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When and Charles
When the negotiations began, his quarrel with the king of France was temporarily in abeyance, and he had no intention of reviving it so long as there was hope that French money would come to pay the troops who, under Charles of Valois, the papal vicar of Tuscany, were so valuable in the crusade against the Colonna cardinals and their Sicilian allies.
When Mickey Charles Mantle, the New York Yankees' man of muscle, drives a home run 450 feet into the bleachers, his feat touches upon the sublime.
When Peate returned to the pavilion he was reprimanded by his captain for not allowing his partner, Charles Studd ( one of the best batsman in England, having already hit two centuries that season against the colonists ) to get the runs.
When Charles left Germany a few weeks later, Albert renewed his depredations in Franconia.
When in December 1978 there was media speculation that Prince Charles might marry a Roman Catholic, Powell defended the provision that excludes Roman Catholics from ascending the throne, claiming his objection was not rooted in religious bigotry but in political considerations.
When Austria joined the ranks of the allies during the War of the Sixth Coalition, Charles was not given a command and the post of commander-in-chief of the allied Grand Army of Bohemia went to the Prince of Schwarzenberg.
When their son, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr, was born on 5 May 1925, Chaplin sent Grey and the child into hiding: it was seen as too close to their wedding, so a fake birth announcement was made to the press at the end of June.
When Chilperic II died the following year ( 720 ), Charles appointed as his successor the son of Dagobert III, Theuderic IV, who was still a minor, and who occupied the throne from 720 to 737.
Other views of God affirmed by members of the Conservative movement include Kabbalistic mysticism ; Hasidic panentheism ( neo-Hasidism, Jewish Renewal ); limited theism ( as in Harold Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People ); and organic thinking in the fashion of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne, also known as process theology ( such as Rabbis Max Kaddushin, William E. Kaufman, or Bradley Shavit Artson ).
When Elizabeth I of England died in March 1603 and James VI of Scotland became King of England as James I, Charles was not considered strong enough to make the journey to London due to his fragile health.
When Charles Darwin went to the Galapagos Islands, he was well aware of Lamarck's theories and was influenced by them.
When Charles finally did propose marriage to Amanda later in 1979, the circumstances were tragically changed, and she refused him.
When the Austro-Prussian War broke out in 1866, Albert then Crown Prince ( German: Kronprinz ), took up the command of the Saxon forces opposing the Prussian Army of Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia.
When the French king Charles VIII invaded northern Italy, Piero II chose to resist his army.
When they warned him that they would ask Charles Gounod instead and then threatened to engage Richard Wagner's services, Verdi began to show considerable interest, and agreements were signed in June 1870.
When Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution in 1859, one of its major problems was the lack of an underlying mechanism for heredity.
When Charles died in 1685 and his brother, a Roman Catholic, succeeded him as James VII of Scotland ( and II of England ), matters came to a head.
When family friend John T. Ford opened 1, 500-seat Ford's Theatre on November 9 in Washington, D. C., Booth was one of the first leading men to appear there, playing in Charles Selby's The Marble Heart.
When Charles tried to find a compromise solution with the Augsburg Interim, Bucer and Bullinger urged Calvin to respond.
When Charles became king, he gave the castle to his wife, Henrietta Maria ; he bestowed the stewardship on Robert Carey, earl of Monmouth, and gave it to Carey's sons, Henry and Thomas, after their father's death.
When Pepin died in 838, Louis declared Charles the new king of Aquitaine.
When rumours reached the court that they were also planning to impeach the Queen for alleged involvement in Catholic plots Charles decided to arrest them for treason.
When Charles landed in Dalmatia in September 1385, Mary's kingdom was already at war with both Sigismund's brother Wenceslaus, King of Bohemia and Germany, and the queen mother's cousin, King Tvrtko I of Bosnia.

When and asks
When he discusses the subject matter of poetry, he asks what moral effect the scenes will have.
When Smith asks if Big Brother exists, O ' Brien describes him as " the embodiment of the Party " and that he will exist as long as the Party exists.
When they arrive at Karnstein the General asks a nearby woodsman where he can find the tomb of Mircalla Karnstein.
When Elijah finds her and asks to be fed, she says that she does not have sufficient food to keep her and her own son alive.
When Jason asks Brandon what the Omega 13 does, Brandon says that while some people believe it was a bomb capable of destroying all matter in the universe in 13 seconds, he and others believes it is a time machine that sends its user 13 seconds into the past.
When she desperately asks to hear the last words Kurtz said, Marlow tells her that his last words was her name.
When one, therefore, asks a question like, " Is S2 the same as S1?
When Banquo asks of his own fortunes, the witches inform him that he will father a line of kings, though he himself will not be one.
The 2004 book Can I Know What to Believe ?‎ ( written for high school students ) asks: " When I say the word Moonies, what do you think of?
When the privilege is abused by a player ( i. e. the player does not suspect cheating, but asks to see the cards just to get insight on another player's style or betting patterns ), he may be warned by the dealer, or even removed from the table.
When Polyphemus asks for Odysseus ' name, promising him a guest-gift if he answers, Odysseus tells him "," literally " no one.
When Watson, in amazement, asks how Holmes knows this, Holmes answers:
When the Doctor asks " How is it sonic?
When Luke Rattigan asks how they can tell each other apart in " The Sontaran Stratagem ", General Staal remarks that they say the same of humans.
When Ralph and Piggy confront Jack's tribe about the stolen spectacles, Piggy asks " Which is better – to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?
When Vladimir asks what Godot does the boy tells him, " He does nothing, sir.
When Bugs realizes what the gremlin is, he timidly asks, " Could that have been a gremlin?
When Smith asks if they will take other work at $ 8 to $ 10 a week, the ladies laugh derisively, which loses them public sympathy.
Evil is on the loose, he immediately asks " When do I begin?
When Goro leaves, Sharpless asks Pinkerton if he is really in love.
" Butterfly asks him, " When do the robins make their nests in America?
When Anton asks how he did it, Vincent explains that he did it by never saving anything for the swim back.
When she sees her brother being brought into the Tower, Anne asks why he has been arrested.
When Sir Joseph asks what had provoked the usually polite officer's outburst, Ralph replies that it was his declaration of love for Josephine.

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