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When and General
When Littlepage was introduced, if the General behaved as usual, the newcomer faced a staccato salvo of queries: origin??
When the Macdonald government fell due to the Pacific scandal in 1873, the Governor General, Lord Dufferin, called upon Mackenzie, who had been chosen as the leader of the Liberal Party a few months earlier, to form a new government.
When Data General introduced the Data General Nova, a company called Digidyne wanted to use its RDOS operating system on its own hardware clone.
When General Kolingba became president in 1981, he implemented an ethnicity-based recruitment policy for the administration.
When the Muslim General and Warlord Ma Lin was interviewed, Ma Lin was described as having " high admiration and unwavering loyalty to Chiang Kai-shek ".
When they arrive at Karnstein the General asks a nearby woodsman where he can find the tomb of Mircalla Karnstein.
When over 25, 000 of these royalists — led by General Danican — assaulted Paris, Paul François Jean Nicolas, vicomte de Barras was appointed to defend the capital ; outnumbered five to one and disorganized, the Republicans were desperate.
When the invitation arrived, Kaye was busy at work on The Inspector General ( which had a working title of Happy Times for a while ).
When he returned from that expedition 8 days later, Brigadier General Richard Montgomery had assumed command of the invasion due to Schuyler's illness.
When he failed in his attempts to meet General Yahya Khan, Masud too resigned from his position as Commander of Eastern Air Command, and took retirement from Air Force.
When the National Assembly was later created in June 1789 by the Third Estate, the clergy voted to join them, which perpetuated the destruction of the Estates General as a governing body.
When Mexico's Minister of War learned of General Huerta's comments, he stripped Huerta of his command, but Madero intervened and restored Huerta to command.
When the Attorney General determines that an emergency exists he may authorize the emergency employment of electronic surveillance before obtaining the necessary authorization from the FISA court, after which the Attorney General or his designee must notify a judge of the court not more than 72 hours after the Attorney General authorizes such surveillance.
When the frontier with Spain was re-opened, telephone and telex circuits cut by General Franco were re-established.
When US troops withdew from Grenada in December 1983 Nicholas Braithwaite of the National Democratic Congress was appointed Prime Minister of an interim administration by the Governor General Sir Paul Scoon until elections could be organised.
When, in 1770, Benjamin West proposed to paint " The Death of General Wolfe " in contemporary dress, he was firmly instructed to use classical costume by many people.
When interviewed about it, he stated, “ I certainly believe that people who are in pain should be helped and assisted in every way possible, that the drugs should be used to mitigate their pain but I believe the law of the United States of America which requires that drugs not be used except for legitimate health purposes .” " Attorney General Ashcroft Asks Supreme Court To Ban Assisted Suicide – California Healthline.
When it came to time for Ribbentrop to present the German declaration of war on 22 June 1941 to the Soviet Ambassador, General Vladimir Dekanozov, Paul Schmidt described the scene :" It is just before four on the morning of Sunday, 22 June 1941 in the office of the Foreign Minister.
When the Civil War ended, and the Indian Wars campaigns were in a lull, Carson was breveted a General and appointed commandant of Ft. Garland, Colorado, the heart of Ute country.
When the death sentence was passed, according to Moskalenko's later account, Beria pleaded on his knees for mercy before collapsing to the floor and wailing and crying energetically, but to no avail: the other six defendants were executed by firing squad on 23 December 1953, the same day as the trial, while Beria was fatally shot through the forehead by General Batitsky after the latter stuffed a rag into Beria's mouth to silence his bawling.
When Najibullah took the office of PDPA General Secretary, Karmal still had enough support in the party to disgrace Najibullah.
When Peter Sutherland was appointed the Republic of Ireland's European Commissioner, Labour demanded the choice of the next Attorney General.

When and Motors
When AvtoZAZ-Daewoo joint venture with Daewoo Motors was formed in 1998, ZAZ was assigned to the new company as a 50 % share on behalf of AvtoZAZ.
