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from Brown Corpus
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When and served
When the power of the latter was made both limited and explicit -- when norms were clarified and made more precise and the creation of new norms was placed exclusively in parliamentary hands -- two purposes were served: Government was made subservient to an institutionalized popular will, and law became a rational system for implementing that will, for serving conscious goals, for embodying the `` public policy ''.
When Valdemar died in 1182, his son succeeded him as Canute VI, and Absalon served as Canute VI's counsellor.
When Brown retired as head coach following the 1975 season and appointed Bill " Tiger " Johnson as his successor, Walsh resigned and served as an assistant coach for Tommy Prothro with the San Diego Chargers in 1976.
When the Labour government fell in 1979, the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher won a victory which served to push the Liberals back into the margins.
When not in battle, the pugio served as a convenient utility knife.
When the group ’ s grant was exhausted, he joined the faculty of Illinois Institute of Technology, where he was a professor of political science from 1942 to 1949, and also served as department chairman.
When Philip of Macedon was about to attack the city, according to the legend she alerted the townspeople with her ever present torches, and with her pack of dogs, which served as her constant companions.
When the Croats under Josip Jelačić attempted to return Međimurje, which was then part of Hungary, to Croatia, Andrássy placed himself at the head of the gentry of his county, and served with distinction at the battles of Pákozd and Schwechat, as Arthur Görgey's adjutant ( 1848 ).
When John was a small boy, his father left for World War I and served in Gallipoli and France.
When Resnicoff later served as Special Assistant for Values and Vision for the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the U. S. Air Force, he would meet with Falwell to discuss issues linked to religious rights in the military, including the role and responsibilities of U. S. military chaplains.
When he was conscripted into the Army, he decided to join the " Canadian Officers ' Training Corps ", and he then served with the other conscripts in Canada, since they were not assigned to any overseas military service until after the Conscription Crisis of 1944 ( after the Invasion of Normandy that June.
When historical events are involved in their biography, overt retcons may be used to accommodate this ; a character who served in the army during World War II might have his service record retconned to place him in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, etc.
When the first server is chosen in the second or the latter games of the match, the first receiver of the game is the player who served to the first server of the game in the preceding game.
When granted it is the determination of the ultimate authority that the public welfare will be better served by inflicting less than what the judgment fixed.
When the ball contacts the floor within the court boundaries or an error is made, the team that did not make the error is awarded a point, whether they served the ball or not.
When Montgomery and his troops conducted an assault on a collection of plantations along the Combahee River, Tubman served as a key adviser and accompanied the raid.
When served neat ( without any additional ingredients ), tequila is most often served in a narrow shot glass called a caballito (" Little Horse " in Spanish ), but can often be found in anything from a snifter to a tumbler.
Putnam ’ s activities with the American Library Association led him to join with Justin Winsor and Melvil Dewey as official delegates to the International Conference of Librarians in London in 1897 When Winsor died shortly thereafter, Putnam served the remainder of his term as President of the ALA.
When the American Civil War broke out, he served in the 22nd Virginia Infantry of the Confederate States of America.
When Enos returned at the start of the fifth season the pair both served as deputies and shared the same patrol car for five episodes before Cletus disappeared ( his last appearance being in the episode " Big Daddy "), said to have gone on vacation, never to return ( until 1997's Reunion movie after Enos ' apparent return to California after the series ).
When the Warwick and Napton Canal opened, this section was bypassed but served as the town's wharf area.
When Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus, a high official under Postumus, declared himself emperor in Germania Superior, in the spring of 269, Postumus defeated him, but in doing so, refused to allow the sack of Mainz, which had served as Laelianus ' headquarters.
When the cheese has fermented enough, it is often cut into thin strips and spread on moistened Sardinian flatbread ( pane carasau ), to be served with a strong red wine.

When and psychological
When the end did come, and the schools were disbanded and abandoned, we felt and hoped that the machinery of psychological warfare would not be allowed to rust.
When this situation exists, there is a basic or potential psychological tension.
