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When and Francesco
When his father returned to Assisi, he took to calling him Francesco (" the Frenchman "), possibly in honour of his commercial success and enthusiasm for all things French .< ref name =" Chesterton ">
When apprised of this fact upon his return, Francesco was furious and humiliated at being upstaged by his wife's superior political ability.
When in 1489, Lorenzo de ' Medici, de facto ruler of Florence, asked Ghirlandaio for his two best pupils, Ghirlandaio sent Michelangelo and Francesco Granacci.
* When preparing the film The Mattei Affair in 1970, Francesco Rosi asked the journalist Mauro De Mauro to investigate on the last days of Mattei in Sicily.
When Francesco discovers the property includes a derelict hamam, a Turkish bath, he instead decides to restore the hamam and reopen it to the public.
When in 1854 Beatrice Cenci was lambasted by Francesco de Sanctis ( who had turned pro-Savoia ), he wrote to a friend: " Honoured Alessandro Manzoni, I am put down ... to think that as far back as ' 40 Britons and Germans saw us as leaders of two different schools, and his they labelled sleep-inducing ".
When their father Francesco died in 1466 ( the Last Supper was painted next to his burial place in Santa Maria delle Grazie ), he was succeeded by the dissolute Galeazzo Maria, Ludovico's older brother.
When Grisoni returned to Italy in 1728, Hoare went with him, travelling to Rome and continuing his studies under the direction of Francesco Imperiali.
When another papal army under Francesco Sforza defeated and killed Fortebraccio at Fiordimonte, Piccinino was left in sole command of the Visconti army, and in a series of campaigns against Sforza he seized a number of cities in Romagna by treachery.
When Francesco (" Frank ' The Enforcer ' Nitti ") Nitto headed the Chicago Outfit in the 1930s through the early 1940s, he maintained his office here for a time in a suite of rooms.
When commissioned by Filippo Maria Visconti, Duke of Milan, and by his successor Francesco Sforza, the cards were still known as Trionfi (" triumphs ", i. e. trump ) cards, and used for everyday playing.
When brought to face the Pope, Francesco breaks from reciting Paolo's carefully prepared script and calmly protests against such pomp and worldliness, reciting the scriptures ( which was not allowed ) to prove that Christ's words are totally opposite to Rome's wealth.

When and II
When Alaric II was killed fighting Clovis I, king of the Franks, in the Battle of Vouillé ( 507 ), his kingdom fell into disarray.
When the Gothic campaign ended in Roman victory at the Battle of Naissus in September, Gallienus ' successor Claudius II Gothicus turned north to deal with the Alemanni, who were swarming over all Italy north of the Po River.
When King Andrew II, having fulfilled his Crusader vow, took his troops northward, he proceeded through Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.
When Absalon retired from military service in 1184 at the age of fifty-seven, he resigned the command of fleets and armies to younger men, like Duke Valdemar, the later king Valdemar II.
When at last successful, he was excommunicated by Pope Callixtus II for having expelled the monks of Saint-Gilles, who had aided his enemies.
When Diabelli died in 1858, Spina continued to run the firm, and published much music by Johann Strauss II and Josef Strauss.
When, in 882, Engelschalk II rebelled against the Margrave of Pannonia, Aribo, and ignited the so-called Wilhelminer War, Arnulf supported him and even accepted his and his brother's homage.
When her husband Otto I died in 973 he was succeeded by their son Otto II, and Adelaide for some years exercised a powerful influence at court.
When the Wind Was a River Aleut Evacuation in World War II.
When the Apple II, PET 2001 and TRS-80 were all released in 1977, all three had BASIC as their primary programming language and operating environment.
When the revolt broke out, it was supported by intellectuals, the army, and almost all the ethnic minorities of the Empire, and forced Sultan Abdul Hamid II to re-adopt the long defunct Ottoman constitution of 1877, ushering in the Second Constitutional Era.
When Bixby was eight, his father enlisted in the U. S. Navy during World War II and traveled to the South Pacific.
When Stjepan II died in 1091 ending the Trpimirović dynasty, Ladislaus I of Hungary claimed Croatian crown.
When the city fell to the Turks in 1453, the church was demolished to make room for the tomb of Mehmet II the Conqueror.
When Pope John XXIII abolished the limit, he began to add new churches to the list, which Popes Paul VI and John Paul II continued to do.
When announcing Vatican II, Pope John XXIII stated that the precepts of the Council of Trent continue to the modern day, a position that was reaffirmed by Pope Paul VI.
When Chilperic II died the following year ( 720 ), Charles appointed as his successor the son of Dagobert III, Theuderic IV, who was still a minor, and who occupied the throne from 720 to 737.
When Victor III died, the cardinals elected Urban II ( 1088 – 99 ).
When King John II of Portugal revived the work of Henry the Navigator, he sent out Cão ( about midsummer (?
When Catherine II of Russia heard of his financial troubles she commissioned an agent in Paris to buy the library.
When the game design phase began in late 1992, the main thematic influences were the science fiction action film Aliens and the horror film Evil Dead II.
When in the 17th century Gustav II Adolf introduced dragoons into the Swedish Army, he provided them with a sabre, an axe and a matchlock musket, utilizing them as " labourers on horseback ".
When, after the death of Emperor Otto I in 973, a struggle for the supremacy in Germany began, both Dobrawa's husband and brother Boleslav II the Pious, Duke of Bohemia, supported the same candidate for the German throne, Duke Henry II of Bavaria.
*“ The War Relocation Centers of World War II: When Fear Was Stronger than Justice ”, a National Park Service Teaching with Historic Places ( TwHP ) lesson plan

When and Sforza
When Sforza also abandoned Louis, Alfonso seemed to have all his problems solved ; however, his relationship with Joan suddenly worsened, and in May 1423 he had her lover, and a powerful figure in the Neapolitan court, Gianni Caracciolo, arrested.
When news of this invasion reached Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, on 21 October 1496, he wrote to his ambassador in Spain, to request the Spanish monarchs make peace between England and Scotland.
When Sforza died, Filelfo turned his thoughts towards Rome.
When Galeazzo Sforza arrived, Lampugnani knelt before him ; after some words were exchanged, Lampugnani rose suddenly and stabbed Sforza in the groin and breast.
When his father died, the kingdom's finances were exhausted and the invasion of King Charles VIII of France was imminent ; Charles ( instigated by Lodovico Sforza, who wished to stir up trouble to allow him to seize power in Milan ) had decided to reassert the Angevin claim to Naples and the accompanying title of King of Jerusalem.
When his family was exiled from Perugia and he lost the castle of Montone, he entered Alberico da Barbiano ’ s " Company of St. George ", in which he would make friends with Muzio Attendolo Sforza.
When peace was made between Milan and Venice in 1441, Colleoni went over to the Milanese, together with Sforza in 1443.
When Cardinal Alessandro Sforza met financial hardships, the still semi-urban site was purchased in 1625 by Maffeo Barberini, of the Barberini family, who then took the papal throne as Pope Urban VIII.

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