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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 736
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

When and was
When they were closer and he saw that one was a woman, he was more puzzled than ever.
When the meal was ready, he told Jones to wash up, and going into the front room, woke the girl.
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
When he regained consciousness he was in Lord's house, in the office of Doctor Lord, the deputy's deceased father.
When it was followed by a second, whining even closer, Cobb swerved sharply aside into a depression.
When the sea was visible ahead of them, the relief was as great as if the sun had come out.
When she appeared at the store to help out for a few hours even my looking at her was surreptitious lest my Uncle notice it.
When our eyes met the air was filled with an unuttered message of `` Me, too ''.
`` When I was in college '', I grinned, `` I remember a poem I had to read in my lit class.
When they got to Shillong, in Assam, he was happy.
`` When I came up, damnit, I thought I was going down.
When he awoke in the mornings, she was in his mind and he could hardly wait to get to school to be near her in the flesh.
When he came back to the schoolhouse, his mind was made up.
When he finally left the sinister mansion on Perdido Street, he was carried out in a coroner's basket.
When he was eight he began violin lessons.
When the possibility that he had not given reconsideration to so weighty a decision seemed to disconcert his questioners, Mr. Eisenhower was known to make his characteristic statement to the press that he was not going to talk about the matter any more.
When he was stripped, deloused and numbered by his guards, his much-thumbed sketchbook was seized and thrown on a pile of prisoners' goods to be confiscated.
When her right hand was incapacitated by the rheumatism, Sadie learned to write with her left hand.
When Harold Arlen returned to California in the winter of 1944, it was to take up again a collaboration with Johnny Mercer, begun some years before.
When he heard that Paul Whiteman was looking for singers to replace the Rhythm Boys, Mercer applied and got the job, `` not for my voice, I'm sure, but because I could write songs and material generally ''.

When and fifteen
The sleeve notes continue: " When Bill Haley was fifteen he left home with his guitar and very little else and set out on the hard road to fame and fortune.
When Godzilla 1985 failed at the box office, it was the last Godzilla film produced by Toho to receive any major release in North American theaters until Godzilla 2000 fifteen years later.
When a union of the evangelicals in upper and lower Germany was contemplated as a means of improved defense against the retaliatory measures of the Roman Catholic Church, George had a meeting with Elector John of Saxony at Schleitz in 1529, where they agreed on certain articles of faith and confession to be drawn up by Luther ; the commission was executed in the seventeen articles of Schwabach on the basis of the fifteen theses of the Marburg Colloquy.
When she was fifteen, her father began to regularly gather in his house a circle of the most learned men in Bologna, before whom she read and maintained a series of theses on the most abstruse philosophical questions.
" When she was seven years old, her parents joined a " cult group ", the Moral Re-Armament ( MRA ), in which her family remained involved for fifteen years, living in communal centers.
When she was only fifteen, Akiko moved to Tokyo on her own and entered into Aoyama Gakuin High School where she pursued her musical career.
When Ali was fifteen he went to live with his grandmother when his mother had another baby and there was no room for him and his older brother and sister, who went to live with their father.
When the above concepts are considered simultaneously, fifteen evaluation approaches can be identified in terms of epistemology, major perspective ( from House ), and orientation.
When Clooney was fifteen, her mother and brother, Nick, moved to California.
When he was fifteen years old, in 1030, Harald fought in the Battle of Stiklestad together with his half-brother Olaf Haraldsson.
When he is fifteen he unwillingly attends Eton College as an Oppidan scholar.
When finally granted by the emperor as a sign of his sharing his authority and giving rights and liberties to his subjects, the 1889 Constitution of the Empire of Japan ( the Meiji Constitution ) provided for the Imperial Diet ( Teikoku Gikai ), composed of a popularly elected House of Representatives with a very limited franchise of male citizens who were over twenty-five years of age and paid fifteen yen in national taxes, about one percent of the population, and the House of Peers, composed of nobility and imperial appointees ; and a cabinet responsible to the emperor and independent of the legislature.
When Randy turned twenty three, he met his soon to be wife, Kelly, who was fifteen at the time.
He was married to a Protestant Christian woman and, despite his Hungarian background, he felt affiliated to German culture, writing in an autobiographical sketch, " When I reached the age of fifteen, I left the Jewish way of life and the study of the Torah ... Judaism remained a mere memory and since then I have always felt as a German and as a German only.
When fifteen he went to live with his grandfather ( then released from prison ) at Drury-lane " who through length of his confinement and his advanced age, was grown very infirm, and never troubled him in matters of religion ".
When the princess is fifteen or sixteen and her parents are away on pleasure bent, she wanders through the palace rooms going up and down and then chances upon an old woman who is spinning with her distaff in the garret of a tower and had not heard of the king's decree against spinning wheels.
When he was fifteen he paid his first visit to a brothel, and became so fascinated by the woman he had sex with that he was furious when he found her with someone else the next day.
When Louis died in 1745, Jean-Jacques, who had by then served for fifteen years as a general advocate at the court, although expected to succeed him in turn, was not yet old enough to be awarded the position, and had to wait until early 1747 to take over its presidency.
When boys or girls are between the ages of fifteen and twenty, boys wear gat, a Korean traditional hat made of bamboo and horsehair, and girls do their hair in chignon with binyeo, a Korean traditional ornamental hairpin.
When he was only fifteen and a half, his uncle presented him to the Duke of York.
When Andy Travis takes over as program director of WKRP and changes the format to rock n ' roll, Johnny is initially doubtful that he can succeed as the morning man in the new format ; conscious of his own age, Johnny advises Andy to find someone " about fifteen years younger ," but Andy insists that he can handle it-and even gives him permission to say " booger " on the air.
When the deficit hit almost fifteen minutes the teams of USP and Euskaltel joined together at the front of the peloton, later they were joined by Telekom and then Bianchi.
When Diane Lane was fifteen years old, she declared her independence from her father and ran away to Los Angeles for a week with actor and friend Christopher Atkins.
Meanwhile, Lady Sophy bemoans Paramount's flaw that prevents her loving him (" When but a maid of fifteen year ").

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