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When and Gladstone
When Mr Gladstone visited the North, you well remember when word passed from the newspaper to the workman that it circulated through mines and mills, factories and workshops, and they came out to greet the only British minister who ever gave the English people a right because it was just they should have it ... and when he went down the Tyne, all the country heard how twenty miles of banks were lined with people who came to greet him.
When Mr Gladstone appeared on the Tyne he heard cheer no other English minister ever heard ... the people were grateful to him, and rough pitmen who never approached a public man before, pressed round his carriage by thousands ... and thousands of arms were stretched out at once, to shake hands with Mr Gladstone as one of themselves.
When Gladstone first joined Palmerston's government in 1859, he opposed further electoral reform, but he changed his position during Palmerston's last premiership, and by 1865 he was firmly in favour of enfranchising the working classes in towns.
When an unemployed miner ( Daniel Jones ) wrote to him to complain of his unemployment and low wages, Gladstone gave what H. C. G. Matthew has called " the classic mid-Victorian reply " on 20 October 1869:
When questioned in the Commons on what his government would do about unemployment by the Conservative MP Colonel Howard Vincent on 1 September 1893, Gladstone replied:
When on 15 March 1938 relatives and people who knew Gladstone were gathered at Broadcasting House none were able to voice any certainty on the veracity of the four recordings played.
When Willesden acquired the house and land in 1899, they named the park Gladstone Park after the old Prime Minister.
When Gladstone retired after the defeat of the second Home Rule Bill in 1894, the Welsh Liberal members chose him to serve on a deputation to William Harcourt to press for specific assurances on Welsh issues ; when those were not provided, they resolved to take independent action if the government did not bring a bill for disestablishment.
When in May 1864 the MP Edward Baines introduced a Reform Bill in the Commons, Palmerston ordered Gladstone in his reply not to commit himself and the government to any particular scheme.
When Parnell entered parliament on 1 March 1890 after he was cleared, he received a standing ovation from his fellow MPs led by Gladstone.
When Charles Bradlaugh took the Chiltern Hundreds in 1884 in order to seek a vote of confidence from his constituents, Lord Randolph Churchill and the Conservative-supporting press were highly critical of the Gladstone government for allowing Bradlaugh a new opportunity to demonstrate his popularity with the electors of Northampton.
When Gladstone returned to power for his second government in 1880, Spencer joined the Cabinet as Lord President of the Council, having responsibility for education policy, and was partially responsible for several major educational reforms of the period.
When Gladstone came out in favour of Home Rule for Ireland, Salisbury opposed him and formed an alliance with the breakaway Liberal Unionists and the won the subsequent general election.
When the Division Bell rang, Mr. Bright, who was sitting close by Gladstone, without a moment's hesitation walked straight into the Government's lobby ".
Gladstone received the news on 6 October: ' When shall I see his like?
When Gladstone became Prime Minister again in 1880, he appointed Grosvenor as Master of the Horse, a position appropriate to his interests in horse racing but " not an actively political office ".
When Gladstone died in 1898, Grosvenor presided over a Gladstone National Memorial committee that commissioned statues of him, and rebuilt Gladstone's St Deiniol's Library at Hawarden in north Wales.
Native Blackfeet folk singer Jack Gladstone wrote a song dedicated to Russell titled " When the Land Belonged to God.
When Gladstone returned to power in 1880 he appointed Ripon Viceroy of India, an office he held until 1884.
When Gladstone made known his conversion to Home Rule in 1885 and introduced the First Home Rule Bill, the Orange Order experienced a dramatic revival, became highly respectable and a very powerful political organisation working for the maintenance of the Union.
When the first Gladstone ministry was formed in December 1868, Trevelyan was appointed Civil Lord of the Admiralty, but resigned in July 1870 on a point of conscience connected with the government Education Bill.

When and stated
When asked about the fundraiser Bo Diddley stated, " This is the United States of America.
