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Some Related Sentences

When and asked
When I asked him what, if anything, I could do about it, he surprised me by referring me to the director of the hall.
Joyce went on, `` When we'd finished, Lou -- Mr. Thor -- asked me to stay a little longer.
When someone in the audience rose and asked how does it feel to be a celebrity, Carl said, `` A celebrity is a fellow who eats celery with celerity ''.
When he was asked a question or addressed in such a way that some response was inescapable, he would answer ; ;
When something unexpected happened, one always asked for water if one were a woman, brandy if one were a man.
When a witness at court was asked if he had been kicked in the ensuing rumpus, he replied, `` No, it was in the stomach ''.
When a customer asked for alligator shoes, she said, `` What size is your alligator ''??
When we repeat the remark that such suffering was a bad thing, the feeling with which we made it last week may be at or near the vanishing point, but if we were asked whether we meant to say what we did before, we should certainly answer Yes.
When asked how this was different from being a good Protestant, the boy answered, `` It's the same thing ''.
When I interviewed Kirby, who as a boy picked up pears in the Borden yard, I asked if anybody else in the household besides Lizzie and Morse had been under any suspicion at the time of the murders.
When Dr. Wallace Buttrick, wise in his judgment of people, declined to have the Science Building named for him, he wrote Miss Tapley ( April 7, 1923 ) `` If you had asked me, I think I would have suggested that you name the building for Miss Upton.
When I asked, `` Why didn't you go into the living room to see how Mrs. Buck was ''??
When the crowd was asked whether it wanted to wait one more term to make the race, it voted no -- and there were no dissents.
When that monk came down and approached him with a respectful salutation, he asked: `` Where art thou from ''??
When asked because of what, Hayakawa is said to have replied: " Words.
::" When it is asked, What is the nature of all our reasonings concerning matter of fact?
When again it is asked, What is the foundation of all our reasonings and conclusions concerning that relation?
When his friend, the British publicist William T. Stead, asked him to create a new organization for the goal of a peace and arbitration society, his reply was as such:
When the students were asked to comment on the accuracy of the test with a rating more than 40 % gave it the top mark of 5 out of 5, and the average rating was 4. 2.
" a Christian ( Minaah ) once asked Abbahu in a tone of mockery, whereupon he replied: " When you will be wrapped in darkness, for it says, ' Behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the nations ; then shall the Lord rise upon thee and His glory shall be seen on thee ' lx. 2 ," ( Sanhedrin 99a ).
When Abdülhamid came to the throne the army asked for gratuities and the sultan claimed that: " There are, no longer, gratuities in our treasury, all of our soldier sons should learn ".
When asked later why he had stopped writing about Greek poetry, he responded, " I found that I could not attain to excellence in both.
When asked by a reporter after getting struck by lightning why they were flying a kite in a thunderstorm, the duo explained that they were inspired by a documentary about Benjamin Franklin.
When asked about the rumor during the launch of her endorsement of FLIRT!
When Ansgar asked if King Olof would permit him to establish the Christian religion in the kingdom during his second visit in 852, the king said to him:

When and explain
When trying to explain past phenomena, palaeontologists and other historical scientists often construct a set of hypotheses about the causes and then look for a smoking gun, a piece of evidence that indicates that one hypotheses is a better explanation than others.
Examples in which the punned words typically exist in two different parts of speech often rely on unusual sentence construction, as in the anecdote: " When asked to explain his large number of children, the pig answered simply: ' The wild oats of my sow gave us many piglets.
When a BBC reporter asked Powell to explain his defeat, he replied: " My opponent polled more votes than me ".
When examined from the standpoint of gene selection, many biological phenomena that, in prior models, were difficult to explain become easier to understand.
When Terah returned, he demanded that Abram explain what he'd done.
" When the Soviet premier himself visited China the following year, Mao again asked him to explain what a joint fleet was.
:" When I first put pen to paper to write The Golden Bough I had no conception of the magnitude of the voyage on which I was embarking ; I thought only to explain a single rule of an ancient Italian priesthood.
" When asked to explain her intentions in a 1991 Melody Maker interview, Sadier responded that " Basically I want to change the world.
When Wolsey fell from the king's favour in that year, Leland appears to have sought the patronage of Thomas Cromwell, a relationship which would help explain his rising fortunes over the next few years.
When asked to comment on this apparent breach of federal regulations, the FDA answered that such " reductionist statements " are acceptable to explain the neurochemistry of depression " to the fraction of the public that functions at no higher than a 6th-grade reading level.
When the police pull him out of the water, they cannot explain how he could sink to the bottom when he was not weighted down ( normally, a body would float ), nor could they explain the car nearby the pool.
* When God invites Memnoch to Heaven to explain his disturbance of the natural order of creation, Memnoch persuades God to allow him to find souls who are suitable for Heaven.
When he picked up his own household phone his assistant had to explain what the strange noise was, as well as how to use a rotary dial phone.
When confronted with the phenomena described, some researchers, including Rivail, pointed out that animal magnetism might explain them.
When he expresses doubts to Susan and attempts to explain that he is really a child, she interprets this as fear of commitment on his part, and dismisses his explanation in frustration.
When his mother, Henriette Barthes, died in 1977 he began writing Camera Lucida as an attempt to explain the unique significance a picture of her as a child carried for him.
When the brothers began to receive a large number of phone calls from people in United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere, demanding that they disinfect their machines, they were stunned and tried to explain to the outraged callers that their motivation had not been malicious.
" Henson went on to explain that " When you edit a film with somebody else you have to compromise.
When asked to explain his new stance on homosexuality by gay sannyasins, Osho further reinforced his view by stating that according to him, " as a homosexual, you are not even a human being [...].
Marian Goodell, board member and head of communication, addressed concerns about the lack of transparency with this statement:When you ’ re in the middle of a storm, if you ’ re going to explain all of how you got there, and how you ’ re going to get out, it often sets more panic among the survivors than if you just sail the boat out of the darkness .”
This could also explain why an open mouth stops the experience of alien voices: When the patient opens their mouth, the inner speech motor movements are not planned in the first place.
: When Sarvik returned, he demanded the Kalevide explain himself.
Clarke and Olson were roommates, and their apartment, known by comedians as " The Barracks ", was a notorious " crash pad " for comics visiting Boston, and the subject of a documentary film as Clarke and Leary explain in When Standup Stood Out.
When Minkow couldn't explain the checks, Ernst & Whinney resigned as ZZZZ Best's auditor, but did not inform the SEC of its suspicions until a month later.

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