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When and Dr.
When Dr. Adenauer was approached by a world citizen delegation to find out his disposition of my case, he gave them his personal approval of my entry, saying that all men advocating peace should be welcomed into Germany.
When the young biologist, Dr. Ballard, began to show interest in our daughter Elizabeth, this induced a corresponding interest, on our part, in him.
`` When the roles of husband and wife are reversed, so that the wife becomes leader and the husband follower '', Dr. Linden says, `` the effects on their whole relationship, sexual and otherwise, can be disastrous ''.
`` When the husband becomes passive in the face of his wife's aggressiveness '', Dr. Linden says, `` the wife, in turn, finds him inadequate.
When Dr. Wallace Buttrick, wise in his judgment of people, declined to have the Science Building named for him, he wrote Miss Tapley ( April 7, 1923 ) `` If you had asked me, I think I would have suggested that you name the building for Miss Upton.

When and A.
When the University of Chicago's Chancellor Lawrence A. Kimpton submitted his resignation last March, a mighty talent hunt gripped the Midway.

When and Swim
* 1995-Kai Perplauksi UpÄ™ ( When You Swim Across The River ) ( CD, MC )
When published in Britain, Swim was likened to the work of Joyce.
When the reruns were shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in 2003, Family Guy became Adult Swim's most-watched show with an average 1. 9 million viewers an episode.

When and celebrated
When the ambassadors of the Senate, entreating for peace, tried to intimidate him with hints of what the despairing citizens might accomplish, he laughed and gave his celebrated answer: " The thicker the hay, the easier mowed!
When Rousseau subsequently became celebrated as a theorist of education and child-rearing, his abandonment of his children was used by his critics, including Voltaire and Edmund Burke, as the basis for ad hominem attacks.
St Stephen I's feast day in the Roman Catholic Church is celebrated on 2 August When in 1839 the new feast of St Alphonsus Mary de Liguori was assigned to 2 August, Saint Stephen I was mentioned only as a commemoration within the Mass of Saint Alphonsus.
When she attended Mass being celebrated in the royal chapel at Holyrood Palace five days later, this prompted a protest in which one of her servants was jostled.
When Napoleon was defeated, his fall was celebrated in Provence.
When Edward invaded England in 1471, not many common people openly celebrated his return.
When Valerian sunk under the weight of shame and grief, his skin, stuffed with straw, and formed into the likeness of a human figure, was preserved for ages in the most celebrated temple of Persia ; a more real monument of triumph, than the fancied trophies of brass and marble so often erected by Roman vanity.
When the town's 750th anniversary was celebrated in 1995 a group of enthusiasts re-created an original Haarlem beer and brewed it again.
When Amarynceus died, his sons celebrated funeral games in his honor, in which Nestor took part.
In 1903, When the bonds were paid off early, they celebrated by having a bond-burning celebration.
When the town celebrated its first birthday in December 1900, the town boasted two churches ( Presbyterian and Catholic ), three saloons, and nearly two dozen other businesses.
When she arrives, Ivy sees that the celebrated Dr. Jekyll was the same man who saved her from abuse just months before.
When he visited Rome in 1800 to settle his father's estate, he met and fell in love with the celebrated opera singer, Floria Tosca, and decided to prolong his stay.
" The celebratory festival of Hanukkah is instituted: " When the fire had been kindled anew upon the altar and the lamps of the candlestick lit, the dedication of the altar was celebrated for eight days amid sacrifices and songs.
When in March 2002 Maryam Mohammad Yousif Farhat of Hamas, popularized as " Umm Nidal " ( and subsequently elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council ), learned that her 17-year-old son had been killed on a suicide mission in which he killed five teenagers, she celebrated by proclaiming " Allahu Akbar!
When, on September 20, 1906, the Grand Duke celebrated at once the jubilee of his reign and his golden wedding anniversary, all Europe combined to do him honour.
When Portugal win on penalties, it seems all is lost, but as they are in Glasgow, the result is celebrated, saving the day.
When Shushan Purim ( Adar 15 ) falls on Sabbath, the holiday is celebrated over a period of three days.
When the principal services of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil were celebrated in the morning, the office of Matins and Lauds of each day was celebrated on the evening of the preceding day in the service known as Tenebrae ( Latin, " Darkness ").
When Fish celebrated his 102nd birthday in 1990, he was the oldest living American who had served in Congress.
When in 1897 King Oscar celebrated his jubilee of twenty-five years as king, the exhibition (" Konst-och Industriutställningen ") which had been organized in Stockholm offered a convincing proof of the progress the country had made in all direction.
When the University celebrated its first 300 years in 1914 there were 611 registered students ; this had already grown to 1000 by 1924.
When Charles II eventually regained the throne, in 1660, he was widely celebrated for allowing his subjects to have " fun " again.

