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When and Paul
When he heard that Paul Whiteman was looking for singers to replace the Rhythm Boys, Mercer applied and got the job, `` not for my voice, I'm sure, but because I could write songs and material generally ''.
When on leave from the front, Paul feels strongly isolated from his family and removed from daily life.
When the day drew near of the departure of Saint Paul the First Hermit in the desert, Saint Anthony went to him and buried him, after clothing him in a tunic which was a present from St Athanasius the Apostolic, the 20th Patriarch of Alexandria.
When Saint Paul returned to Jerusalem after his conversion, Barnabas took him and introduced him to the apostles ( 9: 27 ).
When Pope John XXIII abolished the limit, he began to add new churches to the list, which Popes Paul VI and John Paul II continued to do.
When announcing Vatican II, Pope John XXIII stated that the precepts of the Council of Trent continue to the modern day, a position that was reaffirmed by Pope Paul VI.
When Paul Brown was fired by Art Modell, Brown still owned the equipment used by Cleveland.
Writing in 2010 Neil Finn said, " When we lost Paul it was like someone pulled the rug out from underneath everything, a terrible jolt out of the dark blue.
When over 25, 000 of these royalists — led by General Danican — assaulted Paris, Paul François Jean Nicolas, vicomte de Barras was appointed to defend the capital ; outnumbered five to one and disorganized, the Republicans were desperate.
When Paul refers to Priscilla and Aquila, of the seven times Priscilla and Aquila are mentioned in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul always lists them together, suggesting that he viewed them as a ministry team and also a family unit.
When she returned east in 1913, she joined Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and others in founding the militant Congressional Union, which became the National Woman's Party.
When US troops withdew from Grenada in December 1983 Nicholas Braithwaite of the National Democratic Congress was appointed Prime Minister of an interim administration by the Governor General Sir Paul Scoon until elections could be organised.
When The Second City opened its doors on December 16, 1959, directed by Paul Sill, his mother Viola Spolin began training new improvisers through a series of classes and exercises which became the cornerstone of modern improv training.
When Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933, Goebbels was initially given no office: the coalition cabinet Hitler headed contained only a minority of Nazis as part of the deal he had negotiated with President Paul von Hindenburg and the conservative parties.
When it came to time for Ribbentrop to present the German declaration of war on 22 June 1941 to the Soviet Ambassador, General Vladimir Dekanozov, Paul Schmidt described the scene :" It is just before four on the morning of Sunday, 22 June 1941 in the office of the Foreign Minister.
When Paul came again to Jerusalem after the second and after the third journey ( Acts 18: 22 ; 21: 17 sq.
When Dreja dropped out of the project to become a photographer ( he would later take the photograph that appeared on the back of Led Zeppelin's debut album ), John Paul Jones, at the suggestion of his wife, contacted Page about the vacant position.
When John's body was moved, the original vault above the floor was removed and a new one built beneath the ground ; it was here that the body of Pope John Paul II was entombed from 2005 to 2011 before being moved for his beatification in 2011.
When, in 784, the imperial secretary Patriarch Tarasius was appointed successor to the Patriarch Paul IV, he accepted on the condition that intercommunion with the other churches should be reestablished ; that is, that the images should be restored.
Other songs performed by Amos include The Doors ' " People are Strange ", Depeche Mode's " Personal Jesus ", Joni Mitchell's " The Circle Game ", Madonna's " Live to Tell " and " Like a Prayer ", Björk's " Hyperballad ", Led Zeppelin's " When the Levee Breaks " ( which she debuted in Austin, Texas, just after the events of Hurricane Katrina ), Kate Bush's " And Dream of Sheep " and Crowded House's " Don't Dream It's Over ", dedicating it to drummer Paul Hester who had died a week before.
Paul Johnson writes in Modern Times: " When in 1964 the Harding Papers ( which had not been burnt ) were opened to scholars, no truth at all was found in any of the myths, though it emerged that Harding, a pathetically shy man with women, had a sad and touching friendship with the wife of a Marion store-owner before his presidency.
When Mercer died, Paul Ellington kept the Duke Ellington Orchestra going.

