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When and pilot
When the U. S. government learned of Powers ' disappearance over the Soviet Union, it issued a cover statement claiming a " weather plane " had strayed off course after its pilot had " difficulties with his oxygen equipment.
When Bin Laden committed to the " planes operation " plot in spring 1999, Bin Laden personally selected Hazmi and Mihdhar to be involved in the plot as pilot hijackers.
When he returned, the pilot had been refashioned as That Was The Week That Was and had made a star of David Frost, something Cook resented.
When Grissom and his pilot John Young were ordered to come up with a new one, they offered Titanic.
When they pull him from the water, they think he is dead, but when he opens his mouth, the pilot has a fit.
When the base's Nazi leader shoots the pilot in order to silence him, Cargraves convenes a trial and find him guilty of murder.
When working on I Wanted Wings ( 1941 ), with Brian Donlevy and William Holden, he went up with a pilot to test a plane for filming.
When they reached Super Six Four, Gordon and Shughart extracted the pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant and the other crew members from the aircraft, and established defensive positions around the crash site.
When asked by the pilot to put the cigar out, LeMay demanded to know why.
When the pilot explained that fumes inside the fuselage could ignite the airplane, LeMay reportedly growled, " It wouldn't dare.
When flying for an airline, pilots are usually referred to as airline pilots, with the pilot in command often referred to as the captain.
When announcing the agreement, Archivist Allen Weinstein said that this pilot program is
When the show first aired in 1972, there were just six paramedic units operating in three pilot programs in the whole of the US, and the term paramedic was essentially unknown.
When landing, ground effect can give the pilot the feeling that the aircraft is " floating ".
When the pilots continue to ask about their transfer applications, Savage tries to enlist a young pilot, Medal of Honor-nominee Lieutenant Jesse Bishop ( Robert Patten ) to help him change their attitudes.
When the Golden Argosy crew is made aware of Guerrero's presence and intentions, Captain Vernon Demerest ( Dean Martin ), acting as a check pilot to evaluate Captain Anson Harris ( Barry Nelson ), goes back into the passenger cabin and tries to persuade Guerrero not to trigger the bomb.
When these one-shot OVAs prove popular enough, a network can use the OVA as a pilot to an anime series, such as with Bleach.
When the war ended in 1945, the base strength had reached a peak of 2, 300 enlisted men, 300 officers, and an average of 250 pilot cadets per class.
When a pilot for an American version of the show was produced, Barrie was invited to reprise his role as Rimmer.
When it is put into a near vertical dive, the lift from the wings and horizontal tail are no longer balanced and cause the aircraft to return to level flight, tracking across the target unless the pilot applies considerable force to keep the nose down, with a corresponding decrease in accuracy.
When handsome US Army Air Service fighter pilot Captain Bart Cosgrove ( John Lund ) flies in to promote a World War I bond drive, he and Jody quickly fall in love, though they have only one night together.
When the pilot chooses to pull up to enter a thermal or to dive to exit a sink area, an uncompensated variometer will include the change in altitude due to the change in velocity in its read-out, thus marring the airmass ' climb or sink rate.
When the glider circles to thermal, the pilot needs to know the glider's vertical speed instead of that of the air mass.
When he was sixteen, Ghazi was taken for his first airplane flight by the American adventurer Richard Halliburton and pilot Moye Stephens.

When and moves
When I say move, a guy moves ''!!
" When the tone poem moves into the blues, " our American friend ... has succumbed to a spasm of homesickness.
When the wind blows horizontally, it presses on and moves the ball ; because ping-pong balls are very lightweight, they move easily in light winds.
When rates move higher, the bond part of a convertible bond tends to move lower, but the call option part of a convertible bond moves higher ( and the aggregate tends to move lower ).
When the price of the stock the bond is convertible into moves higher, the price of the bond tends to rise.
When the particle moves, its velocity is
When the listener moves slightly to the side, however, this phantom channel disappears or is greatly reduced.
When a river is in flood, it is at its most powerful, and moves the greatest amount of sediment.
When the hailstone moves into an area with a high concentration of water droplets, it captures the latter and acquires a translucent layer.
When the piston moves further down and the cylinder doesn't have anymore gases, fuel mixture starts to flow to the combustion chamber and the second process of fuel compression starts.
Operation: When the piston moves from bottom dead center ( BDC ) to top dead center ( TDC ) the fresh air and fuel mixture enters the crank chamber through the intake port.
When a key is depressed, it moves a magnet, which is detected by the solid-state sensor.
" When " Air steps " or " aerials " such as the Hip to Hip, Side Flip, and Over the Back ( the names describe the motion of the woman in the air ) began to appear in 1936, the old guard of dancers such as Leon James, Leroy Jones, and Shorty Snowden disapproved of the new moves.
When the Union of South Africa was founded in 1910 the colony was still controlled by the British and moves were made to transfer it to the Union.
When a body at these points is perturbed, it moves away from the point, but the factor opposite of that which is increased or decreased by the perturbation ( either gravity or angular momentum-induced speed ) will also increase or decrease, bending the object's path into a stable, kidney-bean-shaped orbit around the point ( as seen in the rotating frame of reference ).
When a charged particle moves through a magnetic field B, it feels a Lorentz force F given by the cross product:
" Actor Jack Nicholson once said, " When Marlon dies, everybody moves up one.
When the moon is closer to the earth, it moves faster ; when it is farther, it moves slower.
When León became the first city in Nicaragua to fall to the Sandinistas, he responded with aerial bombardment, famously ordering the air force to " bomb everything that moves until it stops moving.
When you bend backward the top ( base ) of the sacrum moves forward relative to the ilium ; when you bend forward the top moves back.
When the important action shifts to a new position in the frame, the operator moves the scanner to follow it, creating the effect of a " pan " shot.
When the temporal weapon fires on an object, it moves that object outside the space-time continuum, eliminating the object from causality not only in the present and the future, but also the past, changing history to a state where the object never existed.

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