When an element has allotropes with different densities, one representative allotrope is typically selected in summary presentations, while densities for each allotrope can be stated where more detail is provided.
When announcing Vatican II, Pope John XXIII stated that the precepts of the Council of Trent continue to the modern day, a position that was reaffirmed by Pope Paul VI.
When asked during a 2007 phone-in interview on XETRA-FM if he ever had any notions of performing in an Oingo Boingo reunion, Elfman immediately rejected the idea and stated that in the last few years with the band he had begun to develop significant and irreversible hearing damage as a result of his continuous exposure to the high noise levels involved in performing in a rock band.
When asked why men are excluded from the goddess rituals, Budapest has stated in a 2007 interview:
" When Berman was killed in a hit on Berman's boss, Dutch Schultz, Runyon quickly assumed the role of damage control for his deceased friend, correcting erroneous press releases ( including one that stated Berman was one of Schultz's gunmen, to which Runyon replied, " Otto would have been as effective a bodyguard as a two-year-old.
When Babrius set down fables from the Aesopica in verse for a Hellenistic Prince " Alexander ," he expressly stated at the head of Book II that this type of " myth " that Aesop had introduced to the " sons of the Hellenes " had been an invention of " Syrians " from the time of " Ninos " ( personifying Nineveh to Greeks ) and Belos (" ruler ").
When referring to disk storage capacities it usually means 10 < sup > 9 </ sup > bytes, often stated explicitly on the manufacturer's permanent sticker.
When the NCAA Headquarters relocated to Indianapolis, it was stated that Indianapolis would then host the men's Final Four once every five years.
When the Choctaw reached Little Rock, a Choctaw chief ( thought to be Thomas Harkins or Nitikechi ) stated to the Arkansas Gazette that the removal was a " trail of tears and death ".
When interviewed about it, he stated, “ I certainly believe that people who are in pain should be helped and assisted in every way possible, that the drugs should be used to mitigate their pain but I believe the law of the United States of America which requires that drugs not be used except for legitimate health purposes .” " Attorney General Ashcroft Asks Supreme Court To Ban Assisted Suicide – California Healthline.
When he stated that " the case of the orders which hold property is that of them all ," the mendicant orders turned against him ; and from that time Wycliffe began a struggle which continued till his death.
" When the LGBT-friendly Metropolitan Community Church was almost accepted into the World Council of Churches, Falwell called them " brute beasts " and stated, " this vile and satanic system will one day be utterly annihilated and there'll be a celebration in heaven.
When Adams commented on his own characterization of particular minimalist music, he stated that he went joyriding on " those Great Prairies of non-event.
When discussing the work along with the origins of the poem, Bowring stated, " The tale is extraordinary, but ' Kubla Khan ' is much more valuable on another account, which is, that of its melodious versification.
" When James Bruce visited the area in the later 18th century, he noted that the locals counted 45 inhabited islands, but stated he believed that " the number may be about eleven.
When color depth is reported as color support, it is usually stated in terms of number of colors the LCD can show.
When indicated, the zero reference is stated in parenthesis following the unit, for example 101 kPa ( abs ).
When the agreement was made to pass on the rights to the FSF, there was a clause that stated
When asked about Karl Marx, Malcolm X ( who had never read Marx ) stated that he agreed with Spengler ’ s view of social class and economic systems as secondary to racial identity.
When an axiomatic system begins with its axioms, the primitive notions may not be explicitly stated.
When the negative team appeals to prima facie, it appeals to the fact that the affirmative team cannot add or amend anything in its plan after being stated in the first affirmative constructive.
When her family requested she be featured in the following year's ceremony, the Academy stated they did not honor requests and Lee was omitted because her contribution to film and her legacy were not deemed significant enough, although she had been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Pete Kelly's Blues.
When the motorist said that their passports were at home, the officer allegedly stated, " You are lying.
When Orbison started with " Crying " and hit the high notes, Goodwin stated, " The strings were playing and the band had built up, and sure enough, the hair on the back of my neck just all started standing up.

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