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When and 1881
When Geneva moved to Beaver Falls, Old Main was the first classroom structure, completed in 1881.
When Chilean troops occupied Lima during the War of the Pacific in 1881, they put in charge certain Patricio Lynch, whose grandfather came from Ireland to Argentina and then moved to Chile.
When offered a chance to run for New York Assemblyman in 1881, he dropped out of law school to pursue his new goal of entering public life.
When Chester Arthur took office in 1881, he ordered renovations to the White House to take place as soon as the recently widowed Lucretia Garfield moved out.
When his business was enlarged in 1881 by the establishment of a tapestry industry at Merton Abbey Mills, in South West London, Morris found yet another means for expressing the medievalism that inspired all his work, whether on paper or at the loom.
" When the Republic of South Africa ( Transvaal ) formally rejected the notion of British suzerainty as allegedly described by the peace treaty of 1881, Chamberlain and Balfour prompted Salisbury to initiate discussions with Portugal regarding Delagoa Bay.
When the county was formed in 1881, some land area was taken from Cheboygan and Alpena counties.
When the tracks of the Dubuque and Dakota Railroad were laid through Allison, the seat was moved there on January 10, 1881.
When Prince Frederick died a year later in 1881, she became second in line.
When a fire destroyed his employer's business during 1881 he returned to Moravia, to do freelance decorative and portrait painting.
When Cochise County was formed from the eastern portion of Pima County on February 1, 1881, Tombstone became the new county seat.
When the Northern Pacific Railway's transcontinental rail line arrived in 1881, the town was renamed for Alfred Howe Terry, a General in the Union Army who commanded an 1876 expedition in connection with George Armstrong Custer ’ s campaign against Native Americans, specifically in the west.
When it was felled in 1881, Cornthwaite remeasured it on the ground by chain at.
When the first republican ministry was formed under WH Waddington on 4 February 1879, he was one of its members, and continued in the ministry until 30 March 1885, except for two short interruptions ( from 10 November 1881 to 30 January 1882, and from 29 July 1882 to 21 February 1883 ), first as minister of education and then as minister of foreign affairs.
When Muhammad Ahmad proclaimed himself al-Mahdi al-Muntazar or ' the Expected Saviour ' in 1881 Mohammed al-Mahdi decided to have nothing to do with him.
When the family's fortunes improved, Rambert was able to pursue his studies for the ministry, but he was more attracted by literature, and in 1845 became professor of French literature at the academy of Lausanne, and in 1860 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, where he remained till 1881, when he again became professor at Lausanne.
When Victor Guérin visited Nahf in the 1870s, he described the village as containing 400 Muslims and some Greek Orthodox families, while in 1881 Nafh was described as being built of stone, containing 200 Muslims, with olives and arable land.
When journalists visited Parihaka in October 1881, a month before the brutal government raid that destroyed it, they found " square miles of potato, melon and cabbage fields around Parihaka ; they stretched on every side, and acres and acres of the land show the results of great industry and care ".
When the cemetery was founded in 1881 it was called the Freidrichsfelde Municipal Cemetery Berlin ().
When Tombstone was incorporated as a city on February 1, 1881, Virgil chose not to run against Sippy.
When he went to Sorrento, in the summer of 1881, he was hard at work upon it.
When the legislature authorized a new county in 1881, they named it Walsh County in his honor.
When the linguist Albert Samuel Gatschet visited them in 1881 and obtained a large vocabulary showing numerous correspondences with Siouan, linguists classified them with the Siouan-speaking peoples.
When the building at Lanhydrock was severely damaged by fire in 1881, Coad returned to the site to rebuild the house to accommodate the 2nd Baron Robartes's large family.

When and Republicans
When Grant's spring campaigns turned into bloody stalemates and Union casualties mounted, the lack of military success wore heavily on the President's re-election prospects, and many Republicans across the country feared that Lincoln would be defeated.
When over 25, 000 of these royalists — led by General Danican — assaulted Paris, Paul François Jean Nicolas, vicomte de Barras was appointed to defend the capital ; outnumbered five to one and disorganized, the Republicans were desperate.
When the affair became public, Federalists accused him of supporting the French while Republicans such as Thomas Jefferson supported him.
When her fellow Republicans would not support her efforts, she went to the Democrats, who changed from drys led by conservative Democrats and Catholics to supporting repeal led by liberal politicians such as La Guardia and Franklin Roosevelt.
When urgent telegrams from Republicans begged for Army help to put down the violence by paramilitary groups at election time, he told his Attorney General that, " the whole public is tired of these annual autumnal outbreaks in the South ," insisting that state militias should handle the problems, not the Army.
When a violent race riot broke out in Detroit on June 20, 1943, Willkie went on national radio to criticize Republicans and Democrats for ignoring " the Negro question.
When the Republicans in June 1896 nominated former Ohio Governor William McKinley for president and passed at his request a platform strongly supporting the gold standard, a number of " Silver Republicans " walked out of the convention.
When Hayes appeared to have narrowly lost the election, the Republicans launched recount efforts.
When the Republicans in 1964 gave Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, Taft's successor as the conservative leader, their presidential nomination, Dewey declined to even attend the GOP Convention in San Francisco ; it was the first Republican Convention he had missed since 1936.
When poll participants were asked their party affiliation, the poll revealed a sharp political divide: 69 percent of Democrats were unqualifiedly in favor of Lend-Lease, whereas only 38 percent of Republicans favored the bill without qualification.
When the Republicans took control of the Senate after the 1980 elections, Dole became chairman of the Finance Committee in 1981, serving until 1985.
When Archbishop Athenagoras assumed his new position on February 24, 1931, he was faced with the task of bringing unity and harmony to a diocese that was racked with dissension between Royalists and Republicans ( Venizelists ), who had virtually divided the country into separate dioceses.
When the Republicans nominate Sideshow Bob as its mayoral candidate, Bob rigs the election, briefly deposing Quimby.
When, pushed by the increasing influence of the Republicans in Piedmont, he attempted to resume the war the next year, the Piedmontese were again crushed by Radetzky's troops at Novara.
When the Republicans gained control of the House after the 1952 elections, Reece served as chairman of the Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations, losing this post after the Democrats regained control in 1955.
When the 104th United States Congress convened in January 1995, House Republicans voted former Minority Whip Newt Gingrich – the chief architect of their victory and author of the Contract with America – Speaker of the House, while the new senatorial Republican majority chose Bob Dole, previously Minority Leader, as Majority Leader.
When the Second Empire was swept away by the German War of 1870-1871, the people, in disgust at the Bonapartists and its fear of the Republicans, chose a great many royalists to represent it in the Assembly which met in Bordeaux on 12 February 1872.
When the legislative session concluded, La Follette traveled throughout Wisconsin reading the " roll call "; that is, he read the votes of Stalwart Republicans to the people in an effort to elect Progressives.
When his former ally, Governor Francis E. McGovern, supported Roosevelt, La Follette broke with him, allowing the conservative Republicans under Emanuel Philipp to take control of Wisconsin in the decisive 1914 election.
When he in 1953 he started talking of " 21 years of treason " and launched a major attack on the Army for promoting a Communist dentist in the medical corps, his recklessness was too much for Eisenhower, who encouraged Republicans to censure McCarthy formally in 1954.
When fellow Republicans advised taking a less strident tone than he had years earlier, he answered: " When crime and criminals are thrust before us they are to be met by all the energies that God has given us by argument, scorn, sarcasm and denunciation.

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