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Page "religion" ¶ 279
from Brown Corpus
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When and monk
When he was building his first tiny cell, as his hagiograph goes, his first disciple and monk was a boar that had been rendered gentle by God.
When Paul the Deacon wrote the Historia between 787 and 796 he was a Catholic monk and devoted Christian.
When creating this chapel the monks of Peterborough had thought of how they had acquired it and built into the chapel a narrow tower-just big enough for a monk to climb to the top by an internal stair and stand guard over Oswald's Arm 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
When the monk temporarily left and asked Miki to take over, she was possessed by the One god ( Tenri-O-no-Mikoto ), who demanded that Miki be given to god as a shrine.
When Marmaduke Huby died he was succeeded by William Thirsk who was accused by the royal commissioners of immorality and inadequacy and dismissed from the abbacy and replaced by Marmaduke Bradley, a monk of the abbey who had reported Thirsk's supposed offences, testified against him and offered the authorities six hundred marks for the abbacy.
When an Orthodox monk dies, his body is washed and clothed in his monastic habit by brethren of his monastery.
When death is imminent or when a monk feels that he is unable to adhere to his vows due to advanced age or terminal disease, many Jain ascetics take a final vow of Santhara or Sallekhana, a peaceful and detached death where medicines, food and water are abandoned.
When he was 20 years old, in about 1411, he received the name Gendun Drubpa upon taking the vows of a fully ordained monk, or Gelong, from the abbot of Narthang Monastery.
When an Orthodox monk or nun dies, they are vested in their religious habit.
When Suzuki turned 13, on May 18, 1917, So-on ordained him as a novice monk ( unsui ).
When he was 7, Sin was assigned to a monk named Thongdee to begin his education in a Buddhist monastery called Wat Kosawat ( Thai: ว ั ดโกษาวาส ) ( later Wat Choeng Thar ( Thai: ว ั ดเช ิ งท ่ า )).
When the famous monk Kumārajīva was captured as booty during the Chinese conquest of the Buddhist kingdom of Kucha, he was imprisoned for many years.
When he first appears in Dragon Ball, he wears the yellow-and-orange garb of a monk.
When beginning the game, the player may create up to six player characters, chosen from among the following classes: bard, hunter, monk, paladin, rogue, warrior, magician, and conjurer.
When Shinran was nine ( 1181 ) he was sent by his uncle to Mount Hiei, where he was ordained as a Tendai monk.
When Śākyamuni Buddha learns of the situation he asks each of his ten major monk disciples to visit Vimalakīrti during his illness, but each in turn declines to do so, each citing a past incident during which he was reproved by Vimalakīrti for some deficiency in his understanding of the Dharma.
When proceeding with various duties ( such as eating, lectures, or chores ), a monk and a supervisor utilize the instrument to call all monastics to go to their tasks.
When a prominent, politically active Buddhist monk, Hem Chieu, was arrested and unceremoniously defrocked by the French authorities in July 1942, the editors of Nagaravatta led a demonstration demanding his release.
When the younger monk leaves, it is revealed that Alwyn is a Ranger himself, showing the pro-Alliance faction won the war and has slowly, secretly been building up Earth civilization to avoid the development of resentful, anti-alien factions.
When Lister woke up the next day, he had enrolled as a novice monk in a Ganymedian monastery.
When Napoleon instigated the secularization of religious houses in south Germany, Spencer used local British agent and Benedictine monk, Alexander Horn to acquire many of their rare books and manuscripts.
When the pioneers living in the area felt the need to build their own parish church, the monks provided pastors to the parish for over 100 years, and relatives of one monk provided funds to the parish.
When the monk failed to bring sunshine, he was executed.
When monk seal pups are born, they average and in length.

When and came
When his head came down, Curt grabbed him by the hair and catapulted him head first into the wall.
`` When I came up, damnit, I thought I was going down.
When he came back to the schoolhouse, his mind was made up.
When Beckett's name came into the discussion, the priest grew loud and told me that Beckett `` hates life ''.
When fame came it changed Sandburg only slightly.
When May came the Caravan had already crossed the Equator.
When their levies came shambling into camp, they were all elbows, hair, and beard.
When he came home from his office at the end of the afternoon, Breasted never knew what gathering he should expect to find, but there almost always was one.
When I first came across Samuel Johnson's pronouncement, `` the remedy for the ills of life is palliative rather than radical '', it seemed to me to sum up the profoundest of political and social truths.
When he came to Baltimore, he was leaving a team which was supposed to win the National League pennant, and he was joining what seemed to be a second division American League club.
When the sun came out, Stevie strode proudly into Orange Square, smiling like a landlord on industrious tenants.
When he felt the side of his head, his fingers came away covered with blood.
When his arm came up I ducked away but it caught me on the side of the neck, watering my eyes, and I backed off to cough.
When he was bent over behind the wheel of the station wagon, feeling in his trouser cuffs for the ignition key which he had dropped a moment before, she came out of the house with an enormous Rumanian shawl over her head, which she had bought in that country during one of their trips abroad, and handed him a clean handkerchief through the window.
When they came to Mr. Jack's photograph, twenty by twelve inches in a curly silver frame, Miss Ada said, `` By rights I ought to leave that, seeing he won't take my clotheshorse ''.
When radio came in, it continued the misplaced modifier in its routines as a standard device.
When the therapist came to feel on sufficiently sure ground with him to ask him, `` What is that, Bill -- hello or farewell ''??
When the chance came, they first eliminated cold cereal once a week, then gradually converted to hot fresh-ground cereal every day.
When a second quake came, they dashed back to the beach, fearing that they might be buried under landslides.
When a cow came out of a corral in a crouchin' run she was said to `` come out a-stoopin' ''.
When he came to the movies -- more or less by accident -- they were still cheap entertainment capable of enthralling the unthinking for an idle few minutes.
When he snatched it up the voice that came to him was quick and urgent.
When the verdict came in against his young neighbor, Hengesbach said:
When Dr. W. A. Swim celebrated his 75th birthday at the Wilshire Country Club, guests came by chartered plane from all over the country.
`` When you came up to the majors, did you seek out Williams for advice ''??

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