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Page "adventure" ¶ 834
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

When and my
When I went for my interview with the director I saw why.
When Johnson ejaculated `` Howsabout my buying us all a nice cold Co-cola, Ma'am ''??
When I fell on my back, I saw a vulture hovering.
When she appeared at the store to help out for a few hours even my looking at her was surreptitious lest my Uncle notice it.
`` When I was in college '', I grinned, `` I remember a poem I had to read in my lit class.
When I mentioned that for my first long voyage I did not even have the money for the return fare, but had trusted to luck that I would earn a sufficient amount, the young people looked at me doubtingly.
When I try to work out my reasons for feeling that this passage is of critical significance, I come up with the following ideas, which I shall express very briefly here and revert to in a later essay.
When he heard that Paul Whiteman was looking for singers to replace the Rhythm Boys, Mercer applied and got the job, `` not for my voice, I'm sure, but because I could write songs and material generally ''.
When, in my enthusiasm, I proposed the party, my city editor ( who disliked the club and many of its members ) tried to block my participation in the gala event.
When I returned to make my report, the Hetman did not remember having sent me on the secret mission.
When Dr. Adenauer was approached by a world citizen delegation to find out his disposition of my case, he gave them his personal approval of my entry, saying that all men advocating peace should be welcomed into Germany.
When I hold my son he stiffens his whole body in my arms until he is as straight and stiff as a board.
When his arm came up I ducked away but it caught me on the side of the neck, watering my eyes, and I backed off to cough.
When they came to Mr. Jack's photograph, twenty by twelve inches in a curly silver frame, Miss Ada said, `` By rights I ought to leave that, seeing he won't take my clotheshorse ''.
`` When working from one of my sketches I square it up and project its linear form freehand to the watercolor sheet with charcoal.
When I arrived at Viola's I was shown, to my surprise, into the kitchen.
When you see a needle in my hands you will know the family buttons have fallen off and I have to sew them back on, or get out the safety pins.
When you see them again give them my love -- not best respects now, but love by God ''.

When and Uncle
When Lincoln called Grant east in the spring of 1864 to take command of all the Union armies, Grant appointed Sherman ( by then known to his soldiers as " Uncle Billy ") to succeed him as head of the Military Division of the Mississippi, which entailed command of Union troops in the Western Theater of the war.
When Uncle Remus returns to the plantation with the children, Sally meets them on the way and is angry at Johnny for not having attended his own birthday party.
When Stowe's work became a best-seller, Henson republished his memoirs as The Memoirs of Uncle Tom and traveled on lecture tours extensively in the United States and Europe.
When Uncle Albert goes missing in one episode, Del Boy and Rodney travel around London looking for him.
When Peter later returned home, he was informed by a police officer that his beloved Uncle Ben had been killed by a burglar.
* " When Uncle Joe Plays A Rag On His Old Banjo " w. m.
When a recovered Dagmar returns home, she learns her cat, Uncle Elizabeth, is very ill.
He responded, “ All Vietnamese people are the children of Uncle Hồ .” When asked again about the rumor in January 2002 by a Time Asia reporter, he denied he is Hồ's son and stated that his father was named Nông Văn Lai and his mother Hoàng Thị Nhị.
Massena Jones ( former postmaster of Vaughan and director of the now-closed museum there ), said " When they found Jones, according to Uncle Will Madison ( a section hand who helped remove Jones ' body from the wreckage ), he had a splinter of wood driven through his head.
* When Eight Bells Toll ( 1971 ) ( Uncle Arthur )
* What's With the Mutant in the Microscope: Stuff to Know When Science Says Your Uncle Is a Monkey.
: When I related my adventure to my Uncle, the Cardinal-Duke, He told me that He had no doubt of this singular Man ’ s being the celebrated Character known universally by the name of ‘ the wandering Jew .’ His not being permitted to pass more than fourteen days on the same spot, the burning Cross impressed upon his fore-head, the effect which it produced upon the Beholders, and many other circumstances give this supposition the colour of truth.
When Uncle Tom's Cabin was shown the cinema claimed it was the first exclusive one fully equipped for sound outside the United States.
When one of Nick's informants witnesses firsthand the assassination of Uncle Benny at the hands of Bobby under authorization from Henry, he alerts Nick who then alerts the District Attorney because she is looking to indict the Tongs under the RICO Act.
* When planning how to prove that Stephano murdered Uncle Monty, Sunny is asked to watch the door and bite anyone that tries to enter the Reptile Room.
When he acquired the Nova powers, Peter flew home to reveal his good fortune to his Uncle Ben, only to surprise the burglar when he was attempting to rob the house, resulting in the burglar's bullet ricocheting off the Nova armor and killing him.
The movies Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Mr. Deeds featured characters who resemble Rich Uncle Pennybags, prompting the main characters to refer to each of them as " The Monopoly Guy ".
When Uncle Yang hands Jin-seok the letter, Jin-seok is apathetic towards both the letter and his brother's uncertain fate.
When he regains consciousness he learns that George has moved back to America to be with his mother, and that his Uncle Max has died, leaving James his car.
When Sid ’ s Uncle Percy dies, he leaves Sid two large packing cases and a small brown parcel ...
When they arrive in Grimsby Tom is taken to see Uncle, who tells him there is something valuable in Rogue's Roost, which he wants Tom to steal for him.
Robin, along with his Uncle Kermit, appeared again on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to sing " When the River Meets the Sea " on December 23, 2011, once again, performed by Matt Vogel.
When they appear behind the desk during the songs, Uncle Traveling Matt is seen next to Doc and Sprocket.

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