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When and Constantine
When Bulgaria entered the war as a German ally in October 1915, Venizelos invited Entente forces into Greece ( the Salonika Front ), for which he was again dismissed by Constantine.
When the polar bear was originally documented, two subspecies were identified: Ursus maritimus maritimus by Constantine J. Phipps in 1774, and Ursus maritimus marinus by Peter Simon Pallas in 1776.
When Constantius died in 306, Galerius promoted Severus to Augustus while Constantine the Great was proclaimed Augustus to succeed his father Constantius, by his father's troops.
When Basil II died on 15 December 1025, Constantine finally became sole emperor, although he ruled for less than three years before his own death on 11 November 1028.
When Constantius died on 25 July 306, his father's troops proclaimed Constantine as Augustus in Eboracum ( York ).
When his brother, Emperor John VIII Palaiologos, died childless, a dispute erupted between Constantine and his brother Demetrios Palaiologos over the throne.
When Christianity was legalized under Constantine the Great and Licinius, formal church buildings were built in great numbers, normally with free-standing altars in the middle of the sanctuary, which in all the earliest churches built in Rome was at the west end of the church.
When Justin died in 578, Tiberius succeeded him as Tiberius II Constantine.
When they threatened the position of Constantine VII, however, the people of Constantinople revolted, and Stephen and Constantine were likewise stripped of their imperial rank and sent into exile to their father.
When Constantine V died in September 775, Leo was to succeed to the throne at the age of twenty-five years.
When Constantine X died in 1067, Michael VII was 17 years old and should have been able to rule by himself.
When he repeated this with another invasion, this time by the Goths who were pillaging Thrace, Licinius complained that Constantine had broken the treaty between them.
When the empire became Christian under Constantine I, they were given permission to enter the city once a year, on the ninth day of the month of Av, to lament the loss of the Temple at the wall.
When Licinius and Constantine began to make common cause with one another, Maximinus entered into a secret alliance with the usurper Caesar Maxentius, who controlled Italy.
When Constantius died in 306, his son Constantine was crowned emperor on July 25 and subsequently accepted by Galerius into the tetrarchy as Caesar.
When his uncle was summoned to Constantinople to tutor one of the sons of emperor Constantine I, Ausonius accompanied him to the capital.
When Stefanopoulos resigned in frustration, Constantine appointed a caretaker government under Ioannis Paraskevopoulos, which called elections for May 1967.
When Alexander I died following an infection from a monkey bite in 1920, Venezelos was voted out of office, and a plebiscite restored Constantine to the throne.
When the Turks defeated Greece at the Battle of Dumlupınar, the military forced the abdication of Constantine, and George succeeded to the Greek throne on 27 September 1922.
When World War I broke out, Constantine was faced with the difficulty of determining where Greece's support lay.
When Grand Duke Constantine died that month, Michael was the only member of the imperial family absent from the funeral in Petrograd.
When Tsar Alexander I died on, the royal guards swore allegiance to the presumed heir, Alexander's brother Constantine.
When Constantine made his renunciation public, and Nicholas stepped forward to assume the throne, the Northern Society acted.

When and converted
When the chance came, they first eliminated cold cereal once a week, then gradually converted to hot fresh-ground cereal every day.
When the volume of an alcoholic drink is shown in centilitres, determining the number of units in a drink is as simple as < var > volume </ var > × < var > percentage </ var > ( converted into a fraction of 1 ).
When compressed, the crystal produces a small electrical current, so when placed under the bridge saddle, the vibrations of the strings through the saddle, and of the body of the instrument, are converted to a weak electrical signal.
When Bern converted during the Protestant Reformation in 1528, the Unteraargau also converted.
When it fell to the British Raj, the fort was dismantled on the orders of Lord William Bentinck and was converted into a sanatorium for the British troops stationed at the garrison town of Nasirabad.
When Prince Samudra ( Prince Suriansyah ) of Negara Daha converted to Islam and formed the Islamic kingdom of Banjar, it inherited some of the areas previously ruled by the Hindu kingdom of Negara Daha.
When monosaccharides are not immediately needed by many cells they are often converted to more space-efficient forms, often polysaccharides.
When the d ' Orsay train station was converted into the Musée d ' Orsay in 1986, the collection was split, and pieces completed after the 1848 Revolution were moved to the new museum.
* When an < sup > 235 </ sup > U atom captures a neutron, it is converted to an excited state of < sup > 236 </ sup > U. About 81 % of the excited < sup > 236 </ sup > U nuclei undergo fission, but the remainder decay to the ground state of < sup > 236 </ sup > U by emitting gamma radiation.
When she eventually came across the Wiccan religion many years later, she then found that it confirmed her earlier childhood experiences, and that " I never converted in the accepted sense.
When PAH activity is reduced, phenylalanine accumulates and is converted into phenylpyruvate ( also known as phenylketone ), which is detected in the urine.
When the Pictish elite converted to Christianity is uncertain, but traditions place Saint Palladius in Pictland after he left Ireland, and link Abernethy with Saint Brigid of Kildare.
When properly managed, these values are converted into intensities or voltages via gamma correction to correct the inherent nonlinearity of some devices, such that the intended intensities are reproduced on the display.
When a sequence of start bit, 5 data bits and stop bit arrives at the input of the teleprinter, it is converted to a 5-bit word and passed to the printer or VDU.
When the god did not strike him down, the people were amazed and converted to Christianity.
When Wood joined the Packers in 1960, he was converted to a free safety and he went on to make the All-Pro team 9 times in his 12 year career.
When the Victor was withdrawn from service as a bomber, a number of B. 2s were then converted into tankers.
* When a Chinese prince ( later to be Emperor Zhongzong of Tang ) is made crown prince, his lavish palatial mansion in Chang ' an is converted into a Daoist abbey.
When Bessemer went to push them into the ladle, he found that they were steel shells: the hot air alone had converted the outsides of the iron pieces to steel.
When the telecom industry converted to near-exclusive use of single-mode fibre ca.
When the town was connected to the mains water supply, the water tower was dismantled and converted to additional living space.
When The Jewel Companies Inc. acquired Buttrey Food Stores in 1966, many of the stores were converted to a combination store format and bannered as " Buttrey-Osco " with common checkout stands but separate store management, all under one roof.
When converted to the retinal ( retinaldehyde ) form, vitamin A is essential for vision, and when converted to retinoic acid, is essential for skin health, teeth remineralization and bone growth.

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