When and 75th
When the Filipino soldiers of the 7th, 73rd and 75th Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army and 7th Infantry Regiment of the Philippine Constabulary was started the Liberation of Negros Oriental in 1945 and fought against the Japanese forces.
When the Institute of Historical Research published a short history of the project to mark the 75th anniversary of taking it over, it was titled " The Little Big Red Book ".
When they returned, PP55 attacked another battle group of the 3rd Panzer Division ( consisting of scout elements and the 5th Tank Regiment, supported by the 6th Battery of the 75th light artillery Regiment ).
When the American forces liberated the town on March 29, 1945 together with the Filipino troops of the 7th, 71st, 72nd, 75th and 76th Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army, 7th Infantry Regiment of the Philippine Constabulary and local Negrosanon guerrilla units continued in Bago, it was completely destroyed but rehabilitation work was immediately started and the town underwent development efforts.
When the several hundreds of thousands of Filipino soldiers and officers of the 7th, 72nd and 75th Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army and the 7th Infantry Regiment of the Philippine Constabulary was liberated and re-occupation in the town of Sagay and attacking Japanese troops in 1945.
When the German invasion of the Soviet Union commenced on 22 June 1941, the Army was part of the Western Front and had the 28th Rifle Corps ( 6th Rifle Division and 42nd Rifle Division ), 14th Mechanised Corps, and 49th and 75th Rifle Divisions, as well as the 62nd Fortified Region.
When Matou Town and Fuchikou ( in Yangxin County ) were captured, the Chinese 2nd Army Group organized 6th, 56th, 75th and 98th along with the 30th Army Group to strengthen the defense of Yangxin region.

When and birthday
When Bobbie Evans smashed up his car, the Jaguar his wife Linda had given him for his last birthday, and himself quite thoroughly with it, driving back from an afternoon's golf at Oakmont, it seemed to mark the end of a long, miswritten chapter in the social life of the community.
Thurmond's 100th birthday celebration generated controversy because of remarks by Mississippi Senator Trent Lott that were considered as racially insensitive: " When Strom Thurmond ran for president, voted for him.
When Uncle Remus returns to the plantation with the children, Sally meets them on the way and is angry at Johnny for not having attended his own birthday party.
When, in the first novel, Zaphod steals the Heart of Gold, it is on his ( Zaphod's ) two hundredth birthday.
Brian Wilson's father told of Brian's unusual musical abilities prior to his first birthday, observing that the baby could repeat the melody from " When the Caissons Go Rolling Along " after only a few verses had been sung by the father.
When the one hundredth birthday of the club arrived in February 1985, there was too much dissension to mark the moment fittingly.
When the IV is chosen at random, the probability of collisions due to the birthday problem must be taken into account.
When Will's friends present him with a rebuilt Chevrolet Nova for his 21st birthday, he decides to pass on his lucrative job offers and drive to California to reunite with Skylar.
When Franck left him just before his 21st birthday, he was despondent.
When he felt that pressure of working under him had become too great, he would announce that his birthday was approaching, and his staff would have several days free from work in order to celebrate it.
When she reached her 18th birthday, she bought a ticket to New York and began a professional modeling career.
When they learn that Cindy wants to overcome her acute technophobia in order to write a combined apology / birthday e-mail, both of them help her finish the job, with Saati becoming the " computer fairy " in order to find her father's e-mail address.
When young Afonso V reached his 14th birthday, he dismissed his uncle as regent, associated with Afonso's sons, and began to uproot Peter's men from their positions of power.
When her father died in 1807, before her fifth birthday, the situation of Tristan and her mother changed drastically from the high standards of living they were accustomed to.
When the monarch's portrait is part of the stamp's main design ( as for example in the case of issues commemorating the Queen's birthday ), then the silhouette is not needed and does not appear.
: When a Wells student deserves special recognition for an election, birthday, or other accomplishment, friends will often sing the " Wells Congratulation Song " which goes as follows:
* McCartney's children recorded a special version of " When I'm Sixty-Four " at Abbey Road Studios as a surprise present for McCartney's 64th birthday, and played it for him at his birthday party.
When she wrote the play, Christie gave the rights to her grandson Matthew Prichard as a birthday present.
When Luke, Summer Roberts, and Seth Cohen were all thirteen years old, he had a paintball birthday party at the same time that Seth had his Bar Mitzvah.
When John Paul reached his sixth birthday in 1993, Cisneros told Sophfronia Scott Gregory in Time Magazine of his son's ongoing fight for life: " Nothing in my life has prepared me for this.
When Ka-Kui arrives at his apartment with Selina, he is surprised by his girlfriend, May ( Maggie Cheung ) and her friends, who are throwing a birthday party for him, but May becomes angry with Ka-Kui after seeing Selina only wearing lingerie and Ka-Kui's jacket.

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