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When and Bern
* March 22 – The landmark art exhibition When Attitudes become Form, curated by Harald Szeemann opens at the Kunsthalle Bern in Bern, Switzerland.
When the edition of the acts of the colloquy, as prepared by Jakob Andrea, was published, Samuel Huber, of Burg near Bern, who belonged to the Lutheranizing faction of the Swiss clergy, took so great offense at the supralapsarian doctrine of predestination propounded at Mömpelgard by Beza and Musculus that he felt it to be his duty to denounce Musculus to the magistrates of Bern as an innovator in doctrine.
When the canton of Jura was created in 1979, the district of Laufental became an enclave of the canton of Bern.
* When Attitudes Become Form, exh. cat., Bern: Kunsthalle Bern, 1969
The cities of Burgdorf, Murten, Thun and Bern were all founded by Berchtold V. When he died without an heir, the Zähringen lands went to the House of Kyburg, while the offices and fiefs reverted to the empire.
When the Emperor was unable to repay the loan, Laupen became the first bailiwick of Bern.
When the Helvetic Republic collapsed in 1803, Saanen and its district became a district in the new Canton of Bern while Château-d ' Œx and its district joined Vaud.
When the shooting wrapped, Bern booked a ten-week personal appearance tour on the East Coast.
When asked about the similarity between himself and Dylan, he once quipped, " I guess Bob Dylan was sort of the Dan Bern of the ' 60's.
When asked why he chose that name, Bern said it was a tribute to the book Nigger by Dick Gregory.
When proportional representation was introduced in 1919, the new farmers ' parties won significant electoral support, especially in Zürich and Bern, and eventually also gained representation in parliament and government.
When a fess is embattled, only the topmost edge is altered ( as in the arms of Muri bei Bern ).
When revolutionaries overthrew the cantonal government in Bern, the French Army of the Alps invaded, ostensibly to support the Swiss Republicans.
When the canton of Vaud was conquered by Bern in 1536, Aubonne came under Bernese domination, but still belonged to the Count of Greyerz until 1553.
When that family died out in 1406, Bern inherited the right to hold the high court.
When the fort was abandoned, they immediately passed the second barrier and moved on to New Bern.
He was later invited by Harald Szeemann to participate in " When Attitude Becomes Form ," at the Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, in 1969.
When Francesco II Sforza died in Milan in 1534, the duke's troops were bound by the French engagement there, and Bern promptly conquered the Vaud and, together with the Valais, also territories south of Lake Geneva in 1536.
Buren wished to take part in Harald Szeemann's exhibition " When Attitudes Become Form ", in Bern in 1969, without being invited.
When the Helvetic Republic collapsed in 1803, Saanen and its district became a district in the new Canton of Bern.
When the Protestants were banned from Rottweil in 1529, he more than gladly followed a call of Bern ( which had become Protestant in 1528 ) to serve as the city's chronicler.

When and converted
When the chance came, they first eliminated cold cereal once a week, then gradually converted to hot fresh-ground cereal every day.
When the volume of an alcoholic drink is shown in centilitres, determining the number of units in a drink is as simple as < var > volume </ var > × < var > percentage </ var > ( converted into a fraction of 1 ).
When compressed, the crystal produces a small electrical current, so when placed under the bridge saddle, the vibrations of the strings through the saddle, and of the body of the instrument, are converted to a weak electrical signal.
When it fell to the British Raj, the fort was dismantled on the orders of Lord William Bentinck and was converted into a sanatorium for the British troops stationed at the garrison town of Nasirabad.
When Prince Samudra ( Prince Suriansyah ) of Negara Daha converted to Islam and formed the Islamic kingdom of Banjar, it inherited some of the areas previously ruled by the Hindu kingdom of Negara Daha.
When monosaccharides are not immediately needed by many cells they are often converted to more space-efficient forms, often polysaccharides.
When Constantine converted to Christianity the majority of his subjects were still pagans and the Roman Imperial cult of the divinity of the emperor, expressed through the traditional burning of candles and the offering of incense to the emperor ’ s image, was tolerated for a period because it would have been politically dangerous to attempt to suppress it.
When the d ' Orsay train station was converted into the Musée d ' Orsay in 1986, the collection was split, and pieces completed after the 1848 Revolution were moved to the new museum.
* When an < sup > 235 </ sup > U atom captures a neutron, it is converted to an excited state of < sup > 236 </ sup > U. About 81 % of the excited < sup > 236 </ sup > U nuclei undergo fission, but the remainder decay to the ground state of < sup > 236 </ sup > U by emitting gamma radiation.
When she eventually came across the Wiccan religion many years later, she then found that it confirmed her earlier childhood experiences, and that " I never converted in the accepted sense.
When PAH activity is reduced, phenylalanine accumulates and is converted into phenylpyruvate ( also known as phenylketone ), which is detected in the urine.
When the Pictish elite converted to Christianity is uncertain, but traditions place Saint Palladius in Pictland after he left Ireland, and link Abernethy with Saint Brigid of Kildare.
When properly managed, these values are converted into intensities or voltages via gamma correction to correct the inherent nonlinearity of some devices, such that the intended intensities are reproduced on the display.
When a sequence of start bit, 5 data bits and stop bit arrives at the input of the teleprinter, it is converted to a 5-bit word and passed to the printer or VDU.
When the god did not strike him down, the people were amazed and converted to Christianity.
When Wood joined the Packers in 1960, he was converted to a free safety and he went on to make the All-Pro team 9 times in his 12 year career.
When the Victor was withdrawn from service as a bomber, a number of B. 2s were then converted into tankers.
* When a Chinese prince ( later to be Emperor Zhongzong of Tang ) is made crown prince, his lavish palatial mansion in Chang ' an is converted into a Daoist abbey.
When Bessemer went to push them into the ladle, he found that they were steel shells: the hot air alone had converted the outsides of the iron pieces to steel.
When the telecom industry converted to near-exclusive use of single-mode fibre ca.
When the town was connected to the mains water supply, the water tower was dismantled and converted to additional living space.
When The Jewel Companies Inc. acquired Buttrey Food Stores in 1966, many of the stores were converted to a combination store format and bannered as " Buttrey-Osco " with common checkout stands but separate store management, all under one roof.
When converted to the retinal ( retinaldehyde ) form, vitamin A is essential for vision, and when converted to retinoic acid, is essential for skin health, teeth remineralization and bone growth.

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