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When and done
When Nan Patterson, a stunning and money-minded chorus girl who had appeared in a Floradora road show, rode down Broadway in a hansom cab with her married lover, Frank Young, she stopped the cab to disclose that Young had been shot dead, tearfully insisting that he had shot himself although experts said he could not have done so.
When the captives arrived in Boston, `` the chaplain ( of their captors ) went to prayers in the open streets, that the people might take notice what they had done in a holy manner, and in the name of the Lord ''.
When everything had been done, Rector went back to his desk to occupy himself with his monthly report until three o'clock.
When it is done between races or nations, it is called making a treaty.
When he comes to his senses, covered in blood, and realizes what he has done, with diminished honor he decides that he prefers to kill himself rather than to live in shame.
When Amphitryon finally returned to Thebes, Alcmene told him that he had come the night before and slept with her ; he learned from Tiresias what Zeus had done.
When a bow is used, the muscles are able to perform work much more slowly, resulting in greater force and greater work done.
When Gianfranco Fini visited Israel in late November 2003 in the function of Italian Deputy Prime Minister, he labeled the racial laws issued by the fascist regime in 1938 as " infamous ", as also Giorgio Almirante, historic leader of MSI, had done before.
When this is done with clay it is known as puddling.
When this is done, the model radius still decreases with mass, but becomes zero at M < sub > limit </ sub >.
] When he had done eating, he usually took a Kind of Chocolate, made after the Manner of the Country, that is, the Substance of the Nut beat up with the Mill till the Cup was filled more with Froth than with Liquor ; after which he used to smoak Tobacco perfum'd with liquid Amber.
When Pissarro returned to his home in France after the war, he discovered that of the 1, 500 paintings he had done over 20 years, which he was forced to leave behind when he moved to London, only 40 remained.
:* When is pressed, a " message " from the flag register tells the permanent memory that the operation to be done is " addition ".
When he came out of the trance state he would be unaware of anything he had said or done.
When asked, Earnhardt said that vacating the No. 3 car was the hardest thing he'd ever done.
When the work was done, the artist, waving his wings, found himself buoyed upward and hung suspended, poising himself on the beaten air.
When a system, for example, n moles of a gas of volume V at pressure p and temperature T, is created or brought to its present state from absolute zero, energy must be supplied equal to its internal energy U plus pV, where pV is the work done in pushing against the ambient ( atmospheric ) pressure.
When animals or people free-run, experiments can be done to see what sort of signals, known as zeitgebers, are effective in entrainment.
For instance, in two studies by the American Mosaic Project, racial inequality in the United States was framed as either “ Black Disadvantage ” or “ White Privilege .” When the term “ black disadvantage ” was used to describe racial inequality, white participants felt less collectively responsible for the harm done to the out-group, which lessened collective guilt.
When he identified himself as " Carver's George ," as he had done his whole life, she replied that from now on his name was " George Carver ".
" When Taji kills the old priest holding Yillah captive, he states " remorse smote me hard ; and like lightning I asked myself whether the death deed I had done was sprung of virtuous motive, the rescuing of a captive from thrall, or whether beneath the pretense I had engaged in this fatal affray for some other selfish purpose, the companionship of a beautiful maid.
When he thought an actor, director, or a movie studio had done something shoddy, he spoke up about it and was willing to be quoted.
When in 1276 they became the souvereign of the town also, they moved their residence there, while the administration of the diocese was done from nearby Köslin ( Koszalin ).
When all of the tasks are done at the same time, however, it is possible to reduce the latency to the length of the longest task.
When, for example, we use a verb to function as the action done by a subject, many languages require conjugating the verb to reflect that meaning.

