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When and Bessemer
When Bessemer tried to induce makers to take up his improved system, he met with general rebuffs and was eventually driven to undertake the exploitation of the process himself.

When and went
When I went for my interview with the director I saw why.
Joyce went on, `` When we'd finished, Lou -- Mr. Thor -- asked me to stay a little longer.
When her hand touched his, fire went through Jack and he felt weak, but he managed somehow to get her on her feet.
When the victory cheer went up this officer found himself still mounted, with his horse pressed broadside against Cleburne's log parapet in a tangled group of infantrymen.
When the captives arrived in Boston, `` the chaplain ( of their captors ) went to prayers in the open streets, that the people might take notice what they had done in a holy manner, and in the name of the Lord ''.
When we went for our walks Lilly's brother would come along every once in a while.
When the knife went into his chest, he went down at once.
When Papa went out to do God's work, Stevie often accompanied him in the buggy, which was drawn by Violet, the new black mare.
When enough time had elapsed so that there was little likelihood of his returning for something he had forgotten, Harold went out into the hall and stood looking into one room after another.
When the telephone rang on the day after Hino went down to the village, Rector had a hunch it would be Hino with some morsel of information too important to wait until his return, for there were few telephones in the village and the phone in Rector's office rarely rang unless it was important.
When he had given the call a few moments thought, he went into the kitchen to ask Mrs. Yamata to prepare tea and sushi for the visitors, using the formal English china and the silver tea service which had been donated to the mission, then he went outside to inspect the grounds.
When everything had been done, Rector went back to his desk to occupy himself with his monthly report until three o'clock.
When the dust settled, he went back to the Jeep and carefully worked Roberts' body onto his shoulder.
When the light went their way, they went on across the street.
`` When Mickey went to the Yankees '', says Mark Freeman, an ex-Yankee pitcher who sells mutual funds in Denver, `` DiMaggio still was playing and every day Mickey would go by his locker, just aching for some word of encouragement from this great man, this hero of his.
When I went to college they begged you to come.
:“ When in the autumn the English Eleven went to Australia it was said that they had come to Australia to “ fetch ” the ashes.
When Charlemagne sent his young son Pepin to Italy as King of the Lombards Angilbert went along as primicerius palatii, a high administrator of the satellite court.
When Olympias was repudiated by her husband, 337 BC, she went to her brother, and endeavoured to induce him to make war on Philip.
When Abu Bakr was 10 years old, he went to Syria along with his father with the merchants ' caravan.
116 .</ ref > When air condenses it becomes visible, as mist and then rain and other forms of precipitation, and as the condensed air cools Anaximenes supposed that it went on to form earth and ultimately stones.
When Thomas became Chairman of the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) in 1982, Hill went along to serve as his assistant, leaving the job in 1983.

When and push
When a tyrannosaur would have pulled back on a piece of meat, the force would tend to push the tip of tooth toward the front of the mouth and the anchored root would experience tension on the posterior side and compression from the front.
When the outcome of the dealer's hand is established, any hands with bets remaining on the table are resolved ( usually in counter-clockwise order ): bets on losing hands are forfeited, the bet on a push is left on the table, and winners are paid out.
When the Labour government fell in 1979, the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher won a victory which served to push the Liberals back into the margins.
When a Ghyben-Herzberg lens is fully formed, its floating nature will push a freshwater head above mean sea level, and if the island is wide enough, the depth of the lens below mean sea level will be 40 times the height of the water table above sea level.
When the vote was nearing, and the constitution still looked likely to be defeated, Madison pleaded with a small group of anti-federalists, and promised them he would push for a bill of rights later if they changed their votes.
When a force ( push or pull ) is applied to an object, that object starts to move.
When pressed, it will push all fired rounds free simultaneously ( as in top break models, the travel is designed to not completely extract longer, unfired rounds ).
When French emperor Napoleon I completed his conquest of Northern Italy and began to push his armies towards the edges of the northern territories of the Papal State, San Marino found itself forced to choose between maintaining the alliance with the Papal State or creating a new one with France.
When sailing downwind, the sails no longer generate aerodynamic lift and airflow is stalled, with the wind push on the sails giving drag only.
When given an initial push, it will swing back and forth at a constant amplitude.
When he tried to push it up the arm, it moved quite easily.
When a screenwriter finishes a project and sells it to a film studio, production company, TV network, or producer, he or she often has to continue networking, mainly with directors or executives, and push to have their projects " chosen " and turned into films or TV shows.
When the results of the 1913 elections indicated a clear victory for the KMT it appeared that Song would be in a position to exercise a dominant role in selecting the premier and cabinet, and the party could have proceeded to push for the election of a future president in a parliamentary setting.
When the assassin tries to push him off the top of the Westminster Cathedral tower, Haverstock steps aside just in time and Rowley plunges to his death instead.
When the betting round is over ( a common phrase is " the pot's good "), the players will push their stacks into the pot or the dealer will gather them into the pot.
When the projectile is swaged into the rifling, it takes on a mirror image of the rifling, as the lands push into the projectile in a process called engraving.
When these two schools combine teams they are known as Britton / Deerfield or BD and adopted the mascot " Patriots " in 2008 thanks to the push for a mascot by parents of students in the program.
When the businessmen of Medary and Fountain found out that the railroad had no plans of laying tracks through the two towns, they began a push to find a central location.
When the results of the 1913 elections indicated a clear victory for the KMT, it appeared that Song would be in a position to exercise a dominant role in selecting the prime minister and cabinet, and the party could have proceeded to push for the election of a future president in a proper parliamentary setting.
When your opponent either tries to push off your sword, or to hasten back as to disengage it, you must first expand your whole body and your mind.
When current flows through the voice coil, the coil moves in relation to the frame according to Fleming's left hand rule, causing the coil to push or pull on the driver cone in a piston-like way.
When sealed, the airlock is manipulated to push the cartridge such that the cartridge falls into place, where the bore hole becomes aligned with the beam axis, such that the beam travels down the cartridge bore and into the specimen.
: " When calculators can do multidigit long division in a microsecond, graph complicated functions at the push of a button, and instantaneously calculate derivatives and integrals, serious questions arise about what is important in the mathematics curriculum and what it means to learn mathematics.
When the weather warmed in the spring, dormant yeast roused themselves and began generating carbon dioxide that would at best push the cork out of the bottle, and at worst explode, starting a chain reaction.

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