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Page "fiction" ¶ 154
from Brown Corpus
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When and something
When he was in the war, he was in Law or Supplies or something like that, and an old buddy of his told me he would come down on Sundays to the Pentagon and read the citations for medals -- just like the one we sent in for Trig -- and go away with a real glow.
When enough time had elapsed so that there was little likelihood of his returning for something he had forgotten, Harold went out into the hall and stood looking into one room after another.
When he attended the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade school here about six months ago, Jim became convinced that an individual can do something constructive in the ideological battle and set out to do it.
When he needs money to buy something like, say, the Rolls-Royce he keeps near his vegetable patch, he takes a flyer in the sale of surplus army supplies.
# When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right.
When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
When it started in 1970, the Universal Press Syndicate gave cartoonists a 50-percent share on the ownership of their works, while the Creators Syndicate ( founded in 1987 ) granted artists full rights to the strips, something that Universal Press did in 1990. followed by King Features in 1995, while before 1999 both the Tribune and United Feature services began granting rights to creators over their works ; however the latter three syndicates only applied this to new strips, or to ones popular enough.
When the United States entered World War I, Eastman organized with Roger Baldwin and Norman Thomas the National Civil Liberties Bureau to protect conscientious objectors, or in her words: " To maintain something over here that will be worth coming back to when the weary war is over.
When asked about the " DK " logo in an interview, Jello Biafra explained, "... I wanted to make sure it was something simple and easy to spray-paint so people would graffiti it all over the place, and then I showed it to Winston Smith.
When someone judges something to be good, or some action to be right, then the person is using the faculty of moral intuition.
When working memory is absent from the readers representations of the working memory they experience something called " deactivation.
When dialogue titles came to be always cut into a scene just after a character starts speaking, and then left with a cut to the character just before they finish speaking, then one had something that was effectively the equivalent of a present-day sound film.
He said: " When I take a look at the intellectual classes we have – unfortunately, I suppose, they are necessary ; otherwise one could one day, I don't know, exterminate them or something – but unfortunately they're necessary.
In 1985 the emergent When Saturday Comes ( a fanzine without a specific club focus that was subsequently launched as a mainstream magazine ) promoted a ' fanzine movement ' that gave birth to many more club titles during the late 80's which was something of a glory period for fanzines.
When he thought an actor, director, or a movie studio had done something shoddy, he spoke up about it and was willing to be quoted.
When these bishops and councils spoke on the matter, however, they were not defining something new, but instead " were ratifying what had already become the mind of the Church.
When this involves having sex with, or performing certain actual sexual acts for another person in exchange for money or something of value, it is called prostitution.
When I was a student in Dublin we scoffed at the American celebration of St. Patrick, finding something preposterous in the green beer, the search for any connection, no matter how tenuous, to Ireland, the misty sentiment of it all that seemed so at odds with the Ireland we knew and actually lived in.
When something happens which triggers the need for legal action, it is known as " the event ".
When humans manually sort something ( for example, a deck of playing cards ), most use a method that is similar to insertion sort.
When he repeatedly tried to evade his regular medical check-ups, school nurse Annie Ghazikhanian recognized that something odd was going on with him and pressured him to show her the wound.
When their film careers both began to founder at the end of the silent era Fairbanks ' restless nature prompted him to overseas travel ( something which Pickford did not enjoy ).
" Larry King, who is Jewish, replied, " When you say — when you say something like that you are playing right in, though, to anti-Semitic people who say the Jews are —" at which point Brando interrupted.
When people know that they may lose out on something, they will want it even more.

When and unexpected
When AI researchers attempt to " scale up " their systems to handle more complicated, real world situations, the programs tend to become excessively brittle without commonsense knowledge or a rudimentary understanding of the situation: they fail as unexpected circumstances outside of its original problem context begin to appear.
When the first scientific satellites were launched in the first half of 1958 — Explorers 1 and 3 by the US, Sputnik 3 by the Soviet Union — they observed an intense ( and unexpected ) radiation belt around Earth, held by its magnetic field.
When photographing rapidly moving objects, the use of a focal-plane shutter can produce some unexpected effects, since the film closest to the start position of the curtains is exposed earlier than the film closest to the end position.
When, in 1893, the unexpected invitation came to lecture in Cambridge on the functions of the sense organs, he was already deeply read in the subject.
When Dudley spends time cheering up Julia, there is an unexpected development: Dudley finds himself strongly attracted to her.
When they emerge from the clouds, however, they are greeted by an unexpected sight.
When unexpected circumstances arise, the cost for clean-up increases, and as a result, the cleanup work may be delayed or stopped entirely.
When a local investigator is the sponsor, there may not be formal adverse event reports, but study staff at all locations are responsible for informing the coordinating investigator of anything unexpected.
When WKRP went into syndication, it became an unexpected blockbuster.
When Ridgway took command, the Army was still in a tactical retreat, after a strong foray into North Korea had been met with an unexpected and overwhelming Communist Chinese advance.
When the screen was removed, the infants showed more surprise at an unexpected number ( for example, if there were still two dolls ).
When the user chooses one of these " simulated cancel " options, however, the button performs an unexpected or unauthorized action ( such as opening a new pop-up, or running unauthorized commands on the user's system ).
When they secretly observe the robot, it starts performing strange marches and dances with its subsidiaries whenever something unexpected happens.
When the player leaves a safehouse, CJ gets an unexpected call and a mysterious person tells him about his debts.
When unexpected alleles appear during the analysis of a cell, depending on the genotype observed, it is considered that either an abnormal cell has been analysed or that contamination has occurred, and that no diagnosis can be established.
When asked to choose a date for the wedding, Marian slips into unexpected passivity:
When, for example, he strikes his son for taking the dancing girl away, the violence is comic because it is unexpected of an old man yet it is psychologically appropriate because he is struggling to overcome an addiction and it represents in allegorical form the theme expressed by the Chorus in the parabasis: the old customs are better and more manly than the new fashions.
When a failure is anticipated by S. M. A. R. T., the user may choose to replace the drive to avoid unexpected outage and data loss.
When the album was released, the band's reputation was on the rise and it entered the UK albums chart at number eight, which was at the time an unexpected chart position for the band.
When faced with an unexpected finding on diagnostic imaging, the clinician faces the challenge to prove that the lesion is indeed harmless.
When the Schmalkaldic War broke out in 1546, he marched to the south at the head of his troops, but the unexpected invasion of his country by his cousin Duke Maurice compelled him to return.
When still in primary school and aged 11, Slater was selected in in the New South Wales Primary School Sports Association cricket and hockey teams, something he described as " a very big thing " and " totally unexpected ".
When Sanderson won the gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics in the javelin, becoming the first British woman ever to win Olympic gold in this event, her victory was quite unexpected.
When Slugslinger and Sharkticon attempted to break into an Autobot island facility as Shockblast scrambled the security system with an electromagnetic pulse from orbit, they were caught and battled with Bulkhead and Towline who had some unexpected help — Omega Supreme, who soundly defeated all the Decepticons present.

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