When General Motors left, and the GM plant was dismantled in 1998, all that remained was a " big box store mall " called The Plant.
When General Motors in 2008 made a list of their top ten cars, the Saab 92 came in first followed by the Pontiac GTO ( 1964 ), the Chevrolet Corvette ( 1953 ), the EV1 ( 1996 ), the Opel Olympia ( 1936 ), the LaSalle ( 1927 ), the Chevrolet Bel Air ( 1955 ), the Cadillac V16 ( 1930 ), the Cadillac Model 30 ( 1910 ) and the Cadillac ( 1912 )
When the UAW decided to organize the industry by going after General Motors, Mortimer was sent to Flint, Michigan, where GM's production was centered.
When Ford's Jaguar and Land-Rover businesses were sold to TATA Motors of India, the rights to the historically prestigious Daimler, Lanchester, and Rover marques transferred to TATA Motors.
# Passport to Freedom ( September 20, 1987 ) – When Alan's wife, Sarah, announces that she has inherited 200, 000 shares of Ocelot Motors, a wildly successful local automobile manufacturer, and now plans to divorce him, Alan is panic-stricken.
When Earl retired in December 1958, Mitchell succeeded Earl as General Motors Vice President, Styling Section.
When Abby took a job at Knots Landing Motors, she helped Gary out of a bind with mobsters by going to his brother J. R. Ewing ( Larry Hagman ).
When AEC took over Crossley Motors, many of the design staff left and joined SARO.
When Gola's sponsorship ceased, carmaker Vauxhall Motorsthe British subsidiary of American combine General Motors — took over and sponsored the league until the end of the 1997 – 98 season.
When the war was over, Vickers, the owners of Electric & Ordnance Accessories Company Ltd, put the factory under the ownership of another subsidiary Wolseley Motors on September 30, 1919.
When the family moved to Mundy Township, Michigan, they played on the courts at General Motors headquarters, where MaliVai's parents worked, and at the Flint Tennis Club.
* World War II: When WWII broke out, General Motors ' two-stroke, lightweight, compact engine was in great demand for landing craft, tanks, road-building equipment, and standby generators.
When Frigidaire was acquired by White Consolidated in 1979, it abandoned the General Motors design in favor of the Westinghouse-produced top-loading design, as White-Westinghouse was already among its house brands by this time.
When the Camaro debuted, a General Motors corporate edict prevented it from carrying an engine larger than 400 in³ ( 6. 6 L ) V8 ; this put the Camaro at a serious disadvantage to the Ford Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda and the Dodge Dart since neither Ford nor Plymouth / Dodge had a such a limit.
When discontinued, the Roadmaster Estate and the similar Chevrolet Caprice wagon brought up the end of the era of the full-size family station wagon, and an end to General Motors ' production of rear-wheel drive, full-size cars.
" When the American people find out that we have spent tens of billions of dollars to bail out General Motors and then they turn around and void a contract with Stillwater Mine, the only source of platinum, palladium and rhodium in the Western Hemisphere, and continues to buy that metal from the Russians and South Africans, they will be outraged ", Schweitzer asserted.
When Mitsubishi Motors Australia ( MMAL ) took over Chrysler Australia's manufacturing facilities in 1980, they renamed the vehicle the Mitsubishi Sigma.
When Lightfoot contacted him, Ginrai soon helped his discover that British Motors ' signature car, which his father had constructed and gifted to him, was his Transtector.
When it does re-open, it will be sponsored by Chevrolet rather than General Motors who sponsored the attraction from 1999 up until the refurbishment.
When the Eglinton Avenue East location commenced construction, rather than order a sign from E. L. Rudy, Sukornyk learned that Harvey's ( Motors ) on Danforth & Woodbine was in bankruptcy, and negotiated the purchase, removal and reconstruction of the Harvey's neon sign at the Eglinton East location.
When this proved uneconomic, he switched the Ansett Motors operation to a Ballarat to Hamilton service.

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