When coming to Kubla Khan, he pointed out: " instead of being content to have written finely under the influence of laudanum, recommends ' Kubla-Khan ' to his readers, not as a poem, but as ' a psychological curiosity ' ... Every lover of books, scholar or not, who knows what it is to have his quarto open against a loaf at his tea ... ought to be in possession of Mr. Coleridge's poems, if it is only for ' Christabel ', ' Kubla Khan ', and the ' Ancient Mariner '.
When third parties are built around an ideology which is at odds with the majority mindset, many members belong to such a party not for the purpose of expecting electoral success but rather for personal or psychological reasons.
When a disability prevents a child from playing, there may be social, emotional and psychological problems which can lead to increased dependence on others, less motivation and poor social skills.
When dealing with the implications of a dirty bomb attack, there are two main areas to be addressed: ( i ) the civilian impact, not only dealing with immediate casualties and long term health issues, but also the psychological effect and then ( ii ) the economic impact.
When his involvement with hypnosis waned as a result of failure to establish professional acceptance, he turned to the study of development spurred on by the birth of his two daughters, Marguerite and Armande ( born in 1885 and 1887, respectively ), calling Armande a subjectivist and Marguerite an objectivist, and developing the concepts of introspection and externospection in an anticipation of Carl Jung's psychological types. Ellenberger, p. 702-3 In the 21 year period following his shift in career interests, Binet " published more than 200 books, articles, and reviews in what now would be called experimental, developmental, educational, social, and differential psychology " ( Siegler, 1992 ).
When surveyed, 10-45 % of adolescents reported having experiencing physical violence in the context of a relationship while one-third to a quarter of adolescents reported having experiencing psychological aggression.
When coaching is aimed at facilitating psychological or emotional growth it should be differentiated from therapeutic and counseling disciplines, since a client of coaching, in most cases is considered healthy ( i. e. not sick ).
Deception in psychological research: When is its use justified?
When kidnapped by the bellicose Krikkit robots and tied to the interfaces of their intelligent war computer, Marvin simultaneously manages to plan the entire planet's military strategy, solve " all of the major mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, sociological, philosophical, etymological, meteorological and psychological problems of the Universe except his own, three times over ," and compose a number of lullabies.
When these psychological tricks are used properly, the statements give the impression that the mentalist, or scam artist, is intuitively perceptive and psychically gifted.
Hanoi had in no way anticipated the political and psychological effect the offensive would have on the leadership and population of the U. S. When the northern leadership saw how the U. S. was reacting to the offensive, they began to propagandize their " victory ".
When responding to the claim that almost all of the characters in " The Delicate Prey " were victimized by either physical or psychological violence, Bowles responded: " Yes, I suppose.
When organizations do not take the respective satisfactory measures for properly investigating, stress and psychological counseling and guidance, and just deciding of the problem this could lead to:
When exhibitionism interferes with a person's quality of life or normal functioning capacity it is considered a psychological disorder categorized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th Edition ( class 302. 4 ) as a sexual deviation called Paraphilia.
When addressing psychological trauma, the defense mechanism is sometimes counter-projection, including an obsession to continue and remain in a recurring trauma-causing situation and the compulsive obsession with the perceived perpetrator of the trauma or its projection.
When looking at golf camps for kids, remember, a good golf camp will develop equally the balance of technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the game.
When bystanders share group-level psychological relationships, group size can encourage as well as inhibit helping.
When innocent people are blamed fraudulently for nonexistent psychological states and nonexistent behaviors, and there is no qualifying deviance for the blaming behaviors, the intention is to create a negative valuation of innocent humans to induce fear, by using fear mongering.
When encountered by the Luftwaffe on 15 September the Big Wing had a psychological impact.
When patients begin to complain and / or shown signs of tolerance, dependence, interdose withdrawal, withdrawal, or protracted withdrawal to tranquilizers such as benzodiazepines, the patient may be misdiagnosed with yet another physical or psychological classification or diagnoses.
When Dan returned from Vietnam, he displayed deep psychological trauma caused by his war experiences, and took to drinking heavily and engaging in self-destructive behavior, especially reckless driving.
When the preparedness of a quarterback allows him to not have to worry about getting hit from behind, it's one less psychological element of the blitz to be taken away, and thus blitz is incrementally made less effective by that particular element.

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