate by his counsel.
What is perhaps more surprising is that their satire was often written in defence of public order and the established church and government.
Terry Deary said of The Terry Deary History Experience Park: " What I hope to build is a History Experience where I recreate authentic villages from various periods — Tudor, Roman, Victorian perhaps — with nothing of the 20th century in them ... They'll be enclosed in domes like the Eden Project in Cornwall so they'll be all-weather attractions and they will not be museums or theme parks ; they will be peopled by actors and the visitors can join in the never-ending re-enactments of the past — with all its horrible history flavour — over there is a pickpocket on trial for stealing ... is he guilty, do we hang him?
What may perhaps be the earliest known allusion to the Donation is in a letter of 778, in which Pope Hadrian I exhorts Charlemagne to follow Constantine's example and endow the Roman church.
His non-fiction book, The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul: What Gnarly Computation Taught Me About Ultimate Reality, the Meaning Of Life, and How To Be Happy summarizes the various philosophies he's believed over the years and ends with the tentative conclusion that we might profitably view the world as made of computations, with the final remark, " perhaps this universe is perfect.
What is perhaps most striking about De rerum natura is Telesio's attempt to mechanize as much as possible.
What is also known is that during Chu – Han Contention, when Liu Bang fought a five-year war with Xiang Yu for supremacy over the Chinese world, his mother, his sister, and he did not initially follow his father to the Principality of Han ( modern Sichuan, Chongqing, and southern Shaanxi ); rather, they stayed in his father's home territory, perhaps in his home town of Pei ( 沛縣, in modern Xuzhou, Jiangsu ) deep in Xiang's Principality of Western Chu, presumably with his grandfather Liu Zhijia.
Martin is perhaps best known as the prison " captain " in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, in which he uttered the line, " What we've got here is ... failure to communicate.
For jazz fans-The cowbell is highlighted in the opening of " Compared to What " by Les McCann and Eddie Harris, a song that's perhaps known best from their million-seller live album, " Swiss Movement ", recorded on June 21, 1969 at The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.
Luff had become perhaps the most prolific philatelic writer of the age, with works ranging from the tutorial What Philately Teaches Us ( 1899 ) to the classic reference work The Postage Stamps of the United States ( 1902 ), and numerous articles in the AJP and Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News.
What is perhaps the most famous of all nose art, the shark-face insignia made famous by the American Volunteer Group Flying Tigers, also first appeared in World War I on a British Sopwith Dolphin and a German Roland C. II, though often with an effect more comical than menacing.
What is perhaps most notable about this rivalry was the one-sided nature the results outline.
Louis appears in a revue piece called " What the Well-Dressed Man in Harlem Will Wear ", with James Cross ( lead singer and dancer ), William Wycoff ( dancer in drag ), Marion Brown ( heavyset dancer ), and a chorus of perhaps a dozen, the only spoken / sung scene that includes African-Americans.
" What the journalists did not report, and perhaps did not know, was that during all the years of his obscure employments he was writing original treatises on history, government, economics and political affairs.
What is perhaps most notable about the album is that it provided The Beach Boys with their first # 1 album in the US, remaining at the top for four weeks and becoming another gold seller.
" Having said that, Keynes did not think Hayek's philosophy was of practical use ; this was explained later in the same letter, through the following comment: " What we need therefore, in my opinion, is not a change in our economic programmes, which would only lead in practice to disillusion with the results of your philosophy ; but perhaps even the contrary, namely, an enlargement of them.

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