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When and Title
When drafting the resolution, the Utah Legislature gave many reasons to recognize Jell-O, including that Utah had been the highest per capita consumer of Jell-O for many years, and how citizens of Utah had rallied to " Take Back the Title " after Des Moines, Iowa exceeded Utah in Jell-O consumption in 1999.
When WWE ( then WWF ) unveiled its new " Attitude " era in 1997, the no-disqualification match was used as a centerpiece for this new design of wrestling, and a Hardcore Title was offered between 1998 and 2002.
The other major theatre practitioner to have experimented with surrealism in the theatre is the Spanish playwright and director Federico García Lorca, particularly in his plays The Public ( 1930 ), When Five Years Pass ( 1931 ), and Play Without a Title ( 1935 ).
When a chain letter suggests a game of chance or a lottery with an opportunity for financial gain it is considered fraudulent under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1302, the Postal Lottery Statute.
As of 17 October 2006, When President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 into law, Title 10 of the United States Code was amended to include a definition of an " unlawful enemy combatant " as
When the Law School denied admission to Barbara Grutter, a female Michigan resident with a 3. 8 GPA and 161 LSAT score, she filed this suit, alleging that respondents had discriminated against her on the basis of race in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and 42 U. S. C.
When the US telephone industry was opened to more competition in the 1980s, the specifications became US law, ordered by the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) and codified in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47 CFR Part 68, Subpart F superseded by T1. TR5-1999.
When NWA / WCW sued WWF and Flair for their use of the " Big Gold " Title belt on WWF TV, the WWF made a new, similar belt ( called the " Vegas " Big Gold as it was debuted by Flair in Las Vegas ).
When in 1997 the High Court of Australia expanded the recently-introduced concept of Native title in bringing down the Wik decision ( for which Borbidge criticised the bench as " historical dills "), Borbidge argued that Howard's proposed changes to the Native Title Act did not go far enough in abolishing native title from pastoral leases.
When Ric Flair left for the WWF in 1991, taking the NWA World Heavyweight Title belt with him, Dusty's PWF Heavyweight Championship belt was used as a replacement at The Great American Bash for the title match between Lex Luger and Barry Windham until a replacement could be made.
When Hugo Chávez became President in 1999, he sought to implement LASM principles, beginning with their incorporation into the new 1999 Venezuelan Constitution, in articles 83-85 of Title III.
Another article of fundamental importance here is article 136, under Title VI, " Constitutional Guarantees-Section I-The Constitutional Court ", reading as follows: " When the Court declares the constitutional illegitimacy of a law or enactment having the force of law, the law ceases to have effect from the day following the publication of the decision.
When Mabel became king, the focus shifted from the team to Mabel once more with Sir Mo acting more as a manager and less like an active competitor as Mabel challenged for the World Title.
Title viii, Of Regulars and Nuns .-( i ) When a religious community has accepted a diocesan work, strictly so called, it should not relinquish it without giving the bishop notice six months beforehand.

