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When and Romero
When he confronted Miller, Miller explained that the deception was necessary since companies at that time were very protective of their talent and it was the only way he could get Romero to initiate contact with him.
When he finished work on that game, he found he was not compatible with the Prey development team at Apogee, and therefore left to join his ex-Id compatriot John Romero at Ion Storm.
In the case Dawn Associates v. Links, Romero accused Russo of " appropriat part of the title of the prior work ", plagiarizing Dawn of the Deads advertising slogan (" When there is no more room in hell [...] the dead will walk the earth "), and copying stills from the original 1968 film.
When word reaches Haleakaloha that Miss Dedham is on the way, a scheme is concocted by Donovan, Gilhooley, and the Marquis de Lage ( Romero ).
When the Jesuits were expelled in the 18th century, this land was eventually sold to the Count of Regla, Manuel Romero de Terreros.
When the war broke out in 1914 Julio Romero fought for the allies as a pilot.

When and saw
When, in late afternoon on the last day in June, he saw two people top the ridge to the south and walk toward the house, he quit work immediately and strode to his rifle.
When they were closer and he saw that one was a woman, he was more puzzled than ever.
When he saw the expression in her eyes, he knew he couldn't send them on.
When he saw me coming he turned his radio off.
When I went for my interview with the director I saw why.
When his eyes began to focus, he saw Jess charging at him with a pitchfork.
When I fell on my back, I saw a vulture hovering.
When the cloth dried and stiffened, he saw what adjustments had to be made.
When Kate hurried in alarm to tell him to put it out, she saw other dots of flames among the western Virginia hills from the few scattered fires of the faithful.
A verse familiar to all grammarians is the quatrain: `` I saw a man once beat his wife When on a drunken spree.
When his vision cleared he saw the taller one scrambling upward, reaching.
When he reached the dip in the woods, he saw that already the earlier ruts were barely discernible.
When he saw Tommy sitting alone, the tinkling sound stopped.
When Lindburgh saw the crudeness of Carrel's machinery, he offered to build new equipment for the scientist.
When Aegeus saw the black sails coming into Athens, he jumped into the sea and drowned, mistaken in his belief that his son had been slain.
When the Governor saw that he was confessing his Christianity publicly, not caring what might happen to him, he ordered him not to show up in the city.
When they saw that the centre had broken, the Elector and Marsin decided the battle was lost and, like the remnants of Tallard's army, fled the battlefield ( albeit in better order than Tallard's men ).
When the Byzantine forces saw the entire Ottoman army get on their knees to pray, the Byzantine army was witnessing how united the Ottoman Turks were and this worried them.
" When fighting broke out again, Hinde saw his Batetela allies drop human arms, legs and heads on the road.
When the time came for him to provide a dowry for his daughter, he saw no alternative than to sell his library.
When King Xerxes saw Esther, he was pleased and held out his scepter to her, showing that he accepted her visit.
When envisioning the shape of the cosmos, the Egyptians saw the earth as a flat expanse of land, personified by the god Geb, over which arched the sky goddess Nut.
When he showed the film to people they praised the actor's acting — the hunger in his face when he saw the soup, the delight in the child, and the grief when looking at the dead woman.
Allied fighters, by gaining air superiority over the European battlefield, played a crucial role in the eventual defeat of the Axis, which Reichmarshal Hermann Göring, commander of the German Luftwaffe summed up when he said: " When I saw Mustangs over Berlin, I knew the jig was up.
" When he saw Al Jolson singing in The Jazz Singer in 1927, considered the first talkie, Capra recalled his reaction:

When and demo
When label founder and president Seymour Stein heard his demo, he said, " He sounds like Bob Dylan.
When Diary of a Camper was created, no software tools existed to edit demo files into films.
When they started working on the album and were trying to re-record the vocals, Williams felt unsatisfied with it, so he decided to include the demo version and then release it as the first single.
When Interplay financed " exploratory development ", BioWare presented the publishers with a demo called Battleground: Infinity.
When Simon Gilbert heard Anderson playing back the tape whilst going through audition tapes, he mistakenly believed it to be an early Suede demo.
When the Lynns reached Nashville, the song was a hit, climbing to No. 14 on Billboard's C & W Chart, and Lynn began cutting demo records for the Wilburn Brothers ' Publishing Company.
When former colleague Kevin Rowland heard these demo tapes, he invited O ' Hara to join Dexys, and adopted a similarly folk-influenced sound for his own group.
When a print workbook version fell through, McCall's company decided to produce their own animated versions of the songs, which they then sold to ABC ( which was already the advertising company's biggest account ) based on a demo animation of the original " Three Is A Magic Number " for its Saturday morning lineup.
Featuring new musical numbers ( Svetlana's " Han är en man, han är ett barn " (" He is a man, he is a child ") and Molokov's " Glöm mig om du kan " (" Forget me if you can " from the demo song " When The Waves Roll Out to Sea ") and focusing on material from the concept album, the Stockholm version was a drastic rewrite.
When the Commodore Amiga appeared, many former C64 demo programmers switched platforms and continued to make demos for the Amiga ( see Amiga demos ).
When that happened, they would put icepacks on the back and let it cool down, then get back to recording the demo.
When they screened a demo for Paramount and made their pitch, the studio was impressed and reportedly " gave Malick a very sweet deal at the studio, carte blanche, essentially ".
When the band started shopping their demo ( credited as Peter Criss ) around the response was universally negative.
When he sent a demo to EMI in October 1974 they quickly wanted to make an LP with him.
When she was 17, she sang at a friend's party and was spotted by a music producer, who invited her to do a demo.
They recorded two demo tapes: When Death Joins Us ... in 1990 and Rotting Ways to Misery in 1991.
When composing a soundtrack for a video game, Sakimoto first sits down with the director or producer of the game and works out what emotions they want the game to evoke in the player, and after making a demo for them, sets out to create music that fits that feeling.
When A & R Javier Portugués and Columbia director Raúl López listened the demo they, Portugués later told HitQuarters, stared at each other in delight exclaiming, " Wow, this is fantastic !".
When a demo of the game was released at E3 that year, it was clear that the gameplay would stay nearly identical to its predecessor Advance Wars, though new content would be added.
When Tina Turner heard a demo of his song ' Paradise Is Here ' she recorded it for her Break Every Rule album of 1986.
When Saraceno was still a teenager, his then manager sent a demo tape to singer Michael Bolton, who decided to enlist him to play on a song for Cher's album, Heart of Stone.
When the Style Council reformed for a one off gig for Japanese TV in 1990, Paul Weller invited White to his studio to hear a few demo tracks.
When they recorded the original demo for Enema of the State, it is believed that Scott Raynor played the drums, meaning that Tom and Mark were either thinking of firing him before it happened and wrote this song, or it is not about him.
When Dogwood's album Building a Better Me was completed ahead of schedule, O ' Donnell and Noise Ratchet drummer Brandon Young used the remaining studio time to record Reeve Oliver's first 5-song demo.

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