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When and my
When I went for my interview with the director I saw why.
When Johnson ejaculated `` Howsabout my buying us all a nice cold Co-cola, Ma'am ''??
When I fell on my back, I saw a vulture hovering.
When my Uncle offered me a part-time job which would take care of my normal expenses and give me time to paint I accepted.
When she appeared at the store to help out for a few hours even my looking at her was surreptitious lest my Uncle notice it.
`` When I was in college '', I grinned, `` I remember a poem I had to read in my lit class.
When I mentioned that for my first long voyage I did not even have the money for the return fare, but had trusted to luck that I would earn a sufficient amount, the young people looked at me doubtingly.
When I try to work out my reasons for feeling that this passage is of critical significance, I come up with the following ideas, which I shall express very briefly here and revert to in a later essay.
When he heard that Paul Whiteman was looking for singers to replace the Rhythm Boys, Mercer applied and got the job, `` not for my voice, I'm sure, but because I could write songs and material generally ''.
When, in my enthusiasm, I proposed the party, my city editor ( who disliked the club and many of its members ) tried to block my participation in the gala event.
When I returned to make my report, the Hetman did not remember having sent me on the secret mission.
When Dr. Adenauer was approached by a world citizen delegation to find out his disposition of my case, he gave them his personal approval of my entry, saying that all men advocating peace should be welcomed into Germany.
When I hold my son he stiffens his whole body in my arms until he is as straight and stiff as a board.
When his arm came up I ducked away but it caught me on the side of the neck, watering my eyes, and I backed off to cough.
When they came to Mr. Jack's photograph, twenty by twelve inches in a curly silver frame, Miss Ada said, `` By rights I ought to leave that, seeing he won't take my clotheshorse ''.
`` When working from one of my sketches I square it up and project its linear form freehand to the watercolor sheet with charcoal.
When I arrived at Viola's I was shown, to my surprise, into the kitchen.
When you see a needle in my hands you will know the family buttons have fallen off and I have to sew them back on, or get out the safety pins.
When you see them again give them my love -- not best respects now, but love by God ''.

When and ancestors
When a shipment of family heirloom restored portraits arrives at the castle, Laura finds one of her ancestors, " Mircalla, Countess Karnstein ", dated 1698.
When our ancestors adopted group-dwelling social arrangements roughly 1. 8 mya, ectoparasite loads increased dramatically.
When he died he was buried beside his ancestors in Jerusalem.
When an individual is searching in vital records such as birth records for possible ancestors, the researcher must contend with a number of issues that could be encapsulated in a membership function.
When the Carolingians acceded to the Frankish throne, the town preserved the good-will of the rulers as it had long been a base of their family and their primal ancestors ; Saint Arnuff and Chlodulf had been bishops of Metz.
When freed during the 19th century, the ancestors of these people received surnames which were given by their former owners, many of which referred to a specific character trait.
When both descendants are similar in a particular respect, evolution is defined as parallel if the ancestors considered were also similar, and convergent if they were not.
When Tāwhirimātea made war against his brothers after they separated Rangi and Papa ( sky father and earth mother, ancestors of all gods ), Ikatere and Tū-te-wehiwehi had to flee, and Ikatere fled to the sea and became an ancestor of fishes, while Tū-te-wehiwehi took refuge in the forest and fathered lizards.
When asked by early white explorers, the tribe said their ancestors came from " up North ".
When extinct species are included in a tree, they are terminal nodes, as it is unlikely that they are direct ancestors of any extant species.
Lord Spencer then instantly replied, " When my ancestors as you say were keeping sheep, your ancestors were plotting treason.
When crocodilian ancestors transitioned back to aquatic ectothermy, it was advantageous for them to have a heart more akin to the normally three-or five-chambered heart found in most ectotherms.
When contacts between Europeans and the Lacandon began being recorded it was believed that they were unchanged ancient Maya descended from those who fled initial Spanish contact and that they were complete with the ritual beliefs and physical appearance of their ancestors.
When Bertha encourages reluctant Edward Craddock, whom she has known since their childhood, to propose to her, she is certain that she will find absolute fulfillment and happiness in her marriage, even if it means abandoning city life and its pleasures for the Kentish coast " to live as her ancestors had lived, ploughing the land, sowing and reaping ; but her children, the sons of the future, would belong to a new stock, stronger and fairer than the old.
*: When we saw the Bab standing with such humility before the Shrine of Imam Hossein, we often wondered if perhaps, he was not the invisible Promised One, who had come to visit the Shrine of his ancestors.
When it was rediscovered by officialdom in 1785, the site was known to the local Totonac, whose ancestors may also have built the city, as El Tajín, which was said to mean “ of thunder or lightning bolt ”.
When five young descendants of these knights hear the heroic tales of their ancestors, they become inspired to form a brand-new Explorers club.
When the attorneys were searching land titles along the proposed route, they discovered that sections of the original land had been granted by the King of England to some of the landowner's ancestors.
When taking the oath of office, Kérékou left out a portion that referred to the " spirits of the ancestors " because he had become a born-again Christian after his defeat by Soglo.
When Orin the First, ancestor of Aquaman and first king of Poseidons ( an underwater city born after the submerging of Atlantis ) perfected a serum to turn human beings into water-breathers ( the current humanoid water-breathers, ancestors of Aquaman himself and his people ), his sorcerous brother Shalako spitefully tampered with the serum, using dark magic to turn his fellow citizens of Tritons into mermen and mermaids.
When the term mixed-breed is used for mongrel with no purebred ancestors, it is technically a misnomer.
When Frederick the Great annexed Silesia in 1740, he personally granted the title of Baron ( Freiherr ) to one of Richthofen ’ s ancestors.
When the dancing lion enters a village or township, it is supposed to pay its respects first at the local temple ( s ), then to the ancestors at the ancestral hall, and finally through the streets to bring happiness to all the people.

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