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from Brown Corpus
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When and attended
When he graduated from Abu-Hanifa, he attended Kabul University to study Islamic Law and Theology, graduating in 1963.
When Deng first attended school
When Mary was in her thirties, she attended a reunion with Edward and Elizabeth for Christmas 1550, where 13-year-old Edward embarrassed Mary, and reduced both her and himself to tears in front of the court, by publicly reproving her for ignoring his laws regarding worship.
When he was fourteen, Crowe's family moved back to New Zealand, where he ( along with his brother Terry ) attended Auckland Grammar School with cousins Martin Crowe and Jeff Crowe.
When the Bradbury family moved to Los Angeles, California in 1934, Bradbury attended Los Angeles High School and was active in the drama club.
When he attended the University of Leeds as a visiting undergraduate, he organized weekly demonstrations outside a Bradford dance hall which refused to admit Blacks.
When the actor had attended the audition for Walter Skinner, he had been in a grumpy mood and had allowed his small amount of hair to grow back.
When she attended Mass being celebrated in the royal chapel at Holyrood Palace five days later, this prompted a protest in which one of her servants was jostled.
When he was six years old, Quinn attended a Catholic church ( even thinking he wanted to become a priest ).
When she was three, Hunt's family moved to New York City, where her father directed theatre ( Hunt attended plays as a child several times a week ).
When Mary attended the coronation, she became the first British dowager queen to do so.
When the book was published It took hold among the new left, especially among students on college campuses, such as Brandeis, the school where Hoffman had earlier attended.
When she was 8, at her aunt's behest, Baez attended a concert by folk musician Pete Seeger, and found herself strongly moved by his music.
When he was ten years old, his mother married John Bukalo and they moved to Little Falls, New Jersey, where he attended Passaic Valley Regional High School.
When Robert-Houdin first opened his theatre, it was sparsely attended.
When Uncle Remus returns to the plantation with the children, Sally meets them on the way and is angry at Johnny for not having attended his own birthday party.
When Bothwell married Lady Jean Gordon, daughter of the 4th Earl of Huntly, in February 1566, the Queen attended the wedding ( the marriage lasted just over a year ).
When his editor, Mr. Hennessy ( Hartley Power ), asks why he is late, Joe lies to him ; he claims to have attended the press conference for the princess.
When the opera came to London three years later, Hardy himself attended the premier, at the age of 69.
When ambassadors from Emperor Zara Yaqob attended the Council of Florence in 1441, they were confused when council prelates insisted on referring to their monarch as Prester John.
When sales jobs grew scarce during World War I, Long attended seminary classes at Oklahoma Baptist University at the urging of his mother, a devout Baptist.
When he was five, his family moved to Manchester, New Hampshire, where he attended Manchester Central High School.
When Winfield joined the Toronto Blue Jays, he learned teammate David Wells was one of the " Winfield kids " who attended Padres games.
When he died in January 1998, his funeral, held in the chapel of Lambuth University, was attended by musicians including Ricky Skaggs, Johnny Rivers, Wynonna Judd, Sam Phillips, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rufus Thomas, Garth Brooks and George Harrison.

When and Christian
`` When and if it can do so without jeopardizing constitutional and statutory tax-exemption privileges essential to the maintenance of its educational program and facilities, Emory University will consider applications of persons desiring to study or work at the University without regard to race, color or creed, continuing university policy that all applications shall be considered on the basis of intellectual and moral standards and other criteria designed to assure the orderly and effective conduct of the university and the fulfillment of its mission as an institution of Christian higher education ''.
`` When you stand up in public and take vows to strive to set an example before your children and to teach them the fundamentals of the Christian faith, you strive a little harder to uphold those vows '', explains the slender vice president of the young couples Sunday school class.
When we say that a mythological mode of thought must be completely abandoned, we mean it must be abandoned as the sole or proper means for presenting the Christian understanding of existence.
When they fall by the wayside and fail to achieve Christian stature, it is an indictment of the Church.
When the Roman Empire turned Christian during the following century, this imagery came to be used in a more metaphysical sense, and removed legal impediments to the development and public use of the Anno Domini dating system, which came into general use during the reign of Charlemagne.
" a Christian ( Minaah ) once asked Abbahu in a tone of mockery, whereupon he replied: " When you will be wrapped in darkness, for it says, ' Behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the nations ; then shall the Lord rise upon thee and His glory shall be seen on thee ' lx. 2 ," ( Sanhedrin 99a ).
When Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson addressed Christian themes at the Republican National Convention – with Bush criticizing Democrats for omitting God from their platform – many moderates were alienated.
When Ansgar asked if King Olof would permit him to establish the Christian religion in the kingdom during his second visit in 852, the king said to him:
When they have a proven record of healing, they may submit their names for publication in the directory of practitioners and teachers in the Christian Science Journal.
When a funeral procession passes by the two girls and Laura begins singing a hymn, Carmilla bursts out in rage and scolds Laura for singing a Christian song.
When the church was founded by Saint Mark during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero, a great multitude of native Egyptians ( as opposed to Greeks or Jews ) embraced the Christian faith.
When Ferdinand died, Sancho continued to enlarge his territory, conquering both Christian and the Moorish cities of Zamora and Badajoz.
When a new student, a rebellious outsider named Jason Dean ( Christian Slater ), or J. D.
When the Christian church split in 1054 between the East and Rome, the region of southern Albania retained its ties to Constantinople while the north reverted to the jurisdiction of Rome.
When guitarist Charlie Christian used the amplified electric guitar to improvise horn-like, single-line melodies in the jazz context, jazz and blues musicians became interested in the potential of the louder, new electric guitar.
When astrologers predicted that his own son would some day become a Christian, Abenner had the young prince Josaphat isolated from external contact.
When Paul the Deacon wrote the Historia between 787 and 796 he was a Catholic monk and devoted Christian.
When Marcos was overthrown in the People Power Revolution, other parties appeared, such as Partido Nacionalista ng Pilipinas, Lakas ng Bansa, National Union of Christian Democrats, and Philippine Democratic Socialist Party.
The emphasis on the salvific nature of the Resurrection continued in Christian theology in the next centuries, e. g., in the 8th century Saint John of Damascus wrote that: "... When he had freed those who were bound from the beginning of time, Christ returned again from among the dead, having opened for us the way to resurrection " and Christian iconography of the ensuing years represented that concept.
When this had been written down on paper, the mayor of the city delivered the keys to the city on Södermalm and Christian held his grand entry.
When the surviving stories were written, Ireland had been Christian for centuries, and the Tuatha Dé were represented as mortal kings, queens and heroes of the distant past ; however there are many clues to their former divine status.
When a copy of his paradigm shifting " The Obedience of a Christian Man " fell into the hands of Henry VIII, the king found the rationale to break the Church in England from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534.
When a year had passed he was recalled and kept practically a prisoner in his own villa, in expectation of severer measures after a new and more stringent imperial edict arrived, demanding the execution of all Christian clerics, according to reports of it by Christian writers.

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