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When and 784
When production was stopped in 1942, a total of 1, 784 CR. 42s had been built.
When Emperor Kammu had moved the capital in 784, he had not permitted the powerful Buddhists from the temples of Nara to follow him.
When it was decided to send the system to Korea the computer was repacked in a 1 / 4 Ton trailer and the SCR 784 was replaced with the radar TPQ 10.
When calling to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from anywhere in the United States, Canada, and most other Caribbean islands of the North American Numbering Plan, dial 1 + 784 + the local seven digit phone number.

When and imperial
When the Emperor Henry I died on 11 July 1216, Andrew was planning to acquire the imperial throne, but the barons of the Latin Empire proclaimed his father-in-law, Peter of Courtenay their emperor.
When the city of Basel was definitely and officially " reformed " in 1529, Erasmus gave up his residence there and settled in the imperial town of Freiburg im Breisgau.
When Theodosius ascended to the imperial throne in 380, he began on a campaign to bring the Eastern Church back to Nicene Christianity.
When at last he reappeared in the field it was as general of cavalry in the imperial and Bavarian and Cologne services.
When Otto II sent an imperial representative, Count Sicco, to secure his release, Crescentius I and Cardinal-Deacon Franco Ferrucci, who would subsequently become Boniface VII, an antipope, had Benedict murdered while still in prison.
When Otto the Great died and Otto II took over, Crescentius led the rebellion against the imperial regime which would eventually lead to the installment of Franco to the papacy.
When a year had passed he was recalled and kept practically a prisoner in his own villa, in expectation of severer measures after a new and more stringent imperial edict arrived, demanding the execution of all Christian clerics, according to reports of it by Christian writers.
When Frederick came to the throne, the prospects for the revival of German imperial power were extremely thin.
When Henry died in 1125, Lothair was viewed by the imperial chancellor, the Archbishop of Mainz, as a perfect candidate.
When the Roman Empire was divided into the tetrarchy, Thessaloniki became the administrative capital of one of the four portions of the Empire under Galerius Maximianus Caesar, where Galerius commissioned an imperial palace, a new hippodrome, a triumphal arch and a mausoleum among others.
When Otto the Great died, Otto II smooth succession to the imperial throne had long been guaranteed.
When Otto II sent an imperial representative, Count Sicco, to secure his release, Crescentius I and Cardinal-Deacon Franco Ferrucci, who would subsequently become Boniface VII, an antipope, had Benedict murdered while still in prison.
When Otto II sent an imperial representative, Count Sicco, to secure his release, Crescentius I and Cardinal Franco Ferrucci had Benedict VI murdered while still in prison in 974.
When he brought the army to Luoyang, he was able to easily overpower the existing armies of both sides and took control of the imperial court, ushering in a period of civil war across China.
When Charlemagne was crowned in 800, his was styled as " most serene Augustus, crowned by God, great and pacific emperor, governing the Roman Empire ," thus constituting the elements of " Holy " and " Roman " in the imperial title.
When the Republic of China was founded in 1912, Sun Yat-sen was elected as the first " provisional president " ( 臨時大總統 ) by the provisional Senate, ending thousands of years of imperial rule in China.
" When he asked her again, still not believing he was talking to a Romanov, Tatiana again failed to claim the imperial title of Grand Duchess and replied that she was " Sister Romanova the Second.
When they threatened the position of Constantine VII, however, the people of Constantinople revolted, and Stephen and Constantine were likewise stripped of their imperial rank and sent into exile to their father.
When the Prince of Jin died of illness in 1392, worries of imperial succession ensued.
When Leo VI became ruling emperor in 886 one of his first acts was to have Michael's body exhumed and reburied, with great ceremony, in the imperial mausoleum in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople.
When Maximian himself finally left his retreat and returned to Rome to assume the imperial office once again and support his son, Severus with the rest of his army retreated to Ravenna.
When finally granted by the emperor as a sign of his sharing his authority and giving rights and liberties to his subjects, the 1889 Constitution of the Empire of Japan ( the Meiji Constitution ) provided for the Imperial Diet ( Teikoku Gikai ), composed of a popularly elected House of Representatives with a very limited franchise of male citizens who were over twenty-five years of age and paid fifteen yen in national taxes, about one percent of the population, and the House of Peers, composed of nobility and imperial appointees ; and a cabinet responsible to the emperor and independent of the legislature.
" When the emperor heard of this, he sent an imperial secretary to investigate this prophecy.
When Swedish forces had entered the Duchy of Pomerania in 1630 and subsequently cleared it of imperial troops, Greifswald became the last imperial stronghold in Pomerania.

When and secretary
When the detective left, Andrus phoned his secretary to cancel his work and to advise the network to get a substitute director for his current project.
When the plague takes a grip on the town, Grand joins the team of volunteers, acting as general secretary, recording all the statistics.
" When the inquisitor-general of France learned that Servetus was hiding in Vienne, according to Calvin under an assumed name, he contacted Cardinal François de Tournon, the secretary of the archbishop of Lyon, to take up the matter.
When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as president in 1801, he named Madison to be his secretary of state.
When Lincoln won election as president, his secretary, John G. Nicolay, recommended John Hay to Lincoln as assistant private secretary.
When French police arrested Abu Daoud, one of the chief organizers of the Munich massacre, and inquired about extraditing him to Germany, Germany's justice secretary Alfred Seidl recommended that Germany should not take any action, causing the French to release Abu Daoud and the Assad regime to shelter him until he died at a Damascus hospital in 2010.
When the Labour government took over after the general election in May 1997, the new transport secretary ( and deputy prime minister ) John Prescott took a much harder line.
When rioting over economic conditions broke out in late 1970, Gierek replaced Władysław Gomułka as party first secretary.
When Blunden returned to England in 1927, Aki accompanied him and would become his secretary.
When the film was first released, Walter Francis White, the executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP ) telegraphed major newspapers around the country with the following statement:
When Secretary William H. Woodin fell ill, Acheson suddenly found himself acting secretary despite his ignorance of finance.
When he became secretary, the authorized force in Vietnam was 525, 000.
When Chamberlain resigned in 1903, Marsh became private secretary to his successor, Alfred Lyttelton.
When a scheme to unite a number of government offices on the site of Somerset House in the Strand was projected, his position did not give him automatic authoriy over the construction ; however when William Robinson, secretary to the board, who had been put in charge of the new building, died in 1775, Chambers became its architect.
When training for a fight against Lee Ramage, Louis noticed a young female secretary for the black newspaper Chicago Defender at the gym.
When asked his greatest accomplishment as secretary, Bill Perry didn't name an operation or a weapons system.
When Satō became prime minister in 1965, Tanaka was slated to become the LDP's new secretary general, but the emergence of the Black Mist Scandal, where Tanaka was accused of shady land deals in Tokyo, meant that Takeo Fukuda got the job instead.
When the police investigate, Boult's secretary Eileen Perrin lies that Harry did not come to the office that day.
When she declines Frederick's proposal, he marries his secretary Alicia Torgersen, who fires LouLou following her honeymoon.
When he refused despite personal appeals from President Kennedy and the assistant secretary of state, his CIA handler was transferred out of Laos and in February 1962 aid was cut to his government and army.
When Mr. Bush became the President in 2001, he tapped Fleischer to become the first press secretary of his administration.
When the prince fell at the battle of Prague, Gleim became secretary to Prince Leopold of Dessau ; but he soon gave up his position, not being able to bear the roughness of the " Old Dessauer.

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