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When and friend
When he returned home, the station wagon loaded with tools, Jinny had gone with a friend to some meeting in the village, using the recently purchased second car.
" When the tone poem moves into the blues, " our American friend ... has succumbed to a spasm of homesickness.
When Charlotte's friend Ellen Nussey visited Haworth in 1833, she reported that Emily and Anne were " like twins ", " inseparable companions ".
When she persuades him to blurt out the whole story, a twist is revealed — Charlotte's little sister is a school friend of Anne's.
Beethoven's friend Anton Schindler, later said: " When he started working on the fourth movement the struggle began as never before.
When her friend Margaret Bush-Brown insisted that Les Derniers was good enough to be exhibited at the famed Paris Salon, Beaux relented and sent the painting abroad in the care of her friend, who managed to get the painting into the exhibition.
When he turned twenty-one, Danish artist Fritz Melbye, then living on St. Thomas, inspired Pissarro to take on painting as a full-time profession, becoming his teacher and friend.
When Roger C. Field, a friend, suggested to him in 1991 that he record and perform with a female singer he did so with Suzy Bogguss.
When Dave Wesely entered the service in 1970, his friend and fellow Napoleonics wargamer Dave Arneson began a medieval variation of Wesely's Braunstein games, where players control individuals instead of armies.
When planning a visit from Bonn, where he was immersed in studying physics, his fellow mathematician and friend Hermann Minkowski joked he had to spend 10 days in quarantine before being able to visit Hilbert.
" When Berman was killed in a hit on Berman's boss, Dutch Schultz, Runyon quickly assumed the role of damage control for his deceased friend, correcting erroneous press releases ( including one that stated Berman was one of Schultz's gunmen, to which Runyon replied, " Otto would have been as effective a bodyguard as a two-year-old.
When trying to recall some words, he would frequently substitute a synonym of a similar-sounding word, such as trying to say " char " but instead saying " burn " ( a synonym of " char ") and " friend " ( a synonym of " chum ").
When Orwell was in the sanatorium in Kent his wife's friend Lydia Jackson visited.
" George Fenneman, his radio and TV announcer, good-natured foil, and lifelong friend, often related a story in subsequent years of one of his final visits to Groucho's home: When the time came to end the visit, Fenneman lifted Groucho from his wheelchair, put his arms around his torso, and began to " walk " the frail comedian backwards across the room toward his bed.
When doctors could not help Alexei, the Tsarina looked everywhere for help, ultimately turning to her best friend, Anna Vyrubova, to secure the help of the charismatic peasant healer Rasputin in 1905.
When he was in Belgrade in 1912 and 1913, preparing for his exams at the First Belgrade Gymnasium, Princip's sole friend was Momčilo Nastasijević, who grew up to become a poet and dramatist.
When a friend criticized him for denigrating Weiss, a man with an exemplary military record, " he explained cynically that he wasn ’ t in the least interested in Weiss, only in the propaganda effect.
When family friend John T. Ford opened 1, 500-seat Ford's Theatre on November 9 in Washington, D. C., Booth was one of the first leading men to appear there, playing in Charles Selby's The Marble Heart.
When X-Factor unites with the X-Men, Jean joins the Gold Team, led by her best friend Storm.
When Atwood and other core members of the SLA were killed in 1974 during a standoff with police near Watts, California following their murder of the Oakland school superintendent, the Soliahs organized memorial rallies, including a rally in Berkeley's Ho Chi Minh Park where Soliah spoke in support of her friend Atwood, while being covertly filmed by the FBI.
When Beria finally realized what was happening and plaintively appealed to Malenkov to speak for him, his old friend and crony silently hung his head and refused to meet his gaze.
When the Medici were temporarily banished in 1494, he returned to his friend, whose manner he copied so assiduously, according to Vasari, that his works were taken for Baccio's.
When the Pope died on April 2, 2005, Ağca's brother Adnan gave an interview in which he said that Ağca and his entire family were grieving, and that the Pope had been a great friend to them.

When and British
When I answered it a voice too dignified and British to be real said, `` Is this Mr. Dale Nelson, the actor ''??
When it fell to the British Raj, the fort was dismantled on the orders of Lord William Bentinck and was converted into a sanatorium for the British troops stationed at the garrison town of Nasirabad.
When the Union of South Africa was formed in 1910 out of the main British colonies in the region, the Bechuanaland Protectorate, Basutoland ( now Lesotho ), and Swaziland ( the " High Commission Territories ") were not included, but provision was made for
When the news became certain, the French press insisted that the defeat was the result both of an overwhelmingly large British force and unspecified " traitors.
When the German motorized forces were met with a counterattack at Arras, British tanks with heavy armour ( Matilda I & IIs ) created a brief panic in the German High Command.
When it was deployed on duty in Northern Ireland, the British Army was welcomed by Roman Catholics as a neutral force there to protect them from Protestant mobs, the Royal Ulster Constabulary ( RUC ) and the B-Specials.
When the English finally regained control of New Netherland they forced, as a punishment unique in the history of the British Empire, the English common law upon all the colonists, including the Dutch.
When India became part of the British Empire, there was a break in tradition, and Hindu and Islamic law were supplanted by the common law.
When Havana surrendered, the admiral of the British fleet, George Keppel, the 3rd Earl of Albemarle, entered the city as a conquering new governor and took control of the whole western part of the island.
When the British general Caractacus was captured in 50, Claudius granted him clemency.
When Auckland refused to put the agreement in writing, Dost Mohammad turned his back on the British and began negotiations with Vitkevich.
When the British army conquered Eritrea from the Italians in spring 1941, most of the infrastructures and the industrial areas were extremely damaged.
When Tripoli fell under siege by British forces, he and his colleagues made a narrow escape by boarding a German military plane flying to Sicily.
When William of Orange, ruler of the Dutch Republic, occupied the British throne with his wife Mary in what has become known as the Glorious Revolution, gin became vastly more popular, particularly in crude, inferior forms, where it was more likely to be flavoured with turpentine as an alternative to juniper.
When Claudius successfully invaded in 43, it was in aid of another fugitive British ruler, this time Verica of the Atrebates.
When the living and working conditions of the laborers became known public opposition to the scheme grew and questions were asked in the British Parliament.
When the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden to US authorities and to disband al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom was launched in which teams of American and British special forces worked with commanders of the United Front ( Northern Alliance ) against the Taliban.
When war broke out between Russia and the Ottomans in 1877, Greek popular sentiment rallied to Russia's side, but Greece was too poor, and too concerned of British intervention, to officially enter the war.
When the government's enemies attacked Tirana in early 1922, Zogu stayed in the capital and, with the support of the British ambassador, repulsed the assault.
When Charleston was captured by the British in 1780, Middleton accepted defeat and status as a British subject.
When Eisenhower was appointed Supreme Allied Commander for the planned Normandy Landings he suggested that Alexander become ground forces commander, as he was popular with both British and US officers.
When World War I broke out in Western Europe, Moseley left his research work at the University of Oxford behind to volunteer for the Royal Engineers of the British Army.

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