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Page "humor" ¶ 120
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

When and customer
When a customer bought a minicomputer, at that time the smallest computer on the market, the computer did not come with Pre-installed software, but needed to be installed by engineers employed by the OEM.
When available, cash out is convenient for the customer, who can bypass having to visit a bank branch or ATM.
When a customer returned to claim the item, it was readily visible and available with no further confrontation required.
When customer response indicated that some gamers were willing to buy a $ 650 console, SNK expanded sales and marketing into the home console market.
When VT173 inventory was exhausted in 1985, Digital discontinued DECset and transferred its customer agreements to Datalogics.
When looped back, the customer equipment is disconnected from the line.
When getting a user / customer online, beyond user provisioning and network provisioning, the client system must be configured.
When Novalee reaches out for her change at the register, the amount of $ 5. 55 sends her into a panic and she runs outside to find that her boyfriend has left ( Novalee believes that the number 5 is a sign of trouble or a negative event of significance is to come because when she was 5, her mother left her for a baseball umpire and when she was a waitress at a restaurant, a regular customer went crazy and cut her on her arm from wrist to elbow and it took 55 stitches to close the wound ).
When using cable operator VoIP, a combined customer premises equipment device known as an embedded multimedia terminal adapter ( E-MTA ) will often be used.
When O ' Dell opened his general store, his first customer was Crider, who bought a pound of coffee.
* When a customer argues, always agree with him.
When a server has not adequately addressed issues a customer has with service, the patron may choose to speak with management to have the problems corrected before considering reducing the tip.
When not performing customer service duties, flight attendants must periodically conduct cabin checks and listen for any unusual noises or situations.
When carefully managed, rules can be used to help the organization to better achieve goals, remove obstacles to market growth, reduce costly mistakes, improve communication, comply with legal requirements, and increase customer loyalty.
When the company later decided to offer their software for sale to others, it quickly gained a customer base that lauded the developers for the software's exceptionally fast rendering engine and high image quality.
When the Guard has a significant customer contact role, the position is usually classified as Conductor-Guard or Conductor.
When Dante is discussing the " Milk Maids ", the shopper shown is Smith's mother, Grace, and the customer whose job it is to " manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination " is played by Smith's sister, Virginia.
When she was 16, Frances moved to Baltimore where she worked at a diner in Towson, and it was here that she met Harris, who was a regular customer.
When the customer opens the package and uses the product, however, it is usually considered unique and no longer interchangeable with unopened packages unless there is some customer service issue, such as a return or exchange.
When the customer was ready to pay, the button would calculate the bill, including sales tax for almost any jurisdiction in the United States.
When the couple finally track down Page, she says that the customer was not Gruneman but an " older man ".
* When a customer argues, always agree with him.
When the customer is sweating, turn up the heat.

When and asked
When I asked him what, if anything, I could do about it, he surprised me by referring me to the director of the hall.
Joyce went on, `` When we'd finished, Lou -- Mr. Thor -- asked me to stay a little longer.
When someone in the audience rose and asked how does it feel to be a celebrity, Carl said, `` A celebrity is a fellow who eats celery with celerity ''.
When he was asked a question or addressed in such a way that some response was inescapable, he would answer ; ;
When something unexpected happened, one always asked for water if one were a woman, brandy if one were a man.
When a witness at court was asked if he had been kicked in the ensuing rumpus, he replied, `` No, it was in the stomach ''.
When we repeat the remark that such suffering was a bad thing, the feeling with which we made it last week may be at or near the vanishing point, but if we were asked whether we meant to say what we did before, we should certainly answer Yes.
When asked how this was different from being a good Protestant, the boy answered, `` It's the same thing ''.
When I interviewed Kirby, who as a boy picked up pears in the Borden yard, I asked if anybody else in the household besides Lizzie and Morse had been under any suspicion at the time of the murders.
When Dr. Wallace Buttrick, wise in his judgment of people, declined to have the Science Building named for him, he wrote Miss Tapley ( April 7, 1923 ) `` If you had asked me, I think I would have suggested that you name the building for Miss Upton.
When I asked, `` Why didn't you go into the living room to see how Mrs. Buck was ''??
When the crowd was asked whether it wanted to wait one more term to make the race, it voted no -- and there were no dissents.
When that monk came down and approached him with a respectful salutation, he asked: `` Where art thou from ''??
When asked because of what, Hayakawa is said to have replied: " Words.
::" When it is asked, What is the nature of all our reasonings concerning matter of fact?
When again it is asked, What is the foundation of all our reasonings and conclusions concerning that relation?
When his friend, the British publicist William T. Stead, asked him to create a new organization for the goal of a peace and arbitration society, his reply was as such:
When the students were asked to comment on the accuracy of the test with a rating more than 40 % gave it the top mark of 5 out of 5, and the average rating was 4. 2.
" a Christian ( Minaah ) once asked Abbahu in a tone of mockery, whereupon he replied: " When you will be wrapped in darkness, for it says, ' Behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the nations ; then shall the Lord rise upon thee and His glory shall be seen on thee ' lx. 2 ," ( Sanhedrin 99a ).
When Abdülhamid came to the throne the army asked for gratuities and the sultan claimed that: " There are, no longer, gratuities in our treasury, all of our soldier sons should learn ".
When asked later why he had stopped writing about Greek poetry, he responded, " I found that I could not attain to excellence in both.
When asked by a reporter after getting struck by lightning why they were flying a kite in a thunderstorm, the duo explained that they were inspired by a documentary about Benjamin Franklin.
When asked about the rumor during the launch of her endorsement of FLIRT!
When Ansgar asked if King Olof would permit him to establish the Christian religion in the kingdom during his second visit in 852, the king said to him:

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