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When and Nelson's
When the Web began to see large growth that Xanadu did not, Nelson's team grew defensive in the supposed rivalry that was emerging, but that they were losing.
When he heard of the discovery, Harry Burt ( 1875 – 1926 ), owner of a Youngstown, Ohio, ice cream parlor, replicated Nelson's product.
When Lisa and Nelson return home, they find Nelson's father, who Bart found working at a freak show in a circus.
* When Nelson's father is explaining what happened to him on the way to get his cigarettes, his appearance after the peanut allergy swelling and subsequent enlistment as a freak for the traveling freak show parodies the life of Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as the Elephant Man, whose story is made famous by the David Lynch film The Elephant Man.
When this order was given to the more aggressive Nelson's attention, he lifted his telescope up to his blind eye, said " I really do not see the signal ", and his forces continued to press home the attack.
When Furley calls out to the doctor in his office, Jack responds with Nelson's famous " Y-e-e-e-s?
When Scully went to the studio to record Willie Nelson's guest appearance, he was running late and had to wait, as Nelson was recording a duet with B. B.
When the King remarked upon the loss of Nelson's right arm, he wittily replied, indicating Berry, " But not my right hand, your majesty ".

When and fleet
When the Viking raids resumed in 892, Alfred was better prepared to confront them with a standing, mobile field army, a network of garrisons, and a small fleet of ships navigating the rivers and estuaries.
When the Greek fleet was preparing at Aulis to depart for Troy to begin the Trojan War, Artemis becalmed the winds.
When Alexandria harbour proved inadequate for his fleet, Brueys had gathered his captains and discussed their options.
When the trumpet signal for the start rang out, Antony's fleet began issuing from the straits, and the ships moved into line and remained quiet.
When Havana surrendered, the admiral of the British fleet, George Keppel, the 3rd Earl of Albemarle, entered the city as a conquering new governor and took control of the whole western part of the island.
When the French general Junot arrived in Lisbon, the Portuguese fleet had already left with all the local elite.
When Vortigern and his nobility catch word of the imminent arrival of the Saxon fleet, they meet in counsel, and resolve to drive the Saxons from their coasts.
When the threat of invasion faded, John formed a large military force in England intended for Poitou, and a large fleet with soldiers under his own command intended for Normandy.
When Arriva commenced operations in July 2011, a new fleet of buses was introduced in a turquoise and cream livery.
When Sisko eventually returned with a fleet of Federation ships to retake the station, Worf and Martok lobbied Gowron to send Klingon ships to join the battle.
When the Romulan / Cardassian fleet arrived at the Founders ' homeworld, they bombarded it, only to realize that the planet was deserted except for a token beacon.
When the Persian fleet finally arrived at Artemisium after a significant delay, Eurybiades, who both Herodotus and Plutarch suggest was not the most inspiring commander, wished to sail away without fighting.
When King Minos had heard of what befell his son, he ordered the Cretan fleet to set sail for Athens.
When Styrbjörn brought this fleet to Uppsala to claim the throne of Sweden, Harald broke his oath and fled with his Danes in order to avoid facing the Swedish army at the Battle of Fýrisvellir.
When Admiral Hermann Boehem sent Raeder a memo in late August saying that the disposition of the German fleet could only made sense if there was no general war, one of Raeder's aides, a Captain Fricke replied with the comment on the margin: " That is precisely the point!
When Callicratidas attacked him, Conon retreated to Mytilene, where he was blockaded by Callicratidas ’ Spartan fleet.
When this order was completed the British fleet had formed a single line of battle, sailing in a southerly direction on a course to pass between the two Spanish columns.
When Callicratidas attacks him, Conon is forced back to Mytilene, where he is blockaded by Callicratidas ' Spartan fleet.
When the fleet fired cannonballs, the explosives failed to penetrate Fort Sullivan's unfinished, yet thick palmetto log walls.
When news of the success of the French whaling fleet in New Zealand waters in the 1838 season reached France in 1839, a solid commercial project was added to all the others — a project which its promoters who had land to sell, hoped would develop into a scheme for effective French colonisation.
When the kingdom was annexed to the Roman province of Galatia in 64 – 65, the fleet passed to new commanders, becoming the Classis Pontica.
When the payment was not forthcoming from president Anastasio Bustamante, the king sent a fleet under Rear Admiral Charles Baudin to declare a blockade of all Mexican ports from Yucatán to the Rio Grande, to bombard the Mexican fortress of San Juan de Ulúa, and to seize the port of Veracruz.
When operational, it will be added to the fleet of paddle steamers at Echuca Wharf.
When in 1639 a large Spanish transport fleet sought refuge in the English Downs moorage, Charles did not dare to protect it against a Dutch attack ; the resulting Battle of the Downs undermined both Spanish sea power and Charles's reputation.

When and arrived
When the captives arrived in Boston, `` the chaplain ( of their captors ) went to prayers in the open streets, that the people might take notice what they had done in a holy manner, and in the name of the Lord ''.
When I arrived at Viola's I was shown, to my surprise, into the kitchen.
When the police arrived, they found McClellan and the two lawyers sitting and staring silently.
When police arrived the man was still violent, Slate said.
When the latter arrived, he was killed by Seitz von Frauenberg.
When Andronikos arrived he found that his authority was overthrown: Isaac had been proclaimed Emperor.
When D-Day arrived, they had made enough penicillin to treat all the wounded Allied forces.
When the Israelites, led by Joshua toward the Promised Land, arrived at the banks of the River Jordan, the Ark was carried in the lead preceding the people and was the signal for their advance ( Joshua 3: 3, 6 ).
When sitting in review of a decision, the Court will only look at the method in which the decision was arrived at, whereas in an administrative appeal the correctness of the decision itself will be examined, usually by a higher body in the agency.
When Theseus arrived, he did not reveal his true identity.
" When Graham arrived in Greenville, Jones, Jr. emphasized that the basis of the university's position was scriptural and not personal.
When Caliph al-Mu ' izz li Din Allah finally arrived from the old Fatimid capital of Mahdia in Tunisia in 973, he gave the city its present name, al-Qahira (" The Victorious ").
When Beaux arrived in Paris, the Impressionists, a group of artists who had begun their own series of independent exhibitions from the official Salon in 1874, were beginning to lose their solidarity.
When Napoleon arrived, he reorganized the defenses, while realizing that without cannon, the city could not be held.
When the Industrial Revolution arrived, many changes occurred that brought about the food today in its modern form.
When news arrived of Cerialis ' victory over Civilis, Mucianus tactfully dissuaded Domitian from pursuing further military endeavours.
When the invitation arrived, Kaye was busy at work on The Inspector General ( which had a working title of Happy Times for a while ).
When Caraffa's replacement, Count Caprara, was himself transferred in 1694, it seemed that Eugene's chance for command and decisive action had finally arrived.
When the pro-Nestorius Antiochene delegation finally arrived, they decided to convene their own council over which Candidian presided.
When he arrived home, Sullivan learned he would not be able to air the Bergman material from it.
When most of the land army arrived, the King and Queen had a profound dispute.
When they arrived they found that only 54 of the 193 deportées sent out three years earlier were left ; 11 had escaped, and the rest had died of tropical fevers and other diseases.
When pitcher Roger Clemens arrived in Boston for the first time in 1984, he took a taxi from Logan Airport and was sure the driver had misunderstood his directions when he announced their arrival at the park.

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