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When and Szpilman
When he eventually reached the hospital, Szpilman collapsed onto the floor in the first available area and fell asleep.
When, again, he went searching for food and drink, Szpilman managed to find some crusts of bread to eat and a fire bucket full of water.
When Szpilman and Lendicki returned to the place where the POW camp had been, it was no longer there.
When not touring or building pianos, he has been editing piano editions of the works of Władysław Szpilman for Boosey and Hawkes and wrote a piece on aesthetics, which was published in Poland in March 2005.

When and resumed
When the Viking raids resumed in 892, Alfred was better prepared to confront them with a standing, mobile field army, a network of garrisons, and a small fleet of ships navigating the rivers and estuaries.
When the full league programme resumed in 1946 – 47 Charlton could finish only 19th in the First Division, just above the relegation spots.
When the United States resumed EVAs on April 7, 1983, astronauts started using an Extravehicular Mobility Unit ( EMU ) for self-contained life support independent of the spacecraft.
When a player commits a foul, or when the ball is deemed unplayable, play is resumed from a free-hit or a face-off.
When reality resumed, Rogue's mind-absorbing touch renders Gambit comatose.
When the war between father and sons resumed in Easter 833, Gregory was approached by Lothair, seeking his intervention to bring about reconciliation between Lothair and his father.
When artistic life in Paris resumed after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 – 71, Bizet found wider opportunities for the performance of his works ; his one-act opera Djamileh opened at the Opéra-Comique in May 1872.
When the Primera División resumed after the Spanish Civil War, it was Atlético Aviación ( nowadays Atlético Madrid ), Valencia, and Sevilla that initially emerged as the strongest clubs.
When the Government of Ibrahim Pasha fell in 1841, the local clan-head Abd ar-Rahman Amr once again resumed the reins of power as the Sheik of Hebron.
When Bryan resumed, his comparison of miner with miser again electrified the audience ; the uproar prevented him from continuing for several minutes.
When the war resumed in June 1410, Władysław advanced into the Teutonic heartland at the head of an army of about 20, 000 mounted nobles, 15, 000 armed commoners, and 2, 000 professional cavalry mainly hired from Bohemia.
When Noble resumed duty in 1946 the enrollment had increased to such an extent that almost 600 students were crowded into a building originally designed for 350.
When sales went flat in Europe, he took charge of the territory and European sales resumed their brisk pace.
When conflict resumed he was wounded at Appleby in July 1648.
When the army resumed its march northward, the direct route to Sichuan was blocked by Chiang's forces.
When the charter for the Second Bank of the United States expired in 1836, " wildcat " banks resumed unsound and unregulated lending.
When the season resumed, Jackson's hitting improved, partly to show Steinbrenner he wasn't finished as a player.
When football in the country resumed in 1939, Oviedo were relegated to the second division, as their pitch was deemed unplayable – Francisco Franco's troops had used the stadium as an ammunition dump.
When operations resumed in 1211 the actions of Arnaud-Amaury and Simon de Montfort had alienated several important lords, including Raymond de Toulouse, who had been excommunicated again.
( When the matter was settled and Cú Roí returned to his country, Amairgin resumed his attacks on the invading army, explaining that his agreement was with Cú Roí only.
When he resumed writing in 2002, he assumed a more aggressive tone, and his attacks on former allies angered some of the EZLN's supporters.
When the Maquis ship was destroyed by crashing into a Kazon ship to save the USS Voyager, Tuvok was transported off the ship with a handful of other survivors, and resumed his duties as Security & Tactical Officer.
When the voyage resumed in June 1874, the route went east from Sydney to Wellington in New Zealand, followed by a large loop north into the Pacific calling at Tonga and Fiji, and then back westward to Cape York in Australia by the end of August.
When Thrasher returned to the university, Colby Christ was replaced by Space Moose, which had resumed.
When Bashō returned to Edo he happily resumed his job as a teacher of poetry at his bashō hut, although privately he was already making plans for another journey.

When and job
When my Uncle offered me a part-time job which would take care of my normal expenses and give me time to paint I accepted.
When he heard that Paul Whiteman was looking for singers to replace the Rhythm Boys, Mercer applied and got the job, `` not for my voice, I'm sure, but because I could write songs and material generally ''.
When I had my big job with the double headlights and yards of chrome, the gas people were happy to see me.
When he was made a vice president only a year after the new sales job, a leading business magazine ran his photograph with a brief biography in a series on national business leaders of the future.
When Thomas became Chairman of the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) in 1982, Hill went along to serve as his assistant, leaving the job in 1983.
When questioned on why she followed Thomas to the second job after he had already allegedly harassed her, she said she had wanted to work in the civil rights field, she had no alternative job, " and at that time, it appeared that the sexual overtures ... had ended.
When the PC starts up, the first job for the BIOS is the power-on self-test, which initializes and identifies system devices such as the CPU, RAM, video display card, keyboard and mouse, hard disk drive, optical disc drive and other hardware.
When she was bitten by her canine co-star, the producers were afraid she would cry, but she merely laughed, and was hired for the job.
When Danny did return to New York, his father did not pressure him to return to school or to get a job, giving his son the chance to mature and discover his own abilities.
When Satie was four years old, his family moved to Paris, his father having been offered a translator's job in the capital.
When he was 25, he took a sales job selling books written and published by American philosopher, Elbert Hubbard.
When it became clear to Wilkins and the supervisors of Watson and Crick that Franklin was going to the new job, and that Linus Pauling was working on the structure of DNA, they were willing to share Franklin's data with Watson and Crick, in the hope that they could find a good model of DNA before Pauling was able.
When Telemann declined the job, it was offered to Christoph Graupner, who also declined it — though chiefly because he could not secure a dismissal from his employer the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt.
When an employee begins a new job, there is a transition period during which he or she is not contributing positively to the organization.
When the Treaty of San Francisco came into force all ethnic Koreans lost their Japanese citizenship and with it the right to welfare grants, to hold a government job of any kind or to attend Japanese schools.
When Napoleon rose to power in 1799, there was no ancient base from which to draw his staff, and he had to choose the people he thought best for the job, including officers from his army, revolutionaries who had been in the National Assembly, and even some former aristocrats such as prime minister Talleyrand.
" When Joan Kroc, wife of Padres owner Ray Kroc, publicly offered Smith a job as an assistant gardener on her estate, Smith and Gottlieb's relationship with the organization deteriorated further.
" When the chains were stretched and the Chiefs indeed had the first down, Stram was then heard saying to the refs, " Ya did good, you're doing a fine job out there.
When that league folded a few years later, Williams found himself out of a job until Redskins coach Joe Gibbs asked him to join the team to be the backup for quarterback Jay Schroeder.
When being photographed for the album's cover, Potger was replaced by Ray – his day job with the Australian Broadcasting Commission ( ABC ) as a radio producer barred him from involvement in a commercial enterprise.
When Shiver announced he was quitting to become a football coach at the University of Georgia, the job, by default, was open for Williams.
" When rumors circulated that the top job would go to Marshall, many critics viewed the transfer as a demotion for Marshall, since he would leave his position as Chief of Staff of the Army and lose his seat on the Combined Chiefs of Staff.
When that job ended sooner than expected, in October 1927, Beiderbecke and Trumbauer signed on with Whiteman.
When Moessinger was hired as executive producer for Murder, She Wrote, he offered Straczynski a job as co-producer.

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