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When and depictions
When the Bronze Age site at Knossos was excavated by explorer Arthur Evans, he found various bull motifs, including an image of a man leaping over the horns of a bull, as well as depictions of a labrys carved into the walls.
When Lugosi reprised his role as Dracula for the 1931 Universal Studios motion picture version of the play, he retained the cloak as part of his outfit, which made such a strong impression that cloaks came to be equated with " Count " Vladislav Dracula in nearly all non-historical media depictions of him.
When female undergraduates were exposed to depictions of thin women their body satisfaction decreased, but rose when exposed to larger models.
When parliament resumed, he introduced a private member's bill designed to prevent persons convicted of serious crimes ( and their relatives and collaborators ) from receiving any financial benefit resulting from artistic depictions of their acts.
When questioned about his lifelike depictions, Jagger remarked to The Daily Express newspaper that the " experience in the trenches persuaded me of the necessity for frankness and truth ".

When and lesbians
When early sexologists in the late 19th century began to categorize and describe homosexual behavior, hampered by a lack of knowledge about lesbianism or women's sexuality, they distinguished lesbians as women who did not adhere to female gender roles and designated them mentally ill.
When they decided to make it a regular meeting, they became the first organization for lesbians in the U. S., titled the Daughters of Bilitis ( DOB ).
When the MCB boycotted Holocaust Memorial Day, partly because it included a commemoration of the gay victims of Nazism, Tatchell wrote that " the only thing that is consistent about the MCB is its opposition to the human rights of lesbians and gay men ".
When Lee was 15, her parents split up and Lee ran away from home, for a time living on the street before eventually living with a " community of lesbians and artists ".
When Michela and Jesse flipped the lights back on, both aisles were lined with seventeen lesbians wearing their Lavender Menace T-shirts and holding the placards we had made.

When and began
When his eyes began to focus, he saw Jess charging at him with a pitchfork.
When he was eight he began violin lessons.
When Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen began their collaboration in 1940, Mercer, like Arlen, had several substantial film songs to his credit, among them `` Hooray For Hollywood '', `` Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride '', `` Have You Got Any Castles, Baby??
When Thompson and her daughter began a correspondence which included fervent verses from Pantasaph, Mrs. King felt a proper Victorian alarm.
When the young biologist, Dr. Ballard, began to show interest in our daughter Elizabeth, this induced a corresponding interest, on our part, in him.
When the negotiations began, his quarrel with the king of France was temporarily in abeyance, and he had no intention of reviving it so long as there was hope that French money would come to pay the troops who, under Charles of Valois, the papal vicar of Tuscany, were so valuable in the crusade against the Colonna cardinals and their Sicilian allies.
When the algae began to build up again, the effluent BOD rose.
When the Korean war began, on June 25, 1950, the anniversary of the day Custer had gone down fighting at the Little Big Horn and the day the regiment had assaulted the beachhead of Leyte during World War 2,, the 7th Cavalry was not in the best fighting condition.
When the winter tour began at Los Angeles last January there was no one in sight to challenge Palmer's towering prestige.
When dam construction began in 1933, fewer than 600 boats used these waters ; ;
When a fisherman brought her up in his arms, still, small, as if she were a child asleep, I began to shudder with a terrible excitement, almost triumphant, that I still cannot account for.
When it became apparent that Johnson would lose his seat, an effort began by ally George W. Jones to put forward Johnson's name for governor.
When people started to study scientifically how to fly, people began to understand the basics of air and aerodynamics.
When blacks began singing adapted versions of these hymns, they were called Negro spirituals.
When the North Tower was struck at 8: 46 a. m., many executives began evacuating their employees from the upper floors of the South Tower.
When Sultan Murad V began to show signs of paranoia, madness and continuous fainting and vomiting even on the day of his coronation and threw himself into a pool yelling at his guards to protect his life, they were afraid the public would become outraged and revolt to bring the former Sultan back.
When emulators of 1980s video game consoles began to appear on home computers in the late 1990s, the Atari 7800 was one of the last to be emulated.
When the original digital signature generating software was turned over to the Atari community, development of new Atari 7800 titles began.
When the trade association began, it had seven members and its main goal was to eliminate all duties and restrictions on the majority of their trade within 12 years.
Beethoven's friend Anton Schindler, later said: " When he started working on the fourth movement the struggle began as never before.
When pro-reform forces came into power in the spring 1997, an ambitious economic reform package, including introduction of a currency board regime, was agreed to with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and the economy began to stabilise.
When pro-reform forces came into power in the spring 1997, an ambitious economic reform package, including introduction of a currency board regime, was agreed to with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and the economy began to stabilise.
When Hitler's chief engineer, Fritz Todt, began opening the new autobahn ( highways ) in 1935, many of the bridges and service stations were " bold examples of modernism " – among those submitting designs was Mies van der Rohe.
When Selig was only three, Marie began taking him and his older brother, Jerry, to Borchert Field, where the minor league Milwaukee Brewers played.
When the Luftwaffe began bombing Moscow, Pasternak immediately began to serve as a fire warden on the roof of the writer's building on Lavrushinski Street.

