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When and AA
When using the minimum loads, 9. 0 grains ( 0. 58 g ) of AA # 2 yield a velocity of 1126 ft / s ( 343 m / s ), and 19. 5 grains ( 1. 26 g ) of # 9 yield 1364 ft / s ( 416 m / s ).
When Pete reached his senior year, he had already used up his four years of sports eligibility, so in the Spring of 1960, he joined the Class AA team sponsored by Frisch's Big Boy of Lebanon, Ohio in the Dayton Amateur League.
When Atlantic League professionals are signed by MLB clubs, they usually start in their AA or AAA affiliates.
* When AA Doesn't Work For You: Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol, with Emmett Velten.
When he finally did join the franchise, Varitek was sent to the AA affiliate Port City Roosters where he first met pitcher and longtime teammate Derek Lowe.
When Tony Stark himself also became an alcoholic, he joined AA and was sponsored by Hellrung.
When describing standard AAA, AA, C, sub-C and D size cells, the anode is connected to the flat end while the cathode is connected to the end with the raised button.
When set to 1 AA renders trace rays to the background for the ambient component:
When the Frankford Legion AA reorganized as the Northeast Philadelphia AA later that year, the stadium's name was changed to Yellow Trojan Field.
When the battery was assigned to 9th Anti-Aircraft Regiment ( later 9th ( Londonderry ) Heavy AA Regiment ) for overseas ' service, Mayne was transferred out to 66th Light AA Regiment in Northern Ireland.
When the IHSA's appeal was denied, and after temporarily suspending the tournament, the IHSA decided to end the season without a Class AA state championship dual team tournament ; the first time in the history of the Association that a state tournament had been cancelled due to a cause other than war.

When and was
When they were closer and he saw that one was a woman, he was more puzzled than ever.
When the meal was ready, he told Jones to wash up, and going into the front room, woke the girl.
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
When he regained consciousness he was in Lord's house, in the office of Doctor Lord, the deputy's deceased father.
When it was followed by a second, whining even closer, Cobb swerved sharply aside into a depression.
When the sea was visible ahead of them, the relief was as great as if the sun had come out.
When she appeared at the store to help out for a few hours even my looking at her was surreptitious lest my Uncle notice it.
When our eyes met the air was filled with an unuttered message of `` Me, too ''.
`` When I was in college '', I grinned, `` I remember a poem I had to read in my lit class.
When they got to Shillong, in Assam, he was happy.
`` When I came up, damnit, I thought I was going down.
When he awoke in the mornings, she was in his mind and he could hardly wait to get to school to be near her in the flesh.
When he came back to the schoolhouse, his mind was made up.
When he finally left the sinister mansion on Perdido Street, he was carried out in a coroner's basket.
When he was eight he began violin lessons.
When the possibility that he had not given reconsideration to so weighty a decision seemed to disconcert his questioners, Mr. Eisenhower was known to make his characteristic statement to the press that he was not going to talk about the matter any more.
When he was stripped, deloused and numbered by his guards, his much-thumbed sketchbook was seized and thrown on a pile of prisoners' goods to be confiscated.
When her right hand was incapacitated by the rheumatism, Sadie learned to write with her left hand.
When Harold Arlen returned to California in the winter of 1944, it was to take up again a collaboration with Johnny Mercer, begun some years before.
When he was fifteen John H. Mercer turned out his first song, a jazzy little thing he called `` Sister Susie, Strut Your Stuff ''.
When he heard that Paul Whiteman was looking for singers to replace the Rhythm Boys, Mercer applied and got the job, `` not for my voice, I'm sure, but because I could write songs and material generally ''.

When and ported
When this compiler was ported to the VAX platform, a common backend for Mary and CHILL was implemented.
When PenPoint failed in the marketplace, SmartSketch was ported to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
When Unix was ported to one of the first DEC PDP-11 / 20s it did not have memory protection and, therefore, early versions of Unix used the relocatable memory reference model.
When the arcade game Mortal Kombat was ported for home release on the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo decided to censor the game's gore, but Sega kept the content in the game, via a code entered at the start screen ( A, B, A, C, A, B, B ).
When XBoard was ported to the Windows operating system as WinBoard this protocol was popularly renamed to ' WinBoard Protocol '.
When Konami ported their arcade hit Track & Field to the Famicom ( as Hyper Olympic ), they only included four out of six events.
When SCO stopped selling NonStop Clusters, the former Locus team, now working for Compaq ( which had acquired Tandem in the interim ), ported the NonStop Clusters code to Linux and released it as open source.
When Data General ported the language to the MV line, they included two copies of the language, one " double precision ", and one " triple precision ".
When UNIX / 32V was ported to the ( then new ) 32-bit DEC VAX, computing on the Unix platform became feasible for S. In late 1979, S was ported from GCOS to UNIX, which would become the new primary platform.
When Road Rash debuted on the 32-bit home game consoles, they were initially ported from the 3DO version of the game.
When the 78 ships and 133 aircraft home ported there are not at sea, they are alongside one of the 14 piers or inside one of the 15 aircraft hangars for repair, refit, training and to provide the ship's or squadron's crew an opportunity to be with their families.
When magnetic media publishing became widely available, a Navy Petty Officer, Paul Lohnes, ported Sargon to the TRS-80, altering both graphics, input, and housekeeping routines leaving the Spracklen's chess-playing algorithm intact.
When that project was canceled, that game's co-author and GW board game developer Marc Gascoigne ported it onto Richard Halliwell's car-racing game system, using a mechanic originally developed for Judge Dredd role-playing game adventure Slaughter Margin.
When ported, Fighting Vipers offered other modes besides Arcade and Vs. Playback Mode and Training Mode both of which are now used widely in the genre, by games such as Tekken and Soul Calibur.
When Daglow ported the game to a batch processing IBM 360 mainframe computer in 1973 this code malfunctioned during testing of the game's card deck and the game continued for thousands of innings, consuming an entire case of printer paper.
When Data General moved from the Eclipse MV platform to the AViiON, CEO was not ported to the new platform as the cost would have been prohibitive.
When Shepardson Microsystems ported Basic to the Atari, their work was so quick that they had it finished before the contract was signed — and the contract had room for a $ 1000 penalty or bonus if the work appeared after a date in April 1979.

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