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When and questioned
When questioned by the Sadducees about the resurrection of the dead ( in a context relating to who one's spouse would be if one had been married several times in life ), Jesus said that marriage will be irrelevant after the resurrection as the resurrected will be ( at least in this respect ) like the angels in heaven.
When questioned on why she followed Thomas to the second job after he had already allegedly harassed her, she said she had wanted to work in the civil rights field, she had no alternative job, " and at that time, it appeared that the sexual overtures ... had ended.
When Liddell Hart was questioned about this in 1968, and the discrepancy between the English and German editions of Guderian's memoirs, " he gave a conveniently unhelpful though strictly truthful reply.
When Karl Rove was being questioned by the FBI over the leak of a covert CIA agent's identity in the press, Ashcroft was allegedly briefed about the investigation.
When order starts to return to the Confederation and Joshua Calvert is questioned as to why he moved the human race to such an isolated space he justified himself by saying that this will allow humanity to avert another " reality dysfunction " as this isolation will force itself to look inwards and re-evaluate itself as a whole.
When questioned about his wealth, Askin always attributed it to the salary from his high public office, his frugal lifestyle, good investments and canny punting.
When Senator Valdore questioned this policy, he was dismissed from the senate ( although he later joined the military, and rose quickly through the ranks, becoming Admiral by 2154 ).
When questioned by the police he responded: " Yes ; that is my flag ; I burned it.
When questioned in the Commons on what his government would do about unemployment by the Conservative MP Colonel Howard Vincent on 1 September 1893, Gladstone replied:
When questioned by his captain, Spender replies " We'll rip it up, rip the skin off, and change it to fit ourselves ... We Earth Men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful things ", referring to Earth.
When questioned about the presidential capabilities of the former President's younger brother, university administrator Milton S. Eisenhower, in July 1964, Goldwater replied, " One Eisenhower in a generation is enough.
When questioned by the police about the shooting his only response was " nobody shot me ".
When questioned about which episode in their career they most regretted, none of the other candidates would answer the question, except Anderson, who cited his vote for the Gulf of Tonkin resolution.
When questioned about his order on 15 October 1939 for unrestricted submarine warfare including orders to fire on neutral ships, which Raeder had admitted even as he issued his order violated international law, Raeder stated in his defence: " Neutrals are acting for their own egotistical reasons and they must pay the bills if they die ".
When questioned by Maxwell Fyfe about the Libau massacres, Raeder claimed that he no idea about what had happened, and maintained that he would have stopped the massacres had he known.
When questioned about his decision to recall Parlement Louis made a comment that, “ It may be considered politically unwise, but it seems to me to be the general wish and I want to be loved .” In spite of his indecisiveness, Louis was determined to be a good king, stating that he " must always consult public opinion ; it is never wrong.
When in custody, Cavell was questioned in French, but the session was minuted in German.
When something went wrong, no one questioned the ministers or the power of the witchcraft.
When questioned by Sgt.
When Davis was not nominated for an Academy Award for Of Human Bondage, The Hollywood Citizen News questioned the omission and Norma Shearer, herself a nominee, joined a campaign to have Davis nominated.
When the driver of the parked van was questioned by the police, he claimed that the van had broken down.
When his linguistic fireworks fail at the end of the story, the proverb and human rhetoric in general are questioned as reliable means of communication.
When questioned about their aims in making such references, BoC express themselves in neutral terms (" We're not religious at all [...] and if we're spiritual at all it's purely in the sense of caring about art and inspiring people with ideas.
When Tisdel later questioned Teena about his gender, he told her he was a hermaphrodite pursuing a sex change operation, and they continued dating.

When and priests
When the Ark was borne by priests into the bed of the Jordan, water in the river separated, opening a pathway for the entire host to pass through ( Josh.
When carried, the Ark was always wrapped in a veil, in skins and a blue cloth, and was carefully concealed, even from the eyes of the priests who carried it.
When the priests emerged from the holy place after placing the Ark there, the Temple was filled with a cloud, " for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of the Lord " ( 1 Kings 8: 10-11 ; 2 Chron.
When his father was slain with the priests of Nob, he escaped, and bearing with him the ephod, he joined David, who was then in the cave of Adullam ( 1 Sam.
When elevated to cardinal priests, they take their precedence according to the day they were first made cardinal deacons ( thus ranking above cardinal priests who were elevated to the college after them, regardless of order ).
When Frederick persisted, Boniface laid excommunication on him, and an interdict upon the island of Sicily in 1296 that denied Catholic priests the right to conduct certain services there.
Deuteronomy 17: 18 states ; When he takes the throne of his kingdom, he is to write for himself on a scroll a copy of this Torah, taken from that of the Levitical priests.
When Haakon believed that he wielded enough power, he requested a bishop and other priests from England, and they came to Norway.
When priests retire they are still priests even if they no longer have any active ministry.
When the First and Second Temples were built, the priests assumed these same roles in these permanent structures on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
When the Temple existed, most sacrifices and offerings could only be conducted by priests.
When they all had emerged, the bow priests pointed out the Sun, Awonawilona, and urged the people to look upon him despite his brightness.
When the people awoke, they were afraid of the change at first, but they lost their fear when sun came out and grew pleased that the bow priests were finally finished.
When the Pawnee priests would identify certain celestial bodies on the horizon, they would know that the Morning Star needed to be appeased with the sacrifice of a young girl.
When the neighboring town of Antonito was built, the Theatines, priests from Spain, came into the area and built St. Augustine church in 1880 within Antonito.
When Sirius rose the priests of Iachen entered the streets with torches lit from the altar, in order to channel the power of Sirius and heal any diseases unleashed by it.
When the 1970 Roman Missal allowed laypeople to receive Holy Communion under the appearances of both bread and wine, it insisted that priests should use the occasion to teach the faithful the Catholic doctrine on the form of Communion, as affirmed by the Council of Trent: they were first to be reminded that they receive the whole Christ when they participate in the sacrament even under one kind alone, and thus are not then deprived of any grace necessary for salvation.
When the priests demanded a persecution of the Christians, he declined on the ground that the throne and the government could only be safe if it gained the goodwill of both concurring religions.
When the high priests say that that is his affair, Judas throws the money into the temple, goes off, and hangs himself.
When God elevated Isreal and chose us from all the nations to make us a people of priests among the family of nations.
When a decision to go to war was made, huge bonfires were lit here, which would then be duplicated by priests at the eight other administrative centers of the empire.
When priests began to hear confessions, they responded to criticisms by pointing to the fact that such is explicitly sanctioned in The Order for the Visitation of the Sick in the Book of Common Prayer, which contains the following direction:

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