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When and Doctor
When he regained consciousness he was in Lord's house, in the office of Doctor Lord, the deputy's deceased father.
St Gregory Nazianzen, fellow Doctor of the Church, 330-390, said in Or. 21: " When I praise Athanasius, virtue itself is my theme: for I name every virtue as often as I mention him who was possessed of all virtues.
When a medical doctor passes the examinations which enable them to become a member of one or more of the Royal Surgical Colleges and become " MRCS ", it is customary for them to drop the " Doctor " prefix and take up " Miss ", " Mister ", or and so on.
When he first encounters the Fourth Doctor in Genesis of the Daleks, Davros is the chief scientist of the Kaleds, one of two native sentient races of the planet Skaro.
When the Doctor destroys Gallifrey the war no longer happens and his actions also apparently ( and retroactively ) wipe the Time Lords from history.
Some of his early novels, called " scientific romances ", invented a number of themes now classic in science fiction in such works as The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, When the Sleeper Wakes, and The First Men in the Moon.
When the flamethrower that Gustav was using to attack Mister Fantastic with nearly endangered his art collection, Doctor Doom reversed the sonic weapon he planned to use on the Fantastic Four and ended up using it to kill Gustav Hauptmann.
When Steven Moffat took over in 2010, he introduced cracks in the universe which erase events and individuals from history ; using this device, he ' undid ' the events of " Journey's End " and " The Next Doctor " so that in the series ' narrative, the people of Earth would be ( once again ) unaware of alien life.
When the Doctor later discovered clues as to what had happened, Captain Janeway was convinced by him and others that he had a right to learn to come to grips with the guilt in the manner of any other sentient being rather than be treated merely as a defective piece of equipment.
When Torres and Paris conceived their child in 2377, she learned from The Doctor that the child would have distinct Klingon cranial ridges as well as other Klingon traits.
When the Doctor asks " How is it sonic?
When his doctor entered his room he said Well Doctor, you see I am still here yet.
When Wakanda was politically taken over by the xenophobic Desturi, they granted Doctor Doom access to the country's Vibranium vaults.
When she is unable to bear the song, the Doctor removes the ability.
When the Doctor remarks upon her ability, she comments that he should have stayed in university.
When the sabre was used by mounted police against crowds, the results could be appalling, as in a key scene in Doctor Zhivago.
** When the policeman enters Chronotis ' room, the Doctor can be heard talking about a " terrible way to see in the New Year " in a possible reference to that Doctor's first adventure.
* When Skagra is investigating the Doctor, clips from three other Big Finish productions can be heard, exclusively on the CD version – The Fires of Vulcan, The Marian Conspiracy and Phantasmagoria.
When everyone is enjoying the Feast, a huge global concert, the Switch Doctor will turn everybody's third eye on, ushering in a New Age on Earth.
When Dr. Dedham returns, father and daughter meet for the first time ( Amelia: " Doctor Dedham, I presume ?").
When John Nathan-Turner took over as producer of Doctor Who in 1981, Tom Baker was infuriated by the changes made to his wardrobe.
When Baker was cast to replace Davison, many fans cited that shooting scene in Arc of Infinity, prompting Baker to say jokingly that he got the part of the Doctor by killing the incumbent.
When the Doctor first visits the planet in the 1963 serial The Daleks, Skaro is a nuclear wasteland, whose principal features are a petrified forest, the endless highly acidic rain, a lake containing the results of Davros ' early experiments, and the Dalek city, Kaalann.
When she was appointed to Doctor Who in 1963 she was the youngest producer, and only female drama producer, working at the BBC.

When and Who
Things like `` When You're Smiling '', `` Almost Like Being In Love '', `` Do It Again '', `` Born To Wander '', `` Alone Together '', `` Who Cares??
When Coleridge travelled to Chamonix, he declaimed, in defiance of Shelley, who had signed himself " Atheos " in the guestbook of the Hotel de Londres near Montenvers, " Who would be, who could be an atheist in this valley of wonders ".
* When Children ask about God: A Guide for Parents Who Don't Always Have All the Answers published in 1995
Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them: When Loving Hurts and You Don't Know Why.
When the final episode, " Things Aren't Simple Any More " originally aired on 20 November 2000 at 21: 00, it coincided with the broadcast of the first jackpot winner in the UK version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?, which had been filmed the Sunday before the broadcast.
During this time, Fox put much of its efforts into producing reality fare such as Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire ?, Temptation Island, Married by America and Joe Millionaire, as well as video clips shows such as World's Wildest Police Videos and When Animals Attack!
When contamination became too serious to be fixed by memory erasures, Captain Picard decided to make direct contact with a civilization's leaders in " Who Watches the Watchers " and " First Contact ," although the latter episode involved a planet on the verge of achieving warp flight, and therefore eligible for First Contact.
When the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, Lorre took refuge first in Paris and then London, where he was noticed by Ivor Montagu, Alfred Hitchcock's associate producer for The Man Who Knew Too Much ( 1934 ), who reminded the director about Lorre's performance in M. They first considered him to play the assassin in the film, but wanted to use him in a larger role, despite his limited command of English, which Lorre overcame by learning much of his part phonetically.
When Peter's in the hospital at the end of the episode, the puma visits him as a gesture of apology, and gets that " Who " is the name of the person on first base.
The song appears on the album Who To Love And When To Leave.
Between 1962 and 1966, Robinson would also be one of the in-demand songwriters and producers for Motown, penning several hit singles such as " The One Who Really Loves You ", " You Beat Me to the Punch " and " My Guy " for Mary Wells, " The Way You Do The Things You Do ", " My Girl ", " Since I Lost My Baby " and " Get Ready " for The Temptations, " When I'm Gone " and " Operator " for Brenda Holloway, " Don't Mess With Bill ", " The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game " and " My Baby Must Be a Magician " for The Marvelettes and " I'll Be Doggone " and " Ain't That Peculiar " for Marvin Gaye.
* Politics: Who Gets What, When, How ( 1935 )
When Parnell asked his colleagues at one party meeting " Who is the master of the party?
* " Who Played Poker With Pocahontas When John Smith Went Away?
He published a collection of poetry entitled Cool Reflections: Poetry For The Who, What, When, Where and Especially Why of It All ( ISBN 1575535955.
On February 27, 1968, Cronkite closed " Report from Vietnam: Who, What, When, Where, Why?
When some military officers came to check on the progress of Illiac I assembly, they asked, " Who is in charge here?
: Note as important: Overall analysis should be based on 6W + 1H ( What, When, Where, Which, Who, Why and How ) question.
When Acey Slade was asked Who is the best guitarist in rock right now?
: Biblical example: When Israelites escaping from Egypt complained, " Who shall give us flesh to eat?
When in the last dozen pages of Miss Christie's detective novel, the answer comes to the question, " Who killed Roger Ackroyd?

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