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When and Macdonald
When in 1864 no party proved capable of governing for long, Macdonald agreed to a proposal from his political rival, George Brown, that the parties unite in a Great Coalition to seek federation and political reform.
When founders Dan Ireland and Darryl Macdonald of the Moore Egyptian lost their lease, they founded the Egyptian theater in a former Masonic Temple on Seattle's Capitol Hill.
When Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald began to settle the West in Canada, he put the project under the command of the Canadian Pacific Railway ( CPR ).
When Nova Scotia joined the new nation of Canada on July 1, 1867, Archibald was appointed Secretary of State for the Provinces in the cabinet of John A. Macdonald.
When members of Brown's ministry resigned their seats to get re-elected, John A. Macdonald re-emerged and through a loophole was re-appointed with his ministry to their old posts.
When Layton graduated from Macdonald College in 1939, he moved with Faye to Halifax where he worked odd jobs, including a stint as a Fuller Brush man.
When Premier Angus L. Macdonald died in 1954, Connolly became the province's premier and the Liberal party's interim leader.
When Macdonald died, Hicks ran for the Liberal party leadership against interim leader and then Premier Harold Connolly.
When Rodmond Palen Roblin succeeded Macdonald as premier on October 29, 1900, he appointed Rogers as a minister without portfolio.
When Prime Minister John A. Macdonald disallowed Manitoba's local railway legislation in 1882, Greenway formed an opposition group known as the Provincial Rights Party, which ran 15 candidates in the provincial election of 1883.
When Macdonald disallowed Norquay's half-hearted railway legislation in 1882, a coherent local opposition began to form around Thomas Greenway, whose " Provincial Rights " group would soon become the Manitoba Liberal Party.
When Sir Hugh Macdonald resigned his Winnipeg seat, Martin ran in the 1893 by-election and won by acclamation.
When the deanship of the law school came open in 1929, Macdonald agonized over whether he should seek the job.
When Macdonald was succeeded as head of the coalition government by Baldwin in 1935, Wood was appointed Minister of Health.
When Labour formed its first government in January 1924, Ramsay Macdonald made Alexander Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State to the Board of Trade, under Sidney Webb and Emmanuel Shinwell.
When Pierre Trudeau announced his resignation as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada following his defeat in the 1979 election, Macdonald would have declared his candidacy for the position.
When his car stopped for a red light on the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway at Island Park Drive, a car stopped nearby, a passenger got out and fired nine shots from a 9mm Browning handgun through the passenger window of the car, killing the diplomat instantly.
When the federal Conservatives under Sir John A. Macdonald defeated the federal Liberals in the 1878 election, the new federal Cabinet tried to have Letellier dismissed as lieutenant-governor of Quebec.
When the National Government was formed in 1931 he was sworn of the Privy Council and made Minister of Labour under Ramsay Macdonald, a post he held until 1934, when he also retired from the House of Commons.
When Thomas joined Ramsay Macdonald in the National Government, Isaacs remained with the Labour Party, and in consequence again lost his seat in the 1931 general election when the Labour Party was heavily defeated.
When Macdonald returned to power in 1878 he wanted to elevate the office to " resident minister " but this was disallowed by Britain, who offered the title of high commissioner instead ; this was the origin of the practice whereby members of the Commonwealth send high commissioners rather than ambassadors to each other, which continues to this day.
When the book was published, he chose the pseudonym John Macdonald after his father, John Macdonald Millar.
When Canada became a nation in 1867, cricket was so popular it was declared the national sport by John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada.

When and government
When the proprietor dies, the establishment should become a corporation until it is either acquired by another proprietor or the government decides to drop it.
When we look at countries like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Burma, where substantial progress has been made in creating a minimum supply of modern men and of social overhead capital, and where institutions of centralized government exist, we find a second category of countries with a different set of problems and hence different priorities for policy.
When these do not work, he tries to avoid responsibility, saying he will ask the government for orders.
When the Jacobin faction seized control of the Revolutionary government in 1792, Jean-Jacques Ampère resisted the new political tides, and he was guillotined on November 24, 1793, as part of the Jacobin purges of the period.
When Tennessee seceded from the Union in 1861, Johnson was a Democratic U. S. Senator from Tennessee and was dedicated to Jacksonian Democracy, nationalism and limited government.
When the Labour government fell in 1979, the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher won a victory which served to push the Liberals back into the margins.
When Isagoras attempted to create a narrow oligarchic government, the Athenian people, in a spontaneous and unprecedented move, expelled Cleomenes and Isagoras.
When word of the plot percolated through Black Hand leadership and the Serbian government, Apis was told not to proceed.
" When Congress, in the summer of 1973, legislated an end to U. S. military action in, over, or off the shores of Indochina, the only U. S. military activity then going on was air support of a friendly Cambodian government and army desperately defending their country against a North Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge onslaught ... What destabilized Cambodia was North Vietnam's occupation of chunks of Cambodian territory from 1965 onwards for use as military bases from which to launch attacks on U. S. and South Vietnamese forces in South Vietnam.
When Chiang was defeated by CPC forces in mainland China in 1949, he retreated to Taiwan with his government and his most disciplined troops, along with most of the KMT leadership and a large number of their supporters ; Chiang Kai-shek had taken effective control of Taiwan at the end of WWII as part of the overall Japanese surrender, when Japanese troops in Taiwan surrendered to Republic of China troops.
When informal relationships and sanctions prove insufficient to establish and maintain a desired social order, a government or a state may impose more formalized or stricter systems of social control.
When Duke Jing of Qi asked about government, by which he meant proper administration so as to bring social harmony, Confucius replied:
When he did not restore democratic rule and occasionally engaged in open repression, however, he was overthrown by the military in 1957 with the backing of both political parties, and a provisional government was installed.
When a constitution establishes a federal state, it will identify the several levels of government coexisting with exclusive or shared areas of jurisdiction over lawmaking, application and enforcement.
When the second novel, Dune Messiah, opens, Muad ’ Dib ’ s religion has sent his fanatical soldiers on an interstellar jihad, destroying the traditional structures of government and leaving billions dead.
When the Communists captured the Nationalist capital of Nanjing in April 1949, Li refused to accompany the central government as it fled to Guangdong, instead expressing his dissatisfaction with Chiang by retiring to Guangxi.
When the government proposed a new federal code of civil procedure in 2006, replacing the cantonal codes of civil procedure, it rejected the introduction of class actions, arguing that:
When the Zairian government began to escalate its massacres in November 1996, the Tutsi militias erupted in rebellion against Mobutu.
When he encountered opposition from the services, he used government control of military spending to force the change through, stating " Wherever Federal Funds are expended, I do not see now any American can justify a descrimination of those funds.
When the newspapers reported that the government had not allowed the showing of The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons, the people were outraged, and the royals were forced to give in.
Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Gloucester, recalled: " When we had experience of a Scottish government, the Queen did seem to revive.
When the United States ( US ) government was formed in 1789, Boudinot was elected from New Jersey to the US House of Representatives.
When the French public were asked to select which film they wanted to see most, having been told by the Vichy government that soon no more American films would be allowed in France, the overwhelming majority chose it over all others.

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