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When and Harold
When Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen began their collaboration in 1940, Mercer, like Arlen, had several substantial film songs to his credit, among them `` Hooray For Hollywood '', `` Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride '', `` Have You Got Any Castles, Baby??
When enough time had elapsed so that there was little likelihood of his returning for something he had forgotten, Harold went out into the hall and stood looking into one room after another.
When they got home Harold was grateful for the stillness in the apartment, and thought how, under different circumstances, they might have stayed on here, in these old-fashioned, high-ceilinged rooms that reminded him of the Irelands' apartment in the East Eighties.
Other views of God affirmed by members of the Conservative movement include Kabbalistic mysticism ; Hasidic panentheism ( neo-Hasidism, Jewish Renewal ); limited theism ( as in Harold Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People ); and organic thinking in the fashion of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne, also known as process theology ( such as Rabbis Max Kaddushin, William E. Kaufman, or Bradley Shavit Artson ).
When the police came to his house, Harold watched as they told his mother that he had died in the fire, and saw her collapse into the policemen's arms.
When The Committee disbanded in 1972, Three major companies were formed: The Pitchell Players, The Wing, and Improvisation Inc, Improv, Inc. being the only company continuing to perform Del ’ s “ Original ” Harold.
When Jardine was appointed England's captain for the 1932 – 33 English tour of Australia, a meeting was arranged with Nottinghamshire captain Arthur Carr and his two fast bowlers Harold Larwood and Bill Voce at London's Piccadilly Hotel to discuss a plan to combat Bradman's extraordinary skills.
When, in 1974, Labour returned to office under Harold Wilson, Foot became Secretary of State for Employment.
Jewish variations of process theology are also presented in Harold Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People ( New York: Anchor Books, 2004, ISBN 1-4000-3472-8 ) and Sandra B. Lubarsky and David Ray Griffin, eds., Jewish Theology and Process Thought ( Albany: State University of New York Press, 1995, ISBN 0-7914-2810-9 ).
When Godwin died in 1053, Harold succeeded him as Earl of Wessex ( the southernmost third of England ).
When the Witenagemot convened the next day, they selected Harold to succeed, and his coronation followed on 6 January, most likely held in Westminster Abbey, however there is no surviving evidence from the time to confirm this.
When Tostig asked what his brother Harold would be willing to give Harald Hardrada for his trouble, the rider replied that he would be given seven feet of ground as he was taller than other men.
When Edward died in 1066 he was succeeded by Harold Godwinson, who was defeated and killed in the same year by the Normans under William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings.
When he was not debunking literary conventions he was often explaining them, as with the early " Harold Shea " stories co-written with Fletcher Pratt, in which the magical premises behind a number of bodies of myths and legends were accepted as a given but examined and elucidated in terms of their own systems of inherent logic.
When he died in 1053, Godwin was succeeded as Earl of Wessex ( including Sussex ) by his son Harold, who had previously been Earl of East Anglia.
When Harold Wilson resigned in 1976, Callaghan was elected the new Labour leader.
When Hugh Gaitskell died in January 1963, Callaghan ran to succeed him but came third and the leadership contest was won by Harold Wilson.
When Menzies ' successor, Harold Holt, was officially presumed dead on 19 December 1967, the Governor-General Lord Casey sent for McEwen and he was sworn in as Prime Minister, on the understanding that his commission would continue only so long as it took for the Liberals to elect a new leader.
When Harold finishes his shift, he sees an old friend from his hometown who is now a policeman walking the beat.
When Harold L. Johnson took over as the director in 1952, the stated objective became to focus on light from the Sun reflecting from Uranus and Neptune.
When Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard found out about the deal, he offered Henderson the same contract, but without a signing bonus.
When Holmes was eight, his mother married Harold Bowman.
When the ' Eurosceptic ' Party Chairman, Brian Mawhinney, ( allegedly ) briefed against him, on one occasion, Clarke memorably declared: " Tell your kids to get their scooters off my lawn " – an allusion to Harold Wilson's rebuke of trade union leader Hugh Scanlon in the late 1960s.
When his wife then calls demanding to know why he is late for the Harold Pinter play, he tries to call Vicky, but is unable to reach her.