When and surface
When sufficiently accurate and complete measurements are available, it will be possible to set limits on the thermal and electrical characteristics of the surface and subsurface materials of the moon.
When problems with poor control at high speed were first encountered, they were addressed by designing a new style of control surface with more power.
When dry, acrylic paint is generally non-removable from a solid surface.
When surface to air missiles became capable of hitting high flying aircraft bombers, bombers used flight at low altitude to evade radar detection.
When evaluating a coin, the following — often subjective — factors may be considered: 1 ) " eye appeal " or the aesthetic interest of the coin ; 2 ) dents on the rim ; 3 ) unsightly scratches or other blemishes on the surface of the coin ; 4 ) luster ; 5 ) toning ; 6 ) level of detail retained, where a coin with full details obviously is valued higher than one with worn details.
When metal ions are reduced from ionic solution, they form a pure metal surface on the cathode.
When particles in a beam are thrown against a foil made of a certain substance, the cross section is a hypothetical area measure around the target particles of the substance ( usually its atoms ) that represents a surface.
When the angle θ does not satisfy the above condition, the horizontal component of force exerted by the road does not provide the correct centripetal force, and an additional frictional force tangential to the road surface is called upon to provide the difference.
When the magma approaches the surface of the Earth, the rapid off-loading of overlying material causes the trapped gases to decompress rapidly, thus triggering explosive destruction of the magma and spreading volcanic ash over wide areas.
When EM radiation at the frequences for which it is referred to as " radio waves " impinges upon a conductor, it couples to the conductor, travels along it, and induces an electric current on the surface of the conductor by moving the electrons of the conducting material in correlated bunches of charge.
When the umbra does not reach the surface of the Earth, the Sun is only partially occulted, resulting in an annular eclipse.
When wet, the oil tends to float to the surface of the roads making them very slippery and dangerous.
When swimming, the thorax would be weighed down by the front legs, making it difficult for the animal to move its neck and legs in harmony or keep its head above the surface.
When the cannon was fired through the touchhole, turbulence from the initial surface combustion caused the rest of the powder to be rapidly exposed to the flame.
When the stone hits the surface of the water, a circular pattern of waves appears.
When jewelry containing diamonds is heated ( for repairs ) the diamond should be protected with boracic acid ; otherwise the diamond ( which is pure carbon ) could be burned on the surface or even burned completely up.
When jewelry containing sapphires or rubies is heated, it should not be coated with boracic acid or any other substance, as this can etch the surface ; they do not have to be " protected " like a diamond.
When using an injection port, the syringe needle always stays above the surface of the skin, thus reducing the number of skin punctures associated with intensive insulinotheraphy.
When the surface glycosaminoglycan ( GAG ) layer is damaged ( via a urinary tract infection ( UTI ), excessive consumption of coffee or sodas, traumatic injury, etc.
When issues were thoroughly vetted, then the best ideas would bubble to the surface.
When a key is pressed, the foil tightly clings to the surface of the PC board, forming a daisy chain of two capacitors between contact pads and itself separated with thin soldermask, and thus " shorting " the contact pads with an easily detectable drop of capacitive reactance between them.
When cut open, lithium exhibits a metallic luster, but contact with moist air corrodes the surface quickly to a dull silvery gray, then black tarnish.
When this angle is exceeded, photons no longer penetrate the semiconductor but are instead reflected both internally inside the semiconductor crystal and externally off the surface of the crystal as if it were a mirror.
When full, a notable phenomenon is that around midday the lake surface can often become very flat.

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