When and IV
When Frederick IV of Habsburg sided with Antipope John XXIII at the Council of Constance, Emperor Sigismund placed him under the Imperial ban.
When Chilperic II died the following year ( 720 ), Charles appointed as his successor the son of Dagobert III, Theuderic IV, who was still a minor, and who occupied the throne from 720 to 737.
When Emperor Shaddam IV orchestrates a plot to destroy the " Red Duke " Leto, the Baron eagerly lends his aid.
When the Protestant Henry IV inherited the French throne in 1589, Elizabeth sent him military support.
When Amenhotep IV became Pharaoh ( circa 1353 BC ), the supreme deity was considered to be Amun-Ra ( itself the result of an earlier rise to prominence of the cult of Amun, resulting in Amun becoming merged with the sun god Ra ).
When Arsinoe IV, Egypt's former queen, was paraded in chains, the spectators admired her dignified bearing and were moved to pity.
When optic neuritis is associated with MRI lesions suggestive of multiple sclerosis ( MS ) then general immunosuppressive therapy for MS is often prescribed ( IV methylprednisolone may shorten attacks ).
When Martin IV died on 28 March 1285, at Perugia, Cardinal Savelli was unanimously elected Pope on 20 May and took the name of Honorius IV.
When his brother Edward IV died in April 1483, Richard was named Lord Protector of the realm for Edward's son and successor, the 12-year-old King Edward V. As the new king travelled to London from Ludlow, Richard met and escorted him to London where he was lodged in the Tower of London.
When he returned to the west in 205 BC, Antiochus found that with the death of Ptolemy IV, the situation now looked propitious for another western campaign.
When, in 784, the imperial secretary Patriarch Tarasius was appointed successor to the Patriarch Paul IV, he accepted on the condition that intercommunion with the other churches should be reestablished ; that is, that the images should be restored.
When Pope Hadrian IV died in 1159, the divided cardinals elected two popes: Roland of Siena, who took the name of Alexander III, and Octavian of Rome who, though nominated by fewer cardinals, was supported by Frederick and assumed the name of Pope Victor IV.
When Henry IV tried to copy this procedure he was less successful, as he lacked the support of the people.
When Gregory was hard pressed by Henry IV, Robert Guiscard left him to his fate, and only intervened when he himself was threatened with German arms.
When he was elected, on 10 April 847, he was cardinal of Santi Quattro Coronati and had been subdeacon of Gregory IV and archpriest under his predecessor.
When in 1376 Charles IV asserted Wenceslaus ' election as King of the Romans by the prince-electors, two of seven votes, those of Brandenburg and Bohemia, were held by the emperor and his son themselves.
When Henry's branch died out in 1340 the duchy was reunited under Emperor Louis IV, a son of Duke Louis II.
When Eckard was assassinated in April, Bolesław I lent his support to Henry IV, Duke of Bavaria, and helped him ascend to the German throne as Henry II.
When Henry III was assassinated on 31 July 1589, Navarre became the first Bourbon king of France as Henry IV.
When her brother, King Charles IV of France, seized Edward's French possessions in 1325, she returned to France, initially as a delegate of the King charged with negotiating a peace treaty between the two countries.
When Henry died 1335 Jan, King of Bohemia, renounced his claims, and Albrecht, Duke of Austria, received Carniola ; it was proclaimed a duchy by Rudolf IV, in 1364.
When Władysław was king ( as Władysław IV ) he oversaw the production of at least ten operas during the late 1630s and 1640s, making Warsaw a center of the art.

When and took
When Fred Powell's brother-in-law, Charlie Keane, moved into the dead man's home, the anonymous letter writer took no chances on Charlie taking up where Fred had left off and wasted no time on a first notice:
When we `` forced '' individuals to assume the corporate structure by means of taxes and other legal statutes, we adopted what I would term `` pseudo-capitalism '' and so took a major step toward socialism.
When someone says, for example, `` They took x-rays to see that there was nothing wrong with me '', it pays to consider how this statement would normally be made.
When Ambassador Mikhail Menshikov took it over in 1957 from Georgi Zaroubin, he made a determined effort to change this idea.
When he heard Calenda say: `` What about that picture you took this afternoon ''??
When Continental Airlines night-coach Flight 54 took off at 11:30 one night last week, there was no reason to think it would take any longer.
When he was twelve he took to reading St. Augustine and Aquinas, then Lao-tse, Confucius, Mencius, Suzuki, Hindu tomes by endless Krishnaists and numerous socio-archaeological papers.
When Pelopidas expressed indignation at the tales of Alexander's profligacy and cruelty, Alexander took alarm and fled.
When Calatayud fell, he took Bubierca, Alhama de Aragón, Ariza, and Daroca ( 1120 ).
When the other Latins subsequently occupied the empty town of Politorium, Ancus took the town again and demolished it.
When King Andrew II, having fulfilled his Crusader vow, took his troops northward, he proceeded through Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.
When the merger took place, all ten AFL franchises became part of the merged league's new American Football Conference ( AFC ), with three teams from the original 16-team NFL ( the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Colts ) joining them.
When Zeus abducted Aegina, he took her to Oenone, an island close to Attica.
" When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more adequately.
When told that the women were to sit on the shoulders of the men to reach the shore, ` Abdu ' l-Bahá took a chair and carried the women to the bay of Acre.
When Peter the Great went to Holland in 1716 ( he was in Holland before in 1697 to instruct himself in maritime affairs ), he also took lessons from Boerhaave.
When translated into Greek and Latin, the title took on different forms.
When Saint Paul returned to Jerusalem after his conversion, Barnabas took him and introduced him to the apostles ( 9: 27 ).
When the secularization of church lands took place ( 1802 ) the diocese covered and had a population of 207, 000.
When Havana surrendered, the admiral of the British fleet, George Keppel, the 3rd Earl of Albemarle, entered the city as a conquering new governor and took control of the whole western part of the island.
When the Communist Party of China took over power, previous schools of thought, excepting notably Legalism, were denounced as backward, and later even purged during the Cultural Revolution.
When Azali took power he also pledged to step down in April 2000 and relinquish control to a democratically elected president — a pledge with mixed results.
When his second wife died in 1831 after a long illness, one of his daughters, Therese, took over the household and cared for Gauss until the end of his life.
When representatives of Fulham first came across the land, in 1894, it was so overgrown that it took two years to be made suitable for football to be played on it.

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