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When and Thomas
When Quiney and William Parsons wrote to Greville in 1593 asking his consent in the election for bailiff, they sent the letter to Mr. William Sawnders, attendant on the worshipful Mr. Thomas Bushell at Marston.
"), is the inspiration for the text of several pieces of choral music, usually entitled When David Heard ( such as those by Renaissance composers Thomas Tomkins and Thomas Weelkes, or American composers Eric Whitacre, Joshua Shank, and Norman Dinerstein ).
When Thomas became Chairman of the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) in 1982, Hill went along to serve as his assistant, leaving the job in 1983.
When questioned on why she followed Thomas to the second job after he had already allegedly harassed her, she said she had wanted to work in the civil rights field, she had no alternative job, " and at that time, it appeared that the sexual overtures ... had ended.
When he turned twenty-one, Danish artist Fritz Melbye, then living on St. Thomas, inspired Pissarro to take on painting as a full-time profession, becoming his teacher and friend.
When the United States entered World War I, Eastman organized with Roger Baldwin and Norman Thomas the National Civil Liberties Bureau to protect conscientious objectors, or in her words: " To maintain something over here that will be worth coming back to when the weary war is over.
) When Thomas Young first demonstrated this phenomenon, it indicated that light consists of waves, as the distribution of brightness can be explained by the alternately additive and subtractive interference of wavefronts.
When Henry Treece wrote to Thomas comparing his style to that of Hopkins, Thomas wrote back denying any such influence.
When Thomas travelled in America, he recited Hardy's work in his readings.
When Seamus Heaney gave an Oxford lecture on the poet he opened by addressing the assembly, " Dylan Thomas is now as much a case history as a chapter in the history of poetry ", querying how ' Thomas the Poet ' is one of his forgotten attributes.
When Thomas Wyatt the younger instigated what became known as Wyatt's rebellion, John Ponet, the highest-ranking ecclesiastic among the exiles, allegedly participated in the uprising.
When he moved to Salisbury, Allen met Thomas Young, a doctor living and practicing just across the provincial boundary in New York.
When the affair became public, Federalists accused him of supporting the French while Republicans such as Thomas Jefferson supported him.
When English explorer John Davis, commander of the Desire, one of the ships belonging to Thomas Cavendish's second expedition to the New World, separated from Cavendish off the coast of what is now southern Argentina, he decided to make for the Strait of Magellan in order to find Cavendish.
When Anthony died, Douglass was given to Lucretia Auld, wife of Thomas Auld.
When was a " base sycophant " loved and honoured by piety such as that of Herbert, Tennison, and Rawley, by noble spirits like Hobbes, Ben Jonson, and Selden, or followed to the grave, and beyond it, with devoted affection such as that of Sir Thomas Meautys.
When the Choctaw reached Little Rock, a Choctaw chief ( thought to be Thomas Harkins or Nitikechi ) stated to the Arkansas Gazette that the removal was a " trail of tears and death ".
When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as president in 1801, he named Madison to be his secretary of state.
When drunk, Jahangir swore to Sir Thomas Roe, England's first ambassador to the Mughal court, that he would protect all the peoples of the book.
When Charles became king, he gave the castle to his wife, Henrietta Maria ; he bestowed the stewardship on Robert Carey, earl of Monmouth, and gave it to Carey's sons, Henry and Thomas, after their father's death.
When Atlanta reneged, the American Football League awarded an expansion team franchise to lawyer Joseph Robbie and actor Danny Thomas for $ 7. 5 million.

When and Hobbes
Hobbes said :" The Latines called Accounts of mony Rationes ... and thence it seems to proceed that they extended the word Ratio, to the faculty of Reckoning in all other things .... When a man reasoneth hee does nothing else but conceive a summe totall ... For Reason ... is nothing but Reckoning ... of the consequences of generall names agreed upon, for the marking and signifying of our thoughts ...."
When communicated, such speech becomes language, and the marks or notes or remembrance are called " Signes " by Hobbes.
When Hobbes published the Leviathan in 1651, by contrast, dozens of texts were immediately written in response to it.
When Hobbes journeys to the cabin, he finds a clue uncovering a deeper truth: when he died Milano was trying to kill Azazel.
When the 17th-century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes described indigenous people as having " no arts, no letters, no society " and their life as " solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short ", he was defining the stereotype of a " savage ," one that would last for many years.

When and wrote
When she was nine years old, she wrote a description of a store she had visited.
When her brother Winslow became a student at Brown University in 1874, she wrote him about a course in history he was taking under Professor Diman: `` What is Prof. Diman's definition of civilization, and take the world through, is its progress ever onward, or does it retrograde at times??
When Dr. Wallace Buttrick, wise in his judgment of people, declined to have the Science Building named for him, he wrote Miss Tapley ( April 7, 1923 ) `` If you had asked me, I think I would have suggested that you name the building for Miss Upton.
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
" When he sits down to write ," Emerson wrote, " all his genius leaves him ; he gives you the shells and throws away the kernel of his thought.
When the press expanded to current titles, they wrote some books themselves and employed other writers, including Erasmus.
Boris Pasternak wrote his last complete book, When the Weather Clears, in 1959.
When Galileo later complained of rumors to the effect that he had been forced to abjure and do penance, Bellarmine wrote out a certificate denying the rumors, stating that Galileo had merely been notified of the decree and informed that, as a consequence of it, the Copernican doctrine could not be " defended or held ".
Freda Kirchwey, then editor of The Nation, wrote at the time of her death: " When she spoke to people — whether it was to a small committee or a swarming crowd — hearts beat faster.
When his colleague Richard Courant wrote the now classic Methods of Mathematical Physics including some of Hilbert's ideas, he added Hilbert's name as author even though Hilbert had not directly contributed to the writing.
While he was imprisoned at the El Modelo jail, just outside of Managua, he wrote poems, one of which he titled " I Never Saw Managua When Miniskirts Were in Fashion ".
When he wrote to Stephen Spender in 1952, thanking him for a review of his Collected Poems, he added " Oh, & I forgot.
When expressing the abstract nature of computer science, he wrote
When Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, the oldest animal fossils were those from the Cambrian Period, now known to be about 540 million years old.
When Election Day arrived, over 3, 500 of Kelly ’ s supporters wrote LaGuardia's name on the ballot.
When Hayek left Salzburg in 1977, he wrote, " I made a mistake in moving to Salzburg ".
When the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Sancroft, and six other bishops ( the Seven Bishops ) wrote to James asking him to reconsider his policies, they were arrested on charges of seditious libel, but at trial they were acquitted to the cheers of the London crowd.
Not all his scientific romances ended in a happy Utopia, and in fact, Wells also wrote a dystopian novel, When the Sleeper Wakes ( 1899, rewritten as The Sleeper Awakes, 1910 ), which pictures a future society where the classes have become more and more separated, leading to a revolt of the masses against the rulers.
When Ignatius wrote the Letter to the Smyrnaeans in about the year 107 and used the word catholic, he used it as if it were a word already in use to describe the Church.
" Beware, you dogs ," he wrote to his former " friends of the left ": " When the Devil is loose in me you will not curb him again.
When Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto wrote a letter to the city council inviting Geneva to return to the Catholic faith, the council searched for an ecclesiastical authority to respond to him.

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