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Page "humor" ¶ 116
from Brown Corpus
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When and witness
When a party calls a hostile witness, an adverse party, or a witness identified with an adverse party, interrogation may be by leading questions.
When the house was ready to pass the Act for dissolution, Mr. Crew who had been as forward as any man in beginning and carrying on the war against the last King, moved, that before they dissolved themselves, they would bear their witness against the horrid murder, as he called it, of the King.
When a witness is presented for testimony in the U. S. judicial system, the order is " direct " testimony, then the opposing attorney does " cross " and then " redirect " from the attorney first offering the witness.
When William refused, Arlington threatened that William would witness the end of the republic's existence.
When a witness's testimony in open court is inconsistent with that given at deposition, a party can introduce the deposition to impeach ( or contradict ) the witness.
When Newt's decision to come forward as a witness leads to Booker's death, Marcus ambushes and confronts Newt with a gun – resulting in a vicious fight.
When Buffy rejects his advances, Spike attempts to prove his love by kidnapping her so that she can witness him killing Drusilla for her, to little avail ; in her disgust, Buffy un-invites him from her house ( something she had not bothered to do in the almost three years since their alliance against Angelus ) and alienates him from the group.
When a witness is asked a question, the opposing attorney can raise an objection, which is a legal move to disallow an improper question, preferably before the witness answers, and mentioning one of the standard reasons, including:
When Rundstedt learned that he was not to be tried personally at Nuremberg, he wrote to the Tribunal asking permission to appear as a defence witness for the Army high command.
When a witness refused to answer the question to his satisfaction he would often ask the judge to " admonish the witness to answer the question ".
When the promised Royal Commission of Inquiry arrived in Palestine in November, al-Husseini testified before it as chief witness for the Arabs.
When the Japanese surrendered, a large flotilla entered Tokyo Bay to witness the formal ceremony conducted on the battleship, on which officials from the Japanese government signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender.
When Pioneer 2 arrives, however, they witness an enormous explosion on Ragol's surface and find that the colony's entire population has apparently vanished.
When a mortal goes into the region of the dead, the deity of the Sun bears witness to all his acts.
When Knight started treating him with disrespect, Leibowitz leapt to his feet and said, " Now listen, Mr. Attorney-General, I've warned you twice about your treatment of my witness.
When Túrin is accused of murder, Beleg searches out and produces at the last moment a witness who can testify to extenuating circumstances.
When one witness, an apothecary, used a particularly complex medical phrase, Abbott shouted that he should " Speak English sir, if you can, or I must swear in an interpreter ".
When he appeared as a witness, the defendant claimed that after giving an unknown man a lift, he had found that he was running out of petrol and had asked the passenger to take the spare can in the car and fill up the fuel tank.
However, the early 20th century historian Philip Wicksteed stated of Villani, " When dealing with his own times, and with events immediately connected with Florence, he is a trustworthy witness, but minute accuracy is never his strong point ; and in dealing with distant times and places he is hopelessly unreliable.
When Latimer is hit with the realization that he is facing Sherlock Holmes and has left a witness alive, he attempts to leave the train by the compartment door but is struck by an oncoming train.

When and at
When his eyes began to focus, he saw Jess charging at him with a pitchfork.
When she appeared at the store to help out for a few hours even my looking at her was surreptitious lest my Uncle notice it.
When she would do these things, he would turn blind for an instant and become sick at his stomach.
When he started school at the age of five-and-a-half, he could not understand why the alphabet begins with the letter A, instead of C, as in the scale.
When I mentioned that for my first long voyage I did not even have the money for the return fare, but had trusted to luck that I would earn a sufficient amount, the young people looked at me doubtingly.
When the Revolution broke out, he, along with Jefferson and Jay, abandoned his career at the bar, with considerable financial sacrifice.
She used to tell me, `` When I stand there and look at the flag blowing this way and that way, I have the wonderful, safe feeling that Americans are protected no matter which way the wind blows ''.
When we turn to Aristotle's ideas on the moral measure of literature, it is at once apparent that he is at times equally concerned about the influence of the art.
When Quiney and William Parsons wrote to Greville in 1593 asking his consent in the election for bailiff, they sent the letter to Mr. William Sawnders, attendant on the worshipful Mr. Thomas Bushell at Marston.
When he came home from his office at the end of the afternoon, Breasted never knew what gathering he should expect to find, but there almost always was one.
There is, of course, nothing new about dystopias, for they belong to a literary tradition which, including also the closely related satiric utopias, stretches from at least as far back as the eighteenth century and Swift's Gulliver's Travels to the twentieth century and Zamiatin's We, Capek's War With The Newts, Huxley's Brave New World, E. M. Forster's `` The Machine Stops '', C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength, and Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and which in science fiction is represented before the present deluge as early as Wells's trilogy, The Time Machine, `` A Story Of The Days To Come '', and When The Sleeper Wakes, and as recently as Jack Williamson's `` With Folded Hands '' ( 1947 ), the classic story of men replaced by their own robots.
When he was 15, his parents finally allowed him to attend classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
When the knife went into his chest, he went down at once.
When Peter had reached his majority at eighteen??
When he was going to town, nothing was good enough -- he had cursed at Winston once for leaving a fleck of polish on his shoelace.
When the whole bottom has hardened, use a disk sander to feather the edges of the cloth at the keel line and near the spray rail.
When I arrived at Viola's I was shown, to my surprise, into the kitchen.
When it was worn in the breast, or even on the sleeve, we at least knew where it was ''.
When we look at countries like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Burma, where substantial progress has been made in creating a minimum supply of modern men and of social overhead capital, and where institutions of centralized government exist, we find a second category of countries with a different set of problems and hence different priorities for policy.
When this proposal was made, Stalin spoke with stronger emotion than at any other time during the Conference.
When we repeat the remark that such suffering was a bad thing, the feeling with which we made it last week may be at or near the vanishing point, but if we were asked whether we meant to say what we did before, we should certainly answer Yes.
When the patient was not allowed to move his body in any way at all, the following striking results occurred.

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