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When and Rousseau
When team members individually and collectively commit to team goals, team effectiveness is increased and is a function of increased supportive team behaviors ( Aube & Rousseau, 2005 ).
When Rousseau was 10, his father, an avid hunter, got into a legal quarrel with a wealthy landowner on whose lands he had been caught trespassing.
When Rousseau subsequently became celebrated as a theorist of education and child-rearing, his abandonment of his children was used by his critics, including Voltaire and Edmund Burke, as the basis for ad hominem attacks.
When in the depths of the French Revolution the Jacobin clubs all over France regularly deployed Rousseau when demanding radical reforms.
When the first-ever U. S. championship match took place in 1845, Stanley defeated Eugéne Rousseau of New Orleans and thus claimed the title.
When the natural man established property as his own, this was the " beginning of evil " according to Rousseau, though, he acknowledges the sanctity of the institution of property and that government should be created to protect it.
When Kate and Sawyer return, Sayid and Locke join her and Rousseau in rescuing Jack.
When Danielle Rousseau ( Mira Furlan ) abducts the baby, named Aaron, Charlie and Sayid Jarrah ( Naveen Andrews ) go to rescue him.
When Rousseau arrives on the beach one morning to warn the camp of the Others ' imminent arrival, Shannon prepares to migrate to the caves with the rest of the group.
When Hurley looks at the maps that Sayid recovered from Rousseau, Hurley discovers a sheet of paper containing the cursed numbers.
When a man named " Henry Gale " ( Michael Emerson ), arrives in the jungle ( captured in a trap set by Danielle Rousseau ), Locke holds him prisoner in the empty armory.

When and reached
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
When they reached the school, a gang of boys and girls were already there playing `` crack the whip '' in front of the schoolhouse.
When Peter had reached his majority at eighteen??
When Napoleon's ship had borne him to Elba, French wines had started to cross the Channel, the first shipments in a dozen war-ridden years, but the supplies had not yet reached rural hostelries where the sweet wines of the Spanish peninsula still ruled.
When the Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Company reached its 125th year as a going industrial concern during 1958, it became an almost unique institution in the mechanical world.
When the temperature reached 32-degrees-F all protozoan activity ceased ; ;
When this water level has been reached, inject steam into the wheel until the temperature reaches that shown in Column B of Table 2.
When this water level has been reached, inject steam until the temperature is that shown in Column Aj.
When this water level has been reached inject steam until the temperature is that shown in Column Aj.
When she reached port, she was found to have on board only eight men, all near starvation.
When he reached the dip in the woods, he saw that already the earlier ruts were barely discernible.
When 51st Street was reached, Robinson related, he stopped the bus and told the youths he was going to call the CTA supervisor.
When they reached Augusta last week, together they had won five of the 13 tournaments to date.
When they reached adulthood, Aedesia accompanied her sons to Athens where they studied under Proclus.
When the signal drive to the amplifier is increased, the output also increases until a point is reached where some part of the amplifier becomes saturated and cannot produce any more output ; this is called clipping, and results in distortion.
When he had reached Bodmin on 28 July, he found that there was no chance of supplies or recruits, and he also learned that the Royalist army was at Launceston, close to his rear.
When news of the rebellion reached him, Suetonius hurried along Watling Street through hostile territory to Londinium.
When consensus could not be reached on locating the Bank in London, Brussels or Amsterdam, the choice fell on Switzerland.
When this cavity has reached its maximum size, it is called the transient cavity.
When the road reached Columbus, Tipton constructed the first bypass road ever built ; it detoured south around the west side of Columbus enroute to Seymour.
When the first program reached an instruction waiting for a peripheral, the context of this program was stored away, and the second program in memory was given a chance to run.
When they reached the anode end of the tube, they were travelling so fast that, although they were attracted to it, they often flew past the anode and struck the back wall of the tube.
When this news reached England, it confirmed Kidd's reputation as a pirate, and various naval commanders were ordered to " pursue and seize the said Kidd and his accomplices " for the " notorious piracies " they had committed.
When reports of this reached the Apostolic Throne of Saint Mark, Pope Saint Cyril I of Alexandria acted quickly to correct this breach with orthodoxy, requesting that Nestorius repent.
When he would not, the Synod of Alexandria met in an emergency session and a unanimous agreement was reached.

