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When and playing
When they reached the school, a gang of boys and girls were already there playing `` crack the whip '' in front of the schoolhouse.
When you're playing like that you'd better attack ''.
`` When Mickey went to the Yankees '', says Mark Freeman, an ex-Yankee pitcher who sells mutual funds in Denver, `` DiMaggio still was playing and every day Mickey would go by his locker, just aching for some word of encouragement from this great man, this hero of his.
When the Falcons started playing in a dome, the team switched to their dark uniforms for home games but have worn their white uniforms at home a few times since switching to the dome.
When Haydn and Mozart began composing, symphonies were played as single movements — before, between, or as interludes within other works — and many of them lasted only ten or twelve minutes ; instrumental groups had varying standards of playing, and the continuo was a central part of music-making.
When playing without this rule, a player may generally make any shot desired, and as long as a disc remains completely inside the outer line of the playfield, it remains on the board.
When playing teams, teammates usually sit at opposite corners of the star, with each team member controlling his / her own set of pieces.
When playing the rim of an okedō, however, it is important to hit only the outermost metal ring and not the actual rim of the drum body.
When playing the double bass, the bassist either stands or sits on a high stool and leans the instrument against the bassist's body with the bass turned slightly inwards in order to more easily reach the strings.
When playing in the instrument's upper range ( above the G below middle C ), the player shifts their hand out from behind the neck and flattens it out, using the side of the thumb to press down the string.
When the orchestra stops playing ( which is often in the summer ), orchestral bassists have to find other work, either as a teacher or coach, or in another group.
Deicide has been banned from playing in several venues ( such as Valparaiso, Chile over a promotional poster featuring Jesus Christ with a bullet hole in his forehead ) and with various festivals such as Hellfest, after several graves had been spray-painted with " When Satan Rules His World ", which is a song from Deicide's 1995 album Once Upon the Cross.
When the circulations intensify, the westerly winds within the equatorial Pacific can further increase and shift eastward, playing a role in El Niño development.
When playing live, Lee and his bandmates recreate their songs as accurately as possible with digital samplers.
When Minnie Pearl joined the cast, they had a larger classroom scene with, at first, real children as the students, but would later return to the cast members playing children, with Minnie still as the teacher.
When Baum had been touring New York State in the title role, the actor playing the ghost fell through the floorboards, and the rural audience thought it was part of the show and demanded that the actor repeat the fall, because they thought it was funny.
When playing in CD-audio mode, songs absent from CD would be replaced by some existing CD tracks.
When this technique is employed whilst playing chords, care must be taken in overtone selection as the overtones stemming from the non-root pitch can cause extreme dissonance.
When humans manually sort something ( for example, a deck of playing cards ), most use a method that is similar to insertion sort.
When family friend John T. Ford opened 1, 500-seat Ford's Theatre on November 9 in Washington, D. C., Booth was one of the first leading men to appear there, playing in Charles Selby's The Marble Heart.
When the National League's chief counsel, future Senator George Wharton Pepper referred to the activities of baseball players on the field as " labor ", Landis interrupted him: " As a result of 30 years of observation, I am shocked because you call playing baseball ' labor.
When he was five years old, Palin had his first acting experience at Birkdale playing Martha Cratchit in a school performance of A Christmas Carol.
" Larry King, who is Jewish, replied, " When you say — when you say something like that you are playing right in, though, to anti-Semitic people who say the Jews are —" at which point Brando interrupted.
When studying the mathematics of games, the mathematical analysis of the game is more important than actually playing the game.

When and privately
When he reached Kamikos, King Cocalus, knowing Daedalus would be able to solve the riddle, privately fetched the old man to him.
When Patton came under criticism for the " Sicily slapping incident ," Eisenhower met privately with Patton and reprimanded him.
When Fulk was killed in a hunting accident in 1143, Melisende publicly and privately mourned for him.
When the Third Gentleman announces that the members of the court have gone to Paulina's dwelling to see the statue, the Second Gentleman offers this exposition: " I thought she had some great matter there in hand, for she hath privately twice or thrice a day, ever since the death of Hermione, visited that removed house " ( 5. 2.
When Bashō returned to Edo he happily resumed his job as a teacher of poetry at his bashō hut, although privately he was already making plans for another journey.
Three books by Gurdjieff were published in the English language in the United States after his death: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson published in 1950 by E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc., Meetings with Remarkable Men, published in 1963 by E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc., and Life is Real Only Then, When ' I Am ', printed privately by E. P. Dutton & Co. and published in 1978 by Triangle Editions Inc. for private distribution only.
When T. S. R. Boase was indisposed by an eye problem in 1959, Bowra returned to the chair of the committee, privately quipping that " jokes about his ' beaux yeux ' are not thought funny ".
The All and Everything trilogy also includes Meetings with Remarkable Men ( first published in 1963 ) and Life Is Real Only Then, When ' I Am ' ( first privately printed in 1974 ).
Life Is Real Only Then, When " I Am " ( a book first privately printed in 1974 ) consists of the incomplete text of the third Series of All and Everything by G. I. Gurdjieff.
When asked about her participation in the video, Paquin responded by saying, " It wasn't like it was a big secret, it was just a cause I cared about and privately supported, but not one that I had ever had an opportunity to speak out about in a way that would be useful.
When the US and the World Bank withdrew their offer to help finance the Aswan High Dam in mid-1956, Nasser nationalized the privately owned Suez Canal Company.
When the pews were privately owned, their owners sometimes enclosed them in lockable pew boxes, and the pews pews was sometimes controversial, as in the case of B. T. Roberts: a notice that the pews were to be free in perpetuity was sometimes erected as a condition of building grants.
When she privately made fun of his scaling the newly named Mount Kennedy in Canada, he was not amused.
When British officials acquired the land south of the Ohio River in the 1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix from the Iroquois, Ohio Indians who hunted the land refused to sign the treaty and prepared to defend their hunting rights .< ref >" I likewise advised them to withdraw the Senecas of Ohio from thence and settle them nearer their natural friends as at present by their Connections with others they bring disgrace & suspicion on their own confederacy, and this I was the readier induced to do, as Kayashota the chief of those on Ohio, a man of universal influence was present & had privately assured me that it was agreeable to him.
When the colonel indicated his support for the government, Quiep de Llano suggested they discuss the matter privately.
When Congress passed the Presidential Libraries Act in 1955, it regularized the procedures initiated by President Roosevelt for privately built and federally maintained libraries to preserve the papers of future Presidents.
When the two speak privately, Cantwell attacks Russell with illegally-obtained psychological reports ( obtained by his brother and campaign manager, Don Cantwell ), mistakenly assuming that Hockstader was for the more liberal man.
When Édouard Manet's famous Olympia ( 1865 ), a portrait of a nude courtesan, provoked a scandal for its blatant realism, Baudelaire worked privately to support his friend.
When the senior officials Gao Jiong, Yuwen Bi ( 宇文弼 ), and Heruo Bi privately expressed disapproval, Emperor Yang discovered their criticism and put all of them to death, while removing Su Wei, who also discouraged him from giving excessive rewards to Ashina Rangan, from his post.
When the union began organizing subway workers in New York in the early 1930s, two of the three subway systems were privately owned and operated.
When the three are at dinner one night in a Tel Aviv restaurant, Axel speaks privately to the Palestinian waiter, Rafik, and finds out where the best club in town is.
When his privately published 2000 copies quickly sold out, he followed it with a commercially published edition the same year, and with additional verse and prose books.
When Croatia became an independent state, new possibilities were offered and today there exist many new privately owned businesses.
When Gail starts to hit Erik, Linda quickly intervenes and asks to talk to her privately.

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