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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 696
from Brown Corpus
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When and May
" When the final payment on the farm was owed, Sam May refused to cover his brother-in-law's debts, as he often did, possibly at Abby May's suggestion.
When Sforza also abandoned Louis, Alfonso seemed to have all his problems solved ; however, his relationship with Joan suddenly worsened, and in May 1423 he had her lover, and a powerful figure in the Neapolitan court, Gianni Caracciolo, arrested.
When his eldest daughters died of consumption in 1825, Maria on 6 May and Elizabeth on 15 June, Charlotte and Emily were immediately brought home.
When their son, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr, was born on 5 May 1925, Chaplin sent Grey and the child into hiding: it was seen as too close to their wedding, so a fake birth announcement was made to the press at the end of June.
The island of Sal receives an average of 0. 0mm in May, When the rain come, if it comes, can be very strong.
When the old president Kolingba tried to overthrow Patassé in May 2001, the Movement for the Liberation of Congo ( MLC ) came to his rescue.
When " Too Drunk to Fuck " came out in May 1981, the song caused much controversy in the UK as the BBC feared the single would reach the Top 30 ; this would require a mention of the song on Top of the Pops.
When Dien Bien Phu fell in May 1954, Ike refused to intervene despite urgings from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Vice President and the head of NCS.
When the American Revolutionary War broke out, Allen and the Boys seized the initiative and captured Fort Ticonderoga in May 1775.
When Elizabeth was two years and eight months old her mother was executed on 19 May 1536.
When his wife Josefa died in 1812, he was mentally and emotionally processing the war by painting The Charge of the Mamelukes and The Third of May 1808, and preparing the series of prints later known as The Disasters of War ( Los desastres de la guerra ).
When Castaneda inexplicably disappeared and the project fell through, Fellini ’ s mystico-shamanic adventures were scripted with Pinelli and serialized in Corriere della Sera in May 1986.
When the war ended in May 1945, as many as two million former Russian citizens were forcefully repatriated into the USSR.
When Germany had its hands free for an attack in the west, the Battle of France began in May 1940, and the same Blitzkrieg tactics proved just as devastating there.
" Boston Museum playbill advertising Booth in Romeo and Juliet, May 3, 1864 When the Civil War began on April 12, 1861, Booth was starring in Albany, New York.
When Virginia joined the Confederacy, Davis moved his government to Richmond in May 1861.
When released on May 1, 1941, Citizen Kane — based in part on the life of William Randolph Hearst — did not do much business at theaters ; Hearst owned numerous major newspapers, and forbade them to carry advertisements for the film.
When this agreement became public in May 1922, bitter resentment was expressed in Germany, but the treaty was still ratified by both countries.
When Communists had taken power, Lenin, who had lived in Munich some years before, sent a congratulatory telegram, but the Soviet Republic was put down on 3 May 1919 by the Freikorps.
When party leader Sun Yat-Sen died in May 1925, he was succeeded by a rightist, Chiang Kai-shek ( 1887 – 1977 ), who was opposed to Mao's involvement.
When Nova launched a new online portal in May 2008, it included a " Red News " section causing controversy ; asked about the Naked News, they denied securing license and stressed Počasíčko's primacy.
When national elections were held in May 1989, the elections were marred by accusations of fraud from both sides.
When Guillermo Endara won the Presidential elections held in May 1989, the Noriega regime annulled the election, citing massive US interference.
When the Argentine envoy, Nicolás de Herrera, arrived in May 1813, he learned to his dismay that all decisions had to await the meeting of a Paraguayan congress in late September.

When and came
When his head came down, Curt grabbed him by the hair and catapulted him head first into the wall.
`` When I came up, damnit, I thought I was going down.
When he came back to the schoolhouse, his mind was made up.
When Beckett's name came into the discussion, the priest grew loud and told me that Beckett `` hates life ''.
When fame came it changed Sandburg only slightly.
When their levies came shambling into camp, they were all elbows, hair, and beard.
When he came home from his office at the end of the afternoon, Breasted never knew what gathering he should expect to find, but there almost always was one.
When I first came across Samuel Johnson's pronouncement, `` the remedy for the ills of life is palliative rather than radical '', it seemed to me to sum up the profoundest of political and social truths.
When he came to Baltimore, he was leaving a team which was supposed to win the National League pennant, and he was joining what seemed to be a second division American League club.
When the sun came out, Stevie strode proudly into Orange Square, smiling like a landlord on industrious tenants.
When he felt the side of his head, his fingers came away covered with blood.
When his arm came up I ducked away but it caught me on the side of the neck, watering my eyes, and I backed off to cough.
When he was bent over behind the wheel of the station wagon, feeling in his trouser cuffs for the ignition key which he had dropped a moment before, she came out of the house with an enormous Rumanian shawl over her head, which she had bought in that country during one of their trips abroad, and handed him a clean handkerchief through the window.
When they came to Mr. Jack's photograph, twenty by twelve inches in a curly silver frame, Miss Ada said, `` By rights I ought to leave that, seeing he won't take my clotheshorse ''.
When radio came in, it continued the misplaced modifier in its routines as a standard device.
When the therapist came to feel on sufficiently sure ground with him to ask him, `` What is that, Bill -- hello or farewell ''??
When the chance came, they first eliminated cold cereal once a week, then gradually converted to hot fresh-ground cereal every day.
When a second quake came, they dashed back to the beach, fearing that they might be buried under landslides.
When a cow came out of a corral in a crouchin' run she was said to `` come out a-stoopin' ''.
When he came to the movies -- more or less by accident -- they were still cheap entertainment capable of enthralling the unthinking for an idle few minutes.
When he snatched it up the voice that came to him was quick and urgent.
When the verdict came in against his young neighbor, Hengesbach said:
When Dr. W. A. Swim celebrated his 75th birthday at the Wilshire Country Club, guests came by chartered plane from all over the country.
`` When you came up to the majors, did you seek out Williams for advice ''??

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