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When and Continental
When that failed, he enlisted Branch Rickey's aid in the formation of a third major league, the Continental, with New York as the key franchise.
When his influential pseudo-history made it to Continental Europe, writers altered the name further until it finally took on the popular form Excalibur ( various spellings in the medieval Arthurian Romance and Chronicle tradition include: Calabrun, Calabrum, Calibourne, Callibourc, Calliborc, Calibourch, Escaliborc, and Escalibor ).
When Napoleon I ordered the invasion of Portugal in 1807 because it refused to join the Continental System, the Portuguese Braganças moved their capital to Rio de Janeiro to avoid the fate of the Spanish Bourbons ( Napoleon I arrested them and made his brother Joseph king ).
When the Continental Congress was forced to leave Philadelphia in 1783 while he was president, he moved the meetings to Princeton, where they met in the College's Nassau Hall.
When Napoleon began his blockade of the British Empire ( see Continental System ), British steel became unavailable, and Napoleon offered a prize of four thousand francs to anyone who could replicate the British process.
When the Second Continental Congress convened at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia in May 1775, some delegates hoped for eventual independence, but no one yet advocated declaring it.
When the Continental Congress had adopted Adams's radical May 15 preamble, Maryland's delegates walked out and sent to the Maryland Convention for instructions.
When he arrived in New York to join General Washington and the main part of the Continental Army, Washington chose to show his appreciation of General Lee ( who was a very popular general officer among not only the army, but Congress ) by changing the name of Fort Constitution, which was located on the New Jersey side of the Hudson opposite Fort Washington, to Fort Lee.
When the Continental troops began to yield, he reconnoitered with Washington's bodyguard of about 30 men, and reported that the enemy were endeavoring to cut off the line of retreat.
When the assembly appointed Bartlett and John Pickering as delegates to the Continental Congress, he declined because he wished to attend to his family, but remained active in New Hampshire's affairs.
When his militia term expired, he joined the Continental Army as a captain and company commander in the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment commanded by Richard Hampton.
When the Blackfeet Reservation was first established in 1855 by the Lame Bull Treaty, it included the eastern area of the current park up to the Continental Divide.
When the American Revolutionary War broke out in 1775, he befriended General George Washington, and quickly rose to become the chief artillery officer of the Continental Army.
When the Continental Congress first created a Continental Army under command of George Washington in 1775 he was named to Chief Engineer ( artillery ).
When Washington dismissed this advice, Gates claimed illness as an excuse not to join the nighttime attack and instead traveled on to Baltimore, where the Continental Congress was meeting.
When the Continental Football League folded, the Bears returned to the ACFL, playing two more seasons in 1970 and 1971.
When the Second Continental Congress established the Continental Army it sent George Washington to take command of the forces besieging Boston.
When People Express merged into Continental in 1987 operations at the North Terminal were greatly reduced, and the building was demolished to make way for cargo facilities in the early 1990s.
When these services began, Continental became for a time the only airline to serve India nonstop from the United States, and the third U. S. carrier, after United and Northwest to serve mainland China nonstop and the first U. S. carrier to offer nonstop flights to Beijing from the New York City area.
When hostilities broke out at the start of the American Revolution, the Continental Army constructed a fort on Marble Hill as part of a series of forts to defend the area.
When Peyton Randolph died in 1775, Braxton was appointed to take his place in the Continental Congress.
When used by Westerners, the term may refer more specifically to cuisine in Europe ; in this context, a synonym is Continental cuisine, especially in British English.

When and Airlines
When Chalk's International Airlines existed, its headquarters was on the grounds of the airport in an unincorporated area.
When both towers collapsed during the September 11 attacks in 2001, ten employees died ; one on American Airlines Flight 11, and nine others ( Thomas F. Swift, Wesley Mercer, Jennifer de Jesus, Joseph DiPilato, Nolbert Salomon, Godwin Forde, Steve R. Strauss, Lindsay C. Herkness, Albert Joseph, Jorge Velazquez, Titus Davidson, and Charles Laurencin ) in the towers, including Security Director Rick Rescorla.
When United Airlines acquired Pan Am's Latin American operations, the airline carried on operating a focus city out of Concourse F until completely dismantling it by 2004.
When it existed, Sterling Airlines had its head office at Copenhagen Airport South in Dragør.
When Cargo B Airlines existed, its head office was in the Brucargo Building 706 in Zaventem.
When American Airlines Flight 11 flew by overhead, Jules turned the camera to follow the plane and taped one of only three known recordings of the first plane hitting the North Tower ( Tower 1 ) of the World Trade Center, the others being a video shot by Pavel Hlava and a sequence of still frames taken by Wolfgang Staehle.
When the trade sanctions were lifted in early 1999, Libyan Arab Airlines could rebuilt its international network, and order new aircraft from manufacturers like Airbus, Bombardier or ATR.
Monarch Airlines serves the airport from its various UK bases as part of its programme of ski flights, as well as Christmas specials and flights in support of the When You Wish Upon A Star children's foundation.
When averaging just mainline carriers Southwest Airlines carries the most passengers averaging about 17. 5 % of the traffic out of the airport.
When the hub was shut down, the Chautauqua Airlines code share was discontinued, leaving Mesa as the sole operator of AW Express services.
When Domodedovo Airlines existed, its head office was on the airport property.
When American Airways ( now American Airlines ) began their Atlanta, Georgia to Fort Worth, Texas route, Birmingham was not included in the route because their Ford Tri-Motor aircraft could not land at Roberts Field.
When Continental Airlines took People over in 1987, they moved operations into the main terminal and shared gate space with American.
When Acapulco was extremely popular airlines such as Delta Air Lines, American Air Lines, US Airways, United Airlines, British Airways and Alitalia connected Acapulco to various European and American cities.
When the name Yugoslav Airlines first appeared on aircraft in 1950, the airline had a simple, mainly white livery.
When Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) acquired jet aircraft such as Boeing 720s, however, Walton was unable to handle the large aircraft.
When Trans-Texas Airways changed its name to Texas International Airlines, the company ran newspaper ads showing a Tinker Toy airplane flying along treetops.
When Bethune took over in 1994 as COO and President of Continental Airlines the troubled airline had twice faced bankruptcy and was again headed that direction.
When Armavia ( which was owned by Siberia Airlines ) entered into an agreement with the Armenian government and was granted most of Armenian Airlines ' flight rights, including the lucrative Yerevan to Moscow route, Armenian Airlines was unable to recover, and officially declared bankruptcy on April 15, 2003.
When American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower ( 1 WTC ), the landing gear fell into the roof of the Marriott hotel.
When Scoot Airlines begins operations in June 2012, SIA Cargo will manage the bellyhold capacity of the aircraft.
When incorporated in 2001, all nine Singapore Airlines ' Boeing 747 freighters were transferred to the new cargo start-up at market value, and henceforth, all new freighter purchases were to be made from the new company's books.

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