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When and literary
When these fields are surveyed together, important patterns of relationship emerge indicating a vast community of reciprocal influence, a continuity of thought and expression including many traditions, primarily literary, religious, and philosophical, but frequently including contact with the fine arts and even, to some extent, with science.
When he turns briefly to literary style, in the Third Book, he again looks to the effect on the audience.
There is, of course, nothing new about dystopias, for they belong to a literary tradition which, including also the closely related satiric utopias, stretches from at least as far back as the eighteenth century and Swift's Gulliver's Travels to the twentieth century and Zamiatin's We, Capek's War With The Newts, Huxley's Brave New World, E. M. Forster's `` The Machine Stops '', C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength, and Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and which in science fiction is represented before the present deluge as early as Wells's trilogy, The Time Machine, `` A Story Of The Days To Come '', and When The Sleeper Wakes, and as recently as Jack Williamson's `` With Folded Hands '' ( 1947 ), the classic story of men replaced by their own robots.
When founded by Franklin the Gazette was a weekly family newspaper and under its new name its format remained that of a newspaper but its columns gradually contained more and more fiction, poetry, and literary essays.
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
' Talking with people in the offices of literary periodicals, he often asked: ' When will there be an end to this freedom for lackies who happily walk over corpses to further their own interests?
When " Light breaks where no sun shines " appeared in The Listener in 1934, it caught the attention of three senior figures in literary London, T. S. Eliot, Geoffrey Grigson and Stephen Spender.
When Walpole admitted to his authorship in the second edition, its originally favourable reception by literary reviewers changed into rejection.
Giovanni Boccaccio's makes this comparison in his literary commentary of the Commedia, he states, " When he had grown up and become a most ferocious animal, and of incredible strength, they tell that Minos had him shut up in a prison called the labyrinth, and that he had sent to him there all those whom he wanted to die a cruel death ".
When he rewrote Radio Free Albemuth as VALIS beforehand, Dick incorporated the plotline of Radio Free Albemuth as a backdrop film ( also titled VALIS ) that recapitulated the central theological and existential concerns of his novel as a mise en abyme-that is, a miniature copy of his central preoccupations at this stage of his literary career, common to both works.
When Bao De was recalled to the capital in 111, to serve as a minister of finance, Zhang continued his literary work at home in Xi ' e.
When he was not debunking literary conventions he was often explaining them, as with the early " Harold Shea " stories co-written with Fletcher Pratt, in which the magical premises behind a number of bodies of myths and legends were accepted as a given but examined and elucidated in terms of their own systems of inherent logic.
When the great sorrow of her brother's death came upon her she made herself his literary executor, correcting the unauthorized editions of the Arcadia and of his poems, which appeared in 1590 and 1591.
When and where oral tradition was pushed back in favor of print media, the literary idea of the author as originator of a story's authoritative version changed people's perception of stories themselves.
( When Roger knew he was dying, though, he did nothing to rewrite his will, which means that his literary executor is a family member from whom he was somewhat estranged -- not someone who would have kept Roger's wishes paramount.
When his novel, written according to the tenets of the New Realism literary movement ( established years before by Sherwood Anderson, Sinclair Lewis and others ) was published in 1930, many of the residents were convinced that his characters were based on local inhabitants, and considered the work a slander against the town.
When Eliade was 21 years old and publishing his Itinerar spiritual, literary critic Şerban Cioculescu described him as " the column leader of the spiritually mystical and Orthodox youth.
When Thomas Burgess attacked his literary character over his Letters to Travis, Thomas Turton came forward to defend Porson.
When this was discovered, Mademoiselle de Lespinasse was dismissed ( 1764 ), and the salon broke up, for she took with her D ' Alembert, Turgot and the literary clique.
When the Records editor died in 1944, its publisher, the American Jewish Committee ( AJC ) consulted with New York intellectuals including Daniel Bell and literary critic Lionel Trilling.
When Rückert began his literary career, Germany was engaged in her life-and-death struggle with Napoleon ; and in his first volume, Deutsche Gedichte ( German Poems ), published in 1814 under the pseudonym Freimund Raimar, he gave, particularly in the powerful Geharnischte Sonette ( Sonnets in Arms / Harsh Words ), vigorous expression to the prevailing sentiment of his countrymen.
The poetry of " When I survey ..." may be seen as English literary baroque.
When Lodge's novel first came out, quite a number of reviewers and critics, not appreciating the literary allusions, found fault with Lodge for his inhomogeneous writing.
When she was turned down for a column, she and six other friends launched a literary magazine called Tide.
' Its consequences are likely reflected in Davey's description in When TISH Happens of Canadian literary and academic prizes as institutional rewards for ' banality and careerism ' ( 304 ).

When and works
When there is employment opportunity for youth, this arrangement -- or lack of arrangement -- works out quite well.
When we see a performance of Hamlet, how many works of art are we experiencing, and which should we judge?
When using the works of his authorities Alexander does not only review their reasoning but also gives conclusions, expands on them, and offers his agreements and disagreement with them.
When Haydn and Mozart began composing, symphonies were played as single movements — before, between, or as interludes within other worksand many of them lasted only ten or twelve minutes ; instrumental groups had varying standards of playing, and the continuo was a central part of music-making.
Judge's gory send-up When Animated Animals Attack is also a cult hit among animation festival fans in North America, as are the works of Don Hertzfeldt ( Billy's Balloon, Rejected, The Meaning of Life ) and Robert Smigel.
Cyberpunk further inspired many professional writers who were not among the " original " cyberpunks to incorporate cyberpunk ideas into their own works, such as George Alec Effinger's When Gravity Fails.
When it started in 1970, the Universal Press Syndicate gave cartoonists a 50-percent share on the ownership of their works, while the Creators Syndicate ( founded in 1987 ) granted artists full rights to the strips, something that Universal Press did in 1990. followed by King Features in 1995, while before 1999 both the Tribune and United Feature services began granting rights to creators over their works ; however the latter three syndicates only applied this to new strips, or to ones popular enough.
When appropriate, the second line may begin with a ' form ' number — e. g., 1 stands for history and criticism of a subject, 2 for a bibliography, 5 for a dictionary, 6 for an atlas or maps, 7 for a periodical, 8 for a society or university publication, 9 for a collection of works by different authors.
When paper became generally available, from the 14th century onwards, artists ' drawings, both preparatory studies and finished works, became increasingly common.
When the Fauves held their own exhibit in 1906, Munch was invited and displayed his works with theirs.
When Munch died, his remaining works were bequeathed to the city of Oslo, which built the Munch Museum at Tøyen ( it opened in 1963 ).
When his career ended, Capra regarded these films as his most important works.
When exactly Gesta Danorum was written is the subject of numerous works ; however, it is generally agreed that Gesta Danorum was not finished before 1208.
When you study ' historiography ' you do not study the events of the past directly, but the changing interpretations of those events in the works of individual historians.
Some of his early novels, called " scientific romances ", invented a number of themes now classic in science fiction in such works as The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, When the Sleeper Wakes, and The First Men in the Moon.
When the Wall Street Crash of 1929 struck less than eight months after he took office, Hoover tried to combat the ensuing Great Depression with volunteer efforts, public works projects such as the Hoover Dam, tariffs such as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, an increase in the top tax bracket from 25 % to 63 %, and increases in corporate taxes.
When workers from the William Beardmore and Company Steel Works in Glasgow were dying from the large amounts of beer drunk to quench their thirst from the heat of the steel works, an alternative was sought.
When turning to the background of the works, he argued, " Coleridge as Coleridge, be it said at once, is a secondary moment to our purpose ; it is the significant process, not the man, which constitutes our theme.
When Harnad wanted to write about all-rights-reserved gratis articles, he was faced with the option of referring to them as " open access " ( in contravention of the BBB definitions ) or redefining " open access " to include non-libre works.
When Greek or Latin works were published, numerous professional copies were made simultaneously by scribes in a scriptorium, each making a single copy from an original that was declaimed aloud.
When the analysis of this information supports the supposition of illegal use of the financial system, the FinTRACA works closely with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute the illegal activity.
When the Medici were temporarily banished in 1494, he returned to his friend, whose manner he copied so assiduously, according to Vasari, that his works were taken for Baccio's.
When considering a new application, the engineer can compare multiple learning algorithms and experimentally determine which one works best on the problem at hand ( see cross validation.
When the term OpenContent was first used by Wiley, it described works licensed under the Open Content License ( a non-free share-alike license, see ' Free content ' below ) and perhaps other works licensed under similar terms.

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