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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 100
from Brown Corpus
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When and started
When Napoleon's ship had borne him to Elba, French wines had started to cross the Channel, the first shipments in a dozen war-ridden years, but the supplies had not yet reached rural hostelries where the sweet wines of the Spanish peninsula still ruled.
When the two cars were equidistant from him, the station wagon started up again and the Ford gathered speed.
When the ballplayers started to carry the catcher off the field he said: `` That ought to teach the sonofabitch ''.
When his brother and his infant son died, Andrew ascended the throne and started to grant royal domains to his partisans.
When people started to study scientifically how to fly, people began to understand the basics of air and aerodynamics.
When the Falcons started playing in a dome, the team switched to their dark uniforms for home games but have worn their white uniforms at home a few times since switching to the dome.
When a service started up on a machine, it registered a name for itself as chosen by a human administrator.
When the Mexican-American War started, Pike joined the cavalry and was commissioned as a troop commander, serving in the Battle of Buena Vista.
Beethoven's friend Anton Schindler, later said: " When he started working on the fourth movement the struggle began as never before.
When she started to illustrate, she chose first the traditional rhymes and stories, " Cinderella ", " Sleeping Beauty ", " Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ", " Puss-in-boots ", and " Red Riding Hood ".
When it started in 1970, the Universal Press Syndicate gave cartoonists a 50-percent share on the ownership of their works, while the Creators Syndicate ( founded in 1987 ) granted artists full rights to the strips, something that Universal Press did in 1990. followed by King Features in 1995, while before 1999 both the Tribune and United Feature services began granting rights to creators over their works ; however the latter three syndicates only applied this to new strips, or to ones popular enough.
When the Polish words and melodies started to become popular, including many new secular pastorals ( pastoralka, or shepherd's songs ), they were not written down originally, but rather taught among people by heart.
When the infant BBC Television service was started in 1936, Rediffusion, which had supplied cable radio services since 1928, started providing " Pipe TV " to its customers who had difficulties tuning into the weak TV broadcast signal.
When hammerless designs started to become common, the O / U design was introduced, and most modern sporting doubles are O / U designs.
When the Israeli nuclear program started later that decade, a location not far from the city was chosen for the Negev Nuclear Research Center due to its relative isolation in the desert and availability of housing.
When activities are started or finished, EV is accumulated according to the earning rule.
When the United States resumed EVAs on April 7, 1983, astronauts started using an Extravehicular Mobility Unit ( EMU ) for self-contained life support independent of the spacecraft.
When the power supply to the amplifier is first switched on, electronic noise in the circuit provides a signal to get oscillations started.
When the worldwide film boom started, he, and the few other people in the German film business, continued to sell prints of their own films outright, which put them at a disadvantage.
When Douglass was about twelve years old, Hugh Auld's wife Sophia started teaching him the alphabet despite the fact that it was against the law to teach slaves to read.
When the injunction came into force versions later than 5. 5. 10 left the network or were disabled as users started them.
When Bosman was sixteen, he started writing short stories for the national Sunday newspaper ( the Sunday Times ).
When the " Salvador Ibáñez " workshop was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, the " Ibanez Salvador " guitars were no longer available, so Hoshino Gakki bought the " Ibanez Salvador " brand name rights and started making Spanish acoustic guitars in 1935, at first using the " Ibanez Salvador " brand name, and then later using the " Ibanez " brand name.

When and school
When he awoke in the mornings, she was in his mind and he could hardly wait to get to school to be near her in the flesh.
When they reached the school, a gang of boys and girls were already there playing `` crack the whip '' in front of the schoolhouse.
When the family business failed, Mercer left school and on his mother's urging -- for she hoped that he would become an actor -- he joined a local little theater group.
When these groups were first formed many prominent and accomplished decorators could not have had the advantage of school training since interior design courses were rare and undeveloped during their youth.
When a child fails to meet the standards of the school in his rate of learning, insecurity, unhappiness, and other forms of maladjustment frequently follow.
When he attended the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade school here about six months ago, Jim became convinced that an individual can do something constructive in the ideological battle and set out to do it.
`` When you stand up in public and take vows to strive to set an example before your children and to teach them the fundamentals of the Christian faith, you strive a little harder to uphold those vows '', explains the slender vice president of the young couples Sunday school class.
When my father, who had been appointed by his country as public notary in the customs at Bugia acting for the Pisan merchants going there, was in charge, he summoned me to him while I was still a child, and having an eye to usefulness and future convenience, desired me to stay there and receive instruction in the school of accounting.
When he became a Franciscan and thus created a formal Franciscan school of theology at Paris, it was soon clear that his students lacked some of the basic tools for the discipline.
When she persuades him to blurt out the whole story, a twist is revealed — Charlotte's little sister is a school friend of Anne's.
When Camille was twelve his father sent him to boarding school in France.
When Thompson was two, his father died and the financial hardship of this occurrence resulted in his and his brother's placement in the Grey Coat Hospital, a school for the disadvantaged of Westminster.
When Deng first attended school
When Bowie left the technical school the following year, he informed his parents of his intention to become a pop star.
When the brethren left Prouille, then, to begin their apostolic work, Dominic sent Matthew of Paris to establish a school near the University of Paris.
When Danny did return to New York, his father did not pressure him to return to school or to get a job, giving his son the chance to mature and discover his own abilities.
When his father prepared to move again, Dave decided to stay in Fort Wayne, dropping out of high school to work full-time at the restaurant.
When he finished school, the town of Leiston offered little to Newson, so he left for London to make his fortune.
The argument that school vouchers increases quality and efficiencies in schools forced to compete is supported by studies such as " When Schools Compete: The Effects of Vouchers on Florida Public School Achievement " ( Manhattan Institute for Policy Research's, 2003 ), which concluded that public schools located near private schools that were eligible to accept voucher students made significantly more improvements than did similar schools not located near eligible private schools.
When a typhus epidemic swept the school, Maria and Elizabeth caught it.
When Douglass was hired out to William Freeland, he taught other slaves on the plantation to read the New Testament at a weekly Sunday school.
When a new junior high school was opened in 1986, the Fairmount High School building was closed for good.
When he was still a child, Verdi's parents moved from Piacenza to Busseto, where the future composer's education was greatly facilitated by visits to the large library belonging to the local Jesuit school.
When he reached the town, he found the school closed for the night.

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