When and carelessly
When she pays him a call at his request, he shows her to a table on which many packets of the finest silk stockings are piled up, apparently carelessly.
When he carelessly throws a rock to vent his frustration, he inadvertently knocks out a man, who falls on the track and is run over by a train.
When the coin is carelessly dropped later in the scene, the brother is amazed to discover that it has, indeed, landed on its edge and become stuck inside a small crack in the asphalt.
When one of her husband's staffers carelessly revealed to her that Wallace had discussed her cancer with them, but not her, during his 1962 campaign three years earlier, she was outraged.
Elissa refused to reply and just stated carelessly: " When someone compares me to a car, is there anything left for me to say ?".
When he tried to swim out again he found that bags of cement carelessly slung from above had blocked his exit.

When and point
When disruptive change has penetrated to the third level of social order, the process of disruption rapidly reaches a point of no return.
When we repeat the remark that such suffering was a bad thing, the feeling with which we made it last week may be at or near the vanishing point, but if we were asked whether we meant to say what we did before, we should certainly answer Yes.
When was the turning point??
When he built his first steel plant, he made a point of naming it after Thomson.
When the signal drive to the amplifier is increased, the output also increases until a point is reached where some part of the amplifier becomes saturated and cannot produce any more output ; this is called clipping, and results in distortion.
When a player is genuinely deceived, he will often lose the point immediately because he cannot change his direction quickly enough to reach the shuttlecock.
When removing checkers from the board (" bearing off "), the exact roll must be used unless a die is greater than any checker can use to bear off ; in that case the die is played by taking a checker from the highest-numbered point off the board.
When the working liquid is water and the bain-marie is used at sea level, the maximum temperature of the material in the lower container will not exceed 100 degrees Celsius ( 212 F ), the boiling point of water at sea level.
When the Confucian advisers pressed their point, Li Ssu had many Confucian scholars killed and their books burned — considered a huge blow to the philosophy and Chinese scholarship.
When a body is acted upon by external contact forces, internal contact forces are then transmitted from point to point inside the body to balance their action, according to Newton's second law of motion of conservation of linear momentum and angular momentum ( for continuous bodies these laws are called the Euler's equations of motion ).
Ancient resources as well as recent archaeological evidence suggest that, at one point, Caligula had the palace extended to annex this structure. When several kings came to Rome to pay their respects to him and argued about their nobility of descent, he cried out " Let there be one Lord, one King ".
When that daughter proves genetically undesirable, Mohiam kills her and returns to Harkonnen for a second try ; at this point he drugs and viciously rapes her.
When the DNS resolver gets a PTR ( reverse-lookup ) request, it begins by querying the root servers ( which point to The American Registry For Internet Numbers ' ( ARIN's ) servers for the < tt > 208. in-addr. arpa </ tt > zone ).
When this state is needed, i. e., when it is decided by a database administrator to bring the database back to this state ( e. g., by specifying this state by a desired point in time when the database was in this state ), these files are utilized to restore that state.
When multiple structures are aligned with each other, such as buildings along a street, the horizontal tops and bottoms of the structures will all typically converge at a vanishing point.
When both the fronts and sides of a building are drawn, then the parallel lines forming a side converge at a second point along the horizon ( which may be off the drawing paper.
When the mind gets to a certain point, they can see through all the lies that they've been programmed to believe.
# The breaking point: When a subject begins to listen to the deprogrammer ; when reality begins to take precedence over ideology.
When b is zero and A ≠ 0 the origin is an equilibrium ( or singular ) point of the flow, that is, if x < sub > 0 </ sub > = 0, then the orbit remains there.
When the eigenvalues of J are not in the unit circle, the dynamics near the fixed point x < sub > 0 </ sub > of F is called hyperbolic and when the eigenvalues are on the unit circle and complex, the dynamics is called elliptic.
When the eccentricity is 0 the foci coincide with the center point and the figure is a circle.
When the word " estimator " is used without a qualifier, it usually refers to point estimation.
When a new segment producer edits footage of Brooke out of a story in I Disease ( series 3 ), she becomes upset to the point where she demands that the producer be fired for it.
When this is stored using the IEEE 754 encoding, this becomes the significand s with e = 1 ( where s is assumed to have a binary point to the right of the first bit ) after a left-adjustment ( or normalization ) during which leading or trailing zeros are truncated should there be any.

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