When and 20
When I looked up the actual date of his birth and found it to be March 15th, I realized that Roy was born under the right zodiacal sign for a watercolorist: the water sign of Pisces ( February 18 thru March 20 ).
When the temperature is low, the spring winds and closes the valve, which allows the fan to spin at about 20 % to 30 % of the shaft speed.
When Pissarro returned to his home in France after the war, he discovered that of the 1, 500 paintings he had done over 20 years, which he was forced to leave behind when he moved to London, only 40 remained.
When used in the extemporaneous preparation of topical medications, it is supplied in the form of Coal Tar Topical Solution USP, which consists of a 20 % w / v solution of coal tar in alcohol, with an additional 5 % w / v of polysorbate 80 ; this must then be diluted in an ointment base such as petrolatum.
When orbital inclinations are compared, ' hot ' cubewanos can be easily distinguished by their higher inclinations, as the plutinos typically keep orbits below 20 °.
When third husband Marty Melcher died April 20, 1968, a shocked Day discovered that her husband of 17 years and his business partner Jerome Bernard Rosenthal had squandered her earnings, leaving her deeply in debt.
When he was 36, Bacon engaged in the courtship of Elizabeth Hatton, a young widow of 20.
When elements of the army leadership tried to assassinate Hitler in the July 20 plot shortly thereafter, it was this trio that rallied the resistance to the plotters.
When hunting, the Common Kestrel characteristically hovers about 10 – 20 m ( c. 30 – 70 ft ) above the ground, searching for prey, either by flying into the wind or by soaring using ridge lift.
When the markka was introduced, coins were minted in copper ( 1, 5 and 10 penniä ), silver ( 25 and 50 penniä, 1 and 2 markkaa ) and gold ( 10 and 20 markkaa ).
When full scale production begins in 2013 this plant will produce an estimated 20 % of the global nickel supply.
When the final episode, " Things Aren't Simple Any More " originally aired on 20 November 2000 at 21: 00, it coincided with the broadcast of the first jackpot winner in the UK version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?, which had been filmed the Sunday before the broadcast.
When Martin IV died on 28 March 1285, at Perugia, Cardinal Savelli was unanimously elected Pope on 20 May and took the name of Honorius IV.
When the besieged garrison of Kaunas surrendered in 1915, 20, 000 Russians became prisoners.
When he was 20, he sold the company to Harcourt, Brace & World for $ 100, 000 ( roughly $ 500, 000 in 2006 dollars ) plus royalties.
When the Clydesdale Bank discontinued £ 1 banknotes, Robert The Bruce's portrait was moved onto the bank's £ 20 banknote in 1990 and it has remained there to date.
When both parasites are present, the losses would normally be expected to total less than 20 %, yet, in some cases, losses are significantly greater.
* When Journalists Report for Duty, 20 September 2001
* The Simple BlackBerry Allowed Contact When Phones Failed, The New York Times 20 September 2001.
When they finally made it to Sardinia, the Romans were aware of their intentions and had reinforced the unpopular garrison under Titus Manlius Torquatus to 20, 000 infantry and 1, 200 cavalry.
Further singles were " She's Not Just a Pretty Face " a country Top 10 hit, while the last US single, " It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing ", made the Top 20 on both Country and AC.
and its first three singles, two more singles were released in the second half of 2003 with up-tempo " Thank You Baby " (# 11 in the UK, Top 20 in Germany ) and just before Christmas the romantic, acoustic ballad " When You Kiss Me ", at least a minor hit in both territories.
When the transmission detects a speed difference of greater than 20 % between the front and rear axle sets, the transmission progressively sends power to the rear wheels.
When the third stage motor fires, within two minutes of launch, the missile is traveling faster than 20, 000 ft / s ( 6, 000 m / s ), or 13, 600 mph ( 21, 600 km / h ).

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