When and Arlen
When Hoyt returned to Arlen, Peggy tried to help him out and gave him money, but eventually realized Hoyt was an incorrigible criminal and would destroy the entire family.
When it became clear that this would require the Sadler's Wells company to tour for 30 weeks every year, and practically destroy its presence on the London opera scene, Tucker, his deputy Stephen Arlen, and his musical director Alexander Gibson resigned.
*" When the Sun Comes Out " – music by Harold Arlen
When Roy Mustang sends the brothers and Riza Hawkeye to investigate a village plagued by these monsters, they meet Arlen Glostner, an archaeologist who is studying the ancient civilization of Lebis.
When attacked by Golems ( who disguised themselves as natives ), Ed, Al, Riza, and Arlen are saved by the timely arrival of the military.

When and returned
When I returned to make my report, the Hetman did not remember having sent me on the secret mission.
When she returned to life in the big house she felt shriveled of all emotion save dedication to duty.
When Claire returned to Bishopsgate she longed to tell them she had become Byron's mistress.
When he returned home, the station wagon loaded with tools, Jinny had gone with a friend to some meeting in the village, using the recently purchased second car.
When Jones too drew away, she returned to a thorn bush in the neck of land running into the gully, crouched low and waited as before.
And when she returned from taking her guests back to New York she had said, `` All they talked about was Harvie Harvie this, Harvie that When they know the truth will they drop away from me, will I become a nothing ''??
When Peate returned to the pavilion he was reprimanded by his captain for not allowing his partner, Charles Studd ( one of the best batsman in England, having already hit two centuries that season against the colonists ) to get the runs.
When Amphitryon finally returned to Thebes, Alcmene told him that he had come the night before and slept with her ; he learned from Tiresias what Zeus had done.
When the Vikings returned in force in 892 they found a kingdom defended by a standing, mobile field army and a network of garrisoned fortresses that commanded its navigable rivers and Roman roads.
When Valdemar returned to Denmark, he was convinced into strengthening the Danevirke fortifications at the German border, with the support of Absalon.
When Anne and her brother returned home for the holidays in June 1846, she resigned her position.
When White eventually returned three years later, Virginia and the other colonists were gone.
When one guest is finished, the mate is returned to the host, who will then prepare one for another guest.
When the latter was surrounded by Umayyad troops, he sued for help to Ibn Hafsun, but the latter was defeated by the besiegers and returned to Bobastro.
When Jackson returned briefly to England in 1889 to marry, Housman was not invited to the wedding and knew nothing about it until the couple had left the country.
: When, after the action had thus occurred, his own men returned to each general, Scipio could adopt no fixed plan of proceeding, except that he should form his measures from the plans and undertakings of the enemy: and Hannibal, uncertain whether he should pursue the march he had commenced into Italy, or fight with the Roman army which had first presented itself, the arrival of ambassadors from the Boii, and of a petty prince called Magalus, diverted from an immediate engagement ; who, declaring that they would be the guides of his journey and the companions of his dangers, gave it as their opinion, that Italy ought to be attacked with the entire force of the war, his strength having been nowhere previously impaired.
When he had returned to Paramount a few months later, " Matchbox Blues " had already become such a hit that Paramount re-recorded and released two new versions, under producer Arthur Laibly.
When Saint Paul returned to Jerusalem after his conversion, Barnabas took him and introduced him to the apostles ( 9: 27 ).
When he briefly returned to the United States in 1972, the Lincoln Center Film Society honoured him with a gala and awarded him a lifetime achievement award, which has since been awarded annually to filmmakers as The Chaplin Award.
When he returned to the narrative later in life, Claudius skipped over the wars of the second triumvirate altogether.
When the sheriff returned to Cadillac, a force consisting of several hundred armed men was assembled ; this group reportedly included a brass band.
When Kling returned the next year, the Cubs won the pennant again, but lost to the Philadelphia Athletics in the 1910 World Series.
When they returned to San Francisco for their final series with the Giants on September 14, the Rockies had once again built a large Wild Card lead.
When he returned to the factory on Christmas Day he discovered Jed had just been unconscious, and offered him a free flat in Wigan to buy his silence, which Jed accepted.

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