When and Deacon
When Pope Adrian II rejected Boris's request that either Formosus or Deacon Marinus ( later Pope Marinus I ) be made Archbishop of Bulgaria, Boris began to look again towards Constantinople.
When they are interviewed, Will relates that he encountered Deacon, who had come to retrieve the emeralds, in the church on 30 December.
When the body was discovered, Will assumed Jim had killed Deacon.
When the Deacon reaches the ambo it is placed there while the church still sings.
* Two sets of double swings: When censing a Deacon.
When the Colonels folded, Barney Dreyfuss became the owner of the Pittsburgh franchise and tapped Clarke, Wagner, Waddell, Deacon Phillippe and others to accompany him.
When his friend and political colleague Barney Danson was appointed Minister of Defence, Deacon worked with Danson and Jacques Hébert to create Katimavik, a national service program designed to enable unemployed youth help others and themselves at the same time.
* 1988 " When the World Knows Your Name " ( Deacon Blue )

When and wrote
When Quiney and William Parsons wrote to Greville in 1593 asking his consent in the election for bailiff, they sent the letter to Mr. William Sawnders, attendant on the worshipful Mr. Thomas Bushell at Marston.
When she was nine years old, she wrote a description of a store she had visited.
When her brother Winslow became a student at Brown University in 1874, she wrote him about a course in history he was taking under Professor Diman: `` What is Prof. Diman's definition of civilization, and take the world through, is its progress ever onward, or does it retrograde at times??
When Dr. Wallace Buttrick, wise in his judgment of people, declined to have the Science Building named for him, he wrote Miss Tapley ( April 7, 1923 ) `` If you had asked me, I think I would have suggested that you name the building for Miss Upton.
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
" When he sits down to write ," Emerson wrote, " all his genius leaves him ; he gives you the shells and throws away the kernel of his thought.
When the press expanded to current titles, they wrote some books themselves and employed other writers, including Erasmus.
When Thomas Hobbes wrote that " the Papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire sitting crowned upon the grave thereof ", he was promulgating an enormously important truth.
Boris Pasternak wrote his last complete book, When the Weather Clears, in 1959.
When Galileo later complained of rumors to the effect that he had been forced to abjure and do penance, Bellarmine wrote out a certificate denying the rumors, stating that Galileo had merely been notified of the decree and informed that, as a consequence of it, the Copernican doctrine could not be " defended or held ".
Freda Kirchwey, then editor of The Nation, wrote at the time of her death: " When she spoke to people — whether it was to a small committee or a swarming crowd — hearts beat faster.
When his colleague Richard Courant wrote the now classic Methods of Mathematical Physics including some of Hilbert's ideas, he added Hilbert's name as author even though Hilbert had not directly contributed to the writing.
While he was imprisoned at the El Modelo jail, just outside of Managua, he wrote poems, one of which he titled " I Never Saw Managua When Miniskirts Were in Fashion ".
When Henry Treece wrote to Thomas comparing his style to that of Hopkins, Thomas wrote back denying any such influence.
When he wrote to Stephen Spender in 1952, thanking him for a review of his Collected Poems, he added " Oh, & I forgot.
When expressing the abstract nature of computer science, he wrote
When Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, the oldest animal fossils were those from the Cambrian Period, now known to be about 540 million years old.
When Election Day arrived, over 3, 500 of Kelly ’ s supporters wrote LaGuardia's name on the ballot.
When Hayek left Salzburg in 1977, he wrote, " I made a mistake in moving to Salzburg ".
When the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Sancroft, and six other bishops ( the Seven Bishops ) wrote to James asking him to reconsider his policies, they were arrested on charges of seditious libel, but at trial they were acquitted to the cheers of the London crowd.
Not all his scientific romances ended in a happy Utopia, and in fact, Wells also wrote a dystopian novel, When the Sleeper Wakes ( 1899, rewritten as The Sleeper Awakes, 1910 ), which pictures a future society where the classes have become more and more separated, leading to a revolt of the masses against the rulers.
When Ignatius wrote the Letter to the Smyrnaeans in about the year 107 and used the word catholic, he used it as if it were a word already in use to describe the Church.
" Beware, you dogs ," he wrote to his former " friends of the left ": " When the Devil is loose in me you will not curb him again.
When Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto wrote a letter to the city council inviting Geneva to return to the Catholic faith, the council searched for an ecclesiastical authority to respond to him.

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