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When and monks
When a vacancy occurred, the bishop of the diocese chose the abbot out of the monks of the convent, but the right of election was transferred by jurisdiction to the monks themselves, reserving to the bishop the confirmation of the election and the benediction of the new abbot.
When abbots dined in their own private hall, the Rule of St Benedict charged them to invite their monks to their table, provided there was room, on which occasions the guests were to abstain from quarrels, slanderous talk and idle gossiping.
When at last successful, he was excommunicated by Pope Callixtus II for having expelled the monks of Saint-Gilles, who had aided his enemies.
When news of his death at the Council of Constance in 1415 arrived, disturbances broke out, directed primarily against the clergy, and especially against the monks.
When he was about seventy-five years of age, the monks of Sinai persuaded him to become their Igumen.
When he was nine years old Muralitharan was sent to St. Anthony's College, Kandy, a private school run by Benedictine monks.
When he caught an epidemic disease ( probably plague ), he called the monks, strengthened their faith, and appointed his successor.
When creating this chapel the monks of Peterborough had thought of how they had acquired it and built into the chapel a narrow tower-just big enough for a monk to climb to the top by an internal stair and stand guard over Oswald's Arm 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
When the appropriate time will come ( often many years ), the monks will discover the hidden text ; when the world is ready for it.
When monks began going into the deserts of Egypt, it was their custom to pray the entire 150 Psalms every day.
When monks came to him to settle the dispute over Sandwhich, he " lay and grew black as they spoke ".
When the populace came to the defense of the monks, the resulting clashes saw 30 civilians killed and 200 wounded.
When an Orthodox nun dies, the sisterhood of her convent performs the same ministrations for her as are done for monks.
A great deal of destruction was done to the tombs over the centuries by quarrying and by their conversion for use as housing, both by monks in the Byzantine period, when some were used as churches, and later by Muslim villagers: " When the Arab village was built ; tombs were destroyed, incorporated in houses or turned into water cisterns and sewage dumps.
When the monks first arrived in South Yorkshire from Newminster Abbey in Northumberland, they chose the most suitable side of the stream that runs through the valley, on which to build their new Cistercian monastery.
When Archbishop Edsige of Canterbury died in 1051 the monks of the cathedral chapter elected Æthelric, a relative of Earl Godwin's, as archbishop.
When King John discovered that Reginald had been elected without any royal input he forced the monks to elect de Gray as archbishop.
When he went north to suppress the Phra Fang faction, he could see that monks in the north were lax and undisciplined.
When the monks opened this chest they found two books: the “ Marrow Cleansing Classic ,” and the “ Muscle Tendon Change Classic ”, or " Yi Jin Jing " within.
When the Pope, however, wished the monks from Constantinople to undertake that the names of Acacius and Mongus should be rejected from the diptychs, they replied that they had no instructions on that point.
When Chaereas entered Edessa on April 12, 449, to commence the trial, he was met by a mob of abbots and monks and their partisans, clamoring for the immediate expulsion and condemnation of Ibas and his followers.
When his monks copied these texts, Cassiodorus encouraged them to amend texts for both grammar and style.
" When he realized he was being used as a tool by Theophilus against Saint John Chrysostom, who had given refuge to the monks persecuted by Theophilus and who were appealing to the emperor, Epiphanius started back to Salamis, only to die on the way home in 403.

When and nuns
When that chapel was demolished in about 1502 to make way for the Henry VII Lady Chapel, Anne's coffin was moved to a vault under the Abbey of the Minoresses, run by nuns of the Order of Poor Ladies.
When the parish ’ s two elderly nuns contract tuberculosis, she is forced to move into the rectory that is home to the parish priest ( Van Dyke ).
When Bob returns from Hollywood with Kitty and three house guests he discovers the now increased number of nuns having a produce-and-arts sale in Miss Potts's yard, and Bob insists that she evict all the nuns.
When news of the raid reached Saint Ebba, she gathered her nuns together and urged them to disfigure themselves, so that they might be unappealing to the Vikings.
When the monastery was attacked by Vikings and they feared being raped, she and the nuns cut off their own noses and upper lips.
When the final restrictions were in place, monks and nuns were prohibited from entering the cities.
When Emperor Shōmu ordered two official temples for each province ( one for male Buddhist priests and one for nuns ), two temples were founded in Aki Province.
When the women learned of nuns and female convents, they wanted to form their own and created an informal association of devout women.
When the nuns in Blato had exhausted their own funds for helping poor and hungry children, She went to fertile plains of Slavonia and Bačka to solicit help for the orphans and widows, receiving, among other contributions, a donation from Pope Pius XI.
When Patrick Moran arrived as the first Catholic Bishop of Dunedin in February 1871, he was accompanied by ten Dominican nuns from the Sion Hill Convent, Dublin, and they proceeded to establishing their schools within days of unpacking.
When she felt her end approaching she sent for her community of nuns, and invoked the blessing of heaven on the clergy and laity of the district around Kileedy.
When they become Lamas ( male monks ) and Chomos ( female nuns ), they are given religious duties, which include presiding over the religious and secular affairs of the Kinners.
She recalls: " When I was growing up, my mother and my teachers in the pre-integration, poor black Catholic school that I attended, corrected every word I uttered in their effort to coerce my black English into sometimes hypercorrect standard English forms acceptable to black nuns in Catholic schools.
When the nuns came to bring Ida the news, she pretends not to speak English well enough to understand.
When Abigail learns of Barabas's role in the plot, she consigns herself to a nunnery, only to be poisoned ( along with all of the nuns ) by Barabas and Ithamore for becoming a Christian.
When they arrived in Lima, they were given hospitality by the Dominican nuns of the Convent at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Patronage (), of which they took possession the following year.
When she returned in January 1875, after an absence of nearly two years, she brought approval from Rome for her nuns and the work they did, materials for her school, books for the convent library, several priests and most of all, 15 new Josephites from Ireland.
When the case came to court, Giffard received a fine and a prison sentence but the nuns were pardoned because of their poverty.

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