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When and service
When he had given the call a few moments thought, he went into the kitchen to ask Mrs. Yamata to prepare tea and sushi for the visitors, using the formal English china and the silver tea service which had been donated to the mission, then he went outside to inspect the grounds.
When Absalon retired from military service in 1184 at the age of fifty-seven, he resigned the command of fleets and armies to younger men, like Duke Valdemar, the later king Valdemar II.
When Hitler's chief engineer, Fritz Todt, began opening the new autobahn ( highways ) in 1935, many of the bridges and service stations were " bold examples of modernism " – among those submitting designs was Mies van der Rohe.
When the server serves, the shuttlecock must pass over the short service line on the opponents ' court or it will count as a fault.
When a film is primarily about the experience of civilians called into military service and being trained, it may be referred to as a " service comedy ".
When in 1981 François Mitterrand was elected president Denard lost the support of the French intelligence service, but he managed to strengthen the link between SA and the Comoros.
:" When we see leaf-eating insects green, and bark-feeders mottled-grey ; the alpine ptarmigan white in winter, the red-grouse the colour of heather, and the black-grouse that of peaty earth, we must believe that these tints are of service to these birds and insects in preserving them from danger.
When a business is unable to service its debt or pay its creditors, the business or its creditors can file with a federal bankruptcy court for protection under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 11.
When the infant BBC Television service was started in 1936, Rediffusion, which had supplied cable radio services since 1928, started providing " Pipe TV " to its customers who had difficulties tuning into the weak TV broadcast signal.
When Dave Wesely entered the service in 1970, his friend and fellow Napoleonics wargamer Dave Arneson began a medieval variation of Wesely's Braunstein games, where players control individuals instead of armies.
When Donald Campbell was buried in Coniston cemetery on 12 September 2001 she did not attend the service.
When Congress, pressured by the Grand Army of the Republic, passed a bill granting pensions for disabilities not caused by military service, Cleveland also vetoed that.
When both the DSAP and the SSAP are set to the hexadecimal value 0xAA ( or 0xAB, if the low-order bit of the field is set ), the SNAP service is requested.
When the Second World War broke out in 1939, he defied his party's line and volunteered for service.
When the army and navy were formed, the uniforms adopted by each service reflected British military and naval tradition.
When certain events occur, an interrupt system can signal the processor to suspend processing the current instruction sequence and to begin an interrupt service routine ( ISR, or " interrupt handler ").
When network effect is present, the value of a product or service is dependent on the number of others using it.
When he was conscripted into the Army, he decided to join the " Canadian Officers ' Training Corps ", and he then served with the other conscripts in Canada, since they were not assigned to any overseas military service until after the Conscription Crisis of 1944 ( after the Invasion of Normandy that June.
When travelling through several local areas a toll-free service may be preferable.
When a military member is taken prisoner, the Code of Conduct reminds them that the chain of command is still in effect ( the highest ranking service member eligible for command, regardless of service branch, is in command ), and requires them to support their leadership.
When the expense of mechanisms to provide QoS is justified, network customers and providers can enter into a contractual agreement termed a service level agreement ( SLA ) which specifies guarantees for the ability of a network / protocol to give guaranteed performance / throughput / latency bounds based on mutually agreed measures, usually by prioritizing traffic.
When the king would issue a call to leidang, the Viking Age equivalent of military conscript service, a Roden district was responsible for raising a number of ships for the leidang navy.

When and started
When he started school at the age of five-and-a-half, he could not understand why the alphabet begins with the letter A, instead of C, as in the scale.
When Napoleon's ship had borne him to Elba, French wines had started to cross the Channel, the first shipments in a dozen war-ridden years, but the supplies had not yet reached rural hostelries where the sweet wines of the Spanish peninsula still ruled.
When the two cars were equidistant from him, the station wagon started up again and the Ford gathered speed.
When the ballplayers started to carry the catcher off the field he said: `` That ought to teach the sonofabitch ''.
When his brother and his infant son died, Andrew ascended the throne and started to grant royal domains to his partisans.
When people started to study scientifically how to fly, people began to understand the basics of air and aerodynamics.
When the Falcons started playing in a dome, the team switched to their dark uniforms for home games but have worn their white uniforms at home a few times since switching to the dome.
When the Mexican-American War started, Pike joined the cavalry and was commissioned as a troop commander, serving in the Battle of Buena Vista.
Beethoven's friend Anton Schindler, later said: " When he started working on the fourth movement the struggle began as never before.
When she started to illustrate, she chose first the traditional rhymes and stories, " Cinderella ", " Sleeping Beauty ", " Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ", " Puss-in-boots ", and " Red Riding Hood ".
When it started in 1970, the Universal Press Syndicate gave cartoonists a 50-percent share on the ownership of their works, while the Creators Syndicate ( founded in 1987 ) granted artists full rights to the strips, something that Universal Press did in 1990. followed by King Features in 1995, while before 1999 both the Tribune and United Feature services began granting rights to creators over their works ; however the latter three syndicates only applied this to new strips, or to ones popular enough.
When the Polish words and melodies started to become popular, including many new secular pastorals ( pastoralka, or shepherd's songs ), they were not written down originally, but rather taught among people by heart.
When hammerless designs started to become common, the O / U design was introduced, and most modern sporting doubles are O / U designs.
When the Israeli nuclear program started later that decade, a location not far from the city was chosen for the Negev Nuclear Research Center due to its relative isolation in the desert and availability of housing.
When activities are started or finished, EV is accumulated according to the earning rule.
When the United States resumed EVAs on April 7, 1983, astronauts started using an Extravehicular Mobility Unit ( EMU ) for self-contained life support independent of the spacecraft.
When the power supply to the amplifier is first switched on, electronic noise in the circuit provides a signal to get oscillations started.
When the worldwide film boom started, he, and the few other people in the German film business, continued to sell prints of their own films outright, which put them at a disadvantage.
When Douglass was about twelve years old, Hugh Auld's wife Sophia started teaching him the alphabet despite the fact that it was against the law to teach slaves to read.
When the injunction came into force versions later than 5. 5. 10 left the network or were disabled as users started them.
When Bosman was sixteen, he started writing short stories for the national Sunday newspaper ( the Sunday Times ).
When the " Salvador Ibáñez " workshop was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, the " Ibanez Salvador " guitars were no longer available, so Hoshino Gakki bought the " Ibanez Salvador " brand name rights and started making Spanish acoustic guitars in 1935, at first using the " Ibanez Salvador " brand name, and then later using the " Ibanez " brand name.

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