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When and United
When the stock exchange opened this morning, many dealers were quick to purchase shares in Douglas, Lockheed and United Aircraft and prices rose substantially.
When this second dilemma first became obvious -- during the mid to late '50's -- the United States appeared to have three choices.
When in 1816 an act of Congress forced the foreign firm out of the United States, its British-born employees, now become American citizens -- Joseph Rolette, Joseph Renville and Alexis Bailly -- continued in the fur business.
When the CCITT ( now ITU-T ) was standardizing ATM, parties from the United States wanted a 64-byte payload because this was felt to be a good compromise in larger payloads optimized for data transmission and shorter payloads optimized for real-time applications like voice ; parties from Europe wanted 32-byte payloads because the small size ( and therefore short transmission times ) simplify voice applications with respect to echo cancellation.
When the office of Lord High Admiral was in commission, as it was for most of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries until it reverted to the Crown, it was exercised by a Board of Admiralty, officially known as the Commissioners for Exercising the Office of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, & c. ( alternatively of England, Great Britain or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland depending on the period ).
When the series ended in the United Kingdom, a further seven volumes were issued exclusively in Australia, meaning that over 28 volumes, all 200 episodes were released on VHS.
When the team first emerged in the nineteenth century it represented one nation-state, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
When twenty-one was introduced in the United States, gambling houses offered bonus payouts to stimulate players ' interest.
When the United States joined the war, Churchill and Roosevelt agreed to pool resources.
When the United States renounced its offensive biological warfare program in 1969 and 1970, the vast majority of its biological arsenal was composed of these plant diseases.
* Where Do U. S. Dollars Go When the United States Runs a Trade Deficit?
When asked about the fundraiser Bo Diddley stated, " This is the United States of America.
When he briefly returned to the United States in 1972, the Lincoln Center Film Society honoured him with a gala and awarded him a lifetime achievement award, which has since been awarded annually to filmmakers as The Chaplin Award.
When it started in 1970, the Universal Press Syndicate gave cartoonists a 50-percent share on the ownership of their works, while the Creators Syndicate ( founded in 1987 ) granted artists full rights to the strips, something that Universal Press did in 1990. followed by King Features in 1995, while before 1999 both the Tribune and United Feature services began granting rights to creators over their works ; however the latter three syndicates only applied this to new strips, or to ones popular enough.
When used as a medication in the U. S., coal tar preparations are considered an OTC ( over-the-counter drug ) pharmaceutical and are subject to regulation by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
When asked if the WikiLeaks of 2010 would damage American relations with other countries, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates noted that " governments deal with the United States because it's in their interest, not because they like us, not because they trust us, and not because they believe we can keep secrets.
When the United States entered World War I, Eastman organized with Roger Baldwin and Norman Thomas the National Civil Liberties Bureau to protect conscientious objectors, or in her words: " To maintain something over here that will be worth coming back to when the weary war is over.
When he moved to the United States, Desi Arnaz turned to show business to support himself.
When Ball sold her share of Desilu to what became Paramount Television, Arnaz went on to form his own production company from the ashes of his share of Desilu, and with the newly formed Desi Arnaz Productions, he made The Mothers-In-Law ( at Desilu ) for United Artists Television and NBC, this ran for two seasons from 1967-68.
When the United States began to expand her navy in the 1930s, she would surpass Britain as the world's premier naval power.
When he returned to the United States, jobs were in short supply ; Kaye struggled for bookings.
When the United States resumed EVAs on April 7, 1983, astronauts started using an Extravehicular Mobility Unit ( EMU ) for self-contained life support independent of the spacecraft.
When the United States ( US ) government was formed in 1789, Boudinot was elected from New Jersey to the US House of Representatives.

When and States
When the Southern States exercised their `` right to secede '', they formed what they officially styled `` The Confederate States of America ''.
When construction of roads and bridges in Liberia and Sierra Leone is complete, the highway will link to another seven Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS ) nations to the west and north-west.
When it was published in the United States by the University of Chicago in September of that year, it achieved greater popularity than in Britain.
For instance, in two studies by the American Mosaic Project, racial inequality in the United States was framed as either “ Black Disadvantage ” or “ White Privilege .” When the term “ black disadvantage ” was used to describe racial inequality, white participants felt less collectively responsible for the harm done to the out-group, which lessened collective guilt.
When the Cuban government accused the United States of stealing water, base commander John D. Bulkeley ordered that the pipelines be cut and a section removed.
Connick's best selling album in the United States is his 1993 Christmas album When My Heart Finds Christmas, which also is one of the best selling Christmas albums in the United States.

When and entered
When Alex entered his room, the doctor was already preparing a nest in the straw case, six eggs ready for the hen's attentions.
When the Germanic peoples entered the Roman Empire and founded successor-kingdoms in the western part, most had been Arian Christians for more than a century.
When Ibn Habib's soldiers entered the camp, the Berber chieftain ’ s wife Tekfah hid Abd al-Rahman under her personal belongings to help him go unnoticed.
When James Bradley and Samuel Molyneux entered this sphere of astronomical research in 1725, there consequently prevailed much uncertainty whether stellar parallaxes had been observed or not ; and it was with the intention of definitely answering this question that these astronomers erected a large telescope at the house of the latter at Kew.
When the Greek army entered Thessaloniki in the First Balkan War ahead of the Bulgarian 7th division by only a day, they were asked to allow a Bulgarian battalion to enter the city.
When Havana surrendered, the admiral of the British fleet, George Keppel, the 3rd Earl of Albemarle, entered the city as a conquering new governor and took control of the whole western part of the island.
When Mehmed finally entered Constantinople through what is now known as the Topkapi Gate, he immediately rode his horse to the Hagia Sophia which he ordered to be sacked.
When a Dictator entered office, he appointed to serve as his second-in-command a magister equitum, the Master of the Horse, whose office ceased to exist once the Dictator left office.
When the censors entered upon their office, they drew lots to see which of them should perform this purification ; but both censors were of course obliged to be present at the ceremony.
When PEI entered Confederation in 1873, it was accorded 6 MPs and 4 Senators ; however this was reduced to 4 MPs by the early twentieth century.
:* When is entered, it is picked up by the scanning unit, the number 25 is encoded and sent to the X register.
When Dave Wesely entered the service in 1970, his friend and fellow Napoleonics wargamer Dave Arneson began a medieval variation of Wesely's Braunstein games, where players control individuals instead of armies.
When they entered Hera's temple, they fell into a slumber and never woke