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When and briefly
When I try to work out my reasons for feeling that this passage is of critical significance, I come up with the following ideas, which I shall express very briefly here and revert to in a later essay.
When he turns briefly to literary style, in the Third Book, he again looks to the effect on the audience.
When Jackson returned briefly to England in 1889 to marry, Housman was not invited to the wedding and knew nothing about it until the couple had left the country.
When Clampett was promoted to director in 1937, Jones was assigned to his unit ; the Clampett unit was briefly assigned to work with Jones ' old employer, Ub Iwerks, when Iwerks subcontracted four cartoons to Schlesinger in 1937.
When he graduated, he briefly attempted a law career in Philadelphia.
When considering human-powered equipment, a healthy human can produce about 1. 2 hp briefly ( see orders of magnitude ) and sustain about 0. 1 hp indefinitely ; trained athletes can manage up to about 2. 5 hp briefly
When using POP, clients typically connect to the e-mail server briefly, only as long as it takes to download new messages.
When the Justice Society's forced attempt to stop them by sending Hawkman and Captain Marvel against them met with failure and resulted in Superman and Batman briefly infiltrating the White House, Luthor, in an enraged and desperate gambit after Superman's rapid defeats of his plans, used a variant combination of the " super-steroid " Venom ( a chemical associated with the Batman villain Bane ), liquid synthetic Kryptonite, and an Apokoliptian battlesuit to fight Superman directly.
When Menzies was forced to resign as Prime Minister, the UAP was so bereft of leadership that Fadden briefly succeeded him ( despite the Country Party being the junior partner in the governing coalition ).
When given the opportunity to visit his father's Georgia grave, he remained there only briefly, yet while as president of Washington College, he defended his father in a biographical sketch while editing Light Horse Harry's memoirs.
When the federation collapsed in 1962, following Jamaica's withdrawal, a smaller federation was briefly attempted.
When the San Francisco Chronicle canceled Zippy briefly in 2002, the newspaper received thousands of letters of protest, including one from Robert Crumb, who called Zippy " by far the very best daily comic strip that exists in America.
When Willow eventually exhibits what power she has, it briefly frightens Kennedy.
When James Best briefly boycotted the show during the mid-second season, he was temporarily replaced several " one off " Sheriffs, the longest standing being Sheriff Grady Bird, played by Dick Sargent, who appeared in two episodes (" Jude Emery " and " Officer Daisy Duke ").
When being interrogated, the scientist briefly mentions Gruinard Island and how it will be uninhabitable for a century due to anthrax experiments.
When a third water tower was built next to the Okemah, Oklahoma set of Hot and Cold towers, the town briefly considered naming it " Running ", but eventually decided to use " Home of Woody Guthrie ".
When the Warner Bros. animation studio briefly outsourced cartoon production to DePatie-Freleng Enterprises ( DFE ) in the 1960s, Daffy Duck became an antagonist ( or inconsistent friend ) in several Speedy Gonzales cartoons.
When Leonard Nimoy finally agreed to reprise Spock, his Vulcan replacement as Science Officer became Commander Sonak, and appeared briefly in the film ; after only a few lines of dialogue, he was killed in a transporter accident.
When Britain annexed New Zealand in 1840, the South Island briefly became a part of New South Wales.
When a band of orcs approached, Sam was forced to leave the apparently dead Frodo and take the Ring himself, and briefly became a Ring-bearer.
When the Walkers finally reach the town, Garraty can only grasp her hand briefly before being ripped away by McVries to save him from being shot by the soldiers.
When Taki was briefly imprisoned for cocaine possession Moore refused to accept his resignation, explaining publicly: " We expect our High Life columnist to be high some of the time.
When the Republicans nominate Sideshow Bob as its mayoral candidate, Bob rigs the election, briefly deposing Quimby.

When and returned
When Harold Arlen returned to California in the winter of 1944, it was to take up again a collaboration with Johnny Mercer, begun some years before.
When I returned to make my report, the Hetman did not remember having sent me on the secret mission.
When she returned to life in the big house she felt shriveled of all emotion save dedication to duty.
When Claire returned to Bishopsgate she longed to tell them she had become Byron's mistress.
When he returned home, the station wagon loaded with tools, Jinny had gone with a friend to some meeting in the village, using the recently purchased second car.
When Jones too drew away, she returned to a thorn bush in the neck of land running into the gully, crouched low and waited as before.
And when she returned from taking her guests back to New York she had said, `` All they talked about was Harvie Harvie this, Harvie that When they know the truth will they drop away from me, will I become a nothing ''??
When Peate returned to the pavilion he was reprimanded by his captain for not allowing his partner, Charles Studd ( one of the best batsman in England, having already hit two centuries that season against the colonists ) to get the runs.
When Amphitryon finally returned to Thebes, Alcmene told him that he had come the night before and slept with her ; he learned from Tiresias what Zeus had done.
When the Vikings returned in force in 892 they found a kingdom defended by a standing, mobile field army and a network of garrisoned fortresses that commanded its navigable rivers and Roman roads.
When Valdemar returned to Denmark, he was convinced into strengthening the Danevirke fortifications at the German border, with the support of Absalon.
When Anne and her brother returned home for the holidays in June 1846, she resigned her position.
When White eventually returned three years later, Virginia and the other colonists were gone.
When one guest is finished, the mate is returned to the host, who will then prepare one for another guest.
When the latter was surrounded by Umayyad troops, he sued for help to Ibn Hafsun, but the latter was defeated by the besiegers and returned to Bobastro.
: When, after the action had thus occurred, his own men returned to each general, Scipio could adopt no fixed plan of proceeding, except that he should form his measures from the plans and undertakings of the enemy: and Hannibal, uncertain whether he should pursue the march he had commenced into Italy, or fight with the Roman army which had first presented itself, the arrival of ambassadors from the Boii, and of a petty prince called Magalus, diverted from an immediate engagement ; who, declaring that they would be the guides of his journey and the companions of his dangers, gave it as their opinion, that Italy ought to be attacked with the entire force of the war, his strength having been nowhere previously impaired.
When he had returned to Paramount a few months later, " Matchbox Blues " had already become such a hit that Paramount re-recorded and released two new versions, under producer Arthur Laibly.
When Saint Paul returned to Jerusalem after his conversion, Barnabas took him and introduced him to the apostles ( 9: 27 ).
When he returned to the narrative later in life, Claudius skipped over the wars of the second triumvirate altogether.
When the sheriff returned to Cadillac, a force consisting of several hundred armed men was assembled ; this group reportedly included a brass band.
When Kling returned the next year, the Cubs won the pennant again, but lost to the Philadelphia Athletics in the 1910 World Series.
When they returned to San Francisco for their final series with the Giants on September 14, the Rockies had once again built a large Wild Card lead.
When he returned to the factory on Christmas Day he discovered Jed had just been unconscious, and offered him a free flat in Wigan to buy his silence, which Jed accepted.

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