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When and Richard
* Rubenstein, Richard E., When Jesus Became God: The Epic Fight over Christ ’ s Divinity in the Last Days of Rome ( New York: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1999 ).
When the production of Richard Kelly's debut film, Donnie Darko, was threatened, Barrymore stepped forward with financing from Flower Films and took the small role of Karen Pomeroy, the title character's English teacher.
When his colleague Richard Courant wrote the now classic Methods of Mathematical Physics including some of Hilbert's ideas, he added Hilbert's name as author even though Hilbert had not directly contributed to the writing.
When he returned from that expedition 8 days later, Brigadier General Richard Montgomery had assumed command of the invasion due to Schuyler's illness.
When the army investigates, they are greeted by Wilson ( Chuck Wilson ), Grenchko ( Richard Berger ), Emmy Kano ( Anna Nakagawa ) and an android named M-11 ( Robert Scott Field ).
When they warned him that they would ask Charles Gounod instead and then threatened to engage Richard Wagner's services, Verdi began to show considerable interest, and agreements were signed in June 1870.
When John's elder brother Richard became king in September 1189, he had already declared his intention of joining the Third Crusade.
When Richard still did not return from the crusade, John began to assert that his brother was dead or otherwise permanently lost.
When Richard arrived in 1191, he and Philip took different sides in the succession dispute.
When physical chemist Richard Williams applied an electric field to a thin layer of a nematic liquid crystal at 125 ° C, he observed the formation of a regular pattern that he called domains ( now known as Williams Domains ).
Likewise, Richard McNally states, " The term ' pseudoscience ' has become little more than an inflammatory buzzword for quickly dismissing one's opponents in media sound-bites " and " When therapeutic entrepreneurs make claims on behalf of their interventions, we should not waste our time trying to determine whether their interventions qualify as pseudoscientific.
When Richard Stallman and the GNU team were implementing POSIX for the GNU operating system, they objected to this on the grounds that most people think in terms of 1024 byte ( or 1 KiB ) blocks.
When Richard Nixon tried to use executive privilege as a reason for not turning over subpoenaed evidence to Congress during the Watergate scandal, the Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Nixon,, that executive privilege did not apply in cases where a president was attempting to avoid criminal prosecution.
When word reached Philip that Richard had finished crusading and had been captured on his way back from Holy Land, he promptly invaded the Vexin.
When religion is seen in terms of " sacred ", " divine ", intensive " valuing ", or " ultimate concern ", then it is possible to understand why scientific findings and philosophical criticisms ( e. g. Richard Dawkins ) do not necessarily disturb its adherents.
When his brother Edward IV died in April 1483, Richard was named Lord Protector of the realm for Edward's son and successor, the 12-year-old King Edward V. As the new king travelled to London from Ludlow, Richard met and escorted him to London where he was lodged in the Tower of London.
When Henry II and Louis VII made a truce on 8 September 1174, Richard was specifically excluded.
When he was crowned, Richard barred all Jews and women from the ceremony, but some Jewish leaders arrived to present gifts for the new king.
When a rumour spread that Richard had ordered all Jews to be killed, the people of London began a massacre.
When Richard arrived he demanded that his sister be released and given her inheritance ; she was freed on 28 September, but without the inheritance.
When Richard married Berengaria he was still officially betrothed to Alys, and Richard pushed for the match in order to obtain Navarre as a fief like Aquitaine for his father.
When Philip besieged Aumale in Normandy, Richard grew tired of waiting and seized the manor, although the act was opposed by the Church.

When and Nixon
When Nixon left in 1973, Tom Lavery began drawing the strip, who was then followed by Frank McDiarmid in 1976.
When John Ehrlichman, the President's counsel and assistant, asked Nixon why he kept Agnew on the ticket in the 1972 election, Nixon replied that " No assassin in his right mind would kill me " because they would get Agnew ( as President ).
When Cox refused to drop his subpoena, on October 20, 1973, Nixon demanded the resignations of Attorney General Richardson and his deputy William Ruckelshaus for refusing to fire the special prosecutor.
When they heard Nixon might make Dole chairman of the Republican National Committee, half the Republican Senators protested, especially moderates who feared Dole would direct party assets to conservatives.
When President Jimmy Carter nominated A. Daniel O ’ Neal ( originally appointed by President Richard Nixon ) to chair the ICC, O ’ Neal began to develop the possibilities for opening up the rail market to competition and innovation.
When Ford had taken power, it appeared that one key to his success would be building upon the foreign policy successes of President Nixon, his predecessor.
When news of the My Lai Massacre broke, Westmoreland resisted pressure from the Nixon administration for a cover-up, and pressed for a full and impartial investigation by Lieutenant General William R. Peers.
When the network wanted to expand All My Children from 30 minutes to a full hour in the late 1970s, Nixon agreed on the condition that the network would begin saving the episodes.
When columnist Hedda Hopper sent her Richard Nixon placards and asked McDaniel to distribute them, McDaniel declined in a letter, saying that she had made a decision to stay out of politics.
When Richard Nixon took office in 1969, he altered the formula to state that the United States should be able to fight one-and-a-half wars simultaneously.
When Sirica ordered Nixon to comply with the committee's and Cox's demands, the President offered Cox a compromise: instead of producing the tapes, he would allow the Senator John Stennis ( a Democrat from Mississippi ) to listen to the tapes, with the help of a transcript prepared for him by the White House, and Stennis would then prepare summaries of the tapes ' contents.
When old friend George S. Nixon, a banker, arrived in town, Wingfield invested in his Nye County Bank.
When Ali was stripped of the title in 1967 over his refusal to join the armed forces when drafted during the Vietnam War, Frazier had petitioned President Nixon to restore Ali's right to box and even lent Ali money.
When Nixon was elected President in 1968, he chose Haldeman to be his Chief of Staff.
" When Colvin was arrested in March 1955, Nixon thought he had found the perfect person, but the teenager turned out to be pregnant.
When Nixon took the Oval Office in 1969, Buchanan worked as a White House adviser and speechwriter for Nixon and vice president Spiro Agnew.
When Nixon resigned in 1974, Buchanan briefly stayed on as special assistant under incoming President Gerald Ford.
When we see Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover posing with a strip of microfilm, we know we're watching a newsreel.
When they both did not get made, Stone turned his attention to a biopic about Richard Nixon.
When Stone told Milchan that he wanted to make Nixon, Milchan, who was not keen on the idea, told the director that he would only give him $ 35 million, thinking that this would cause Stone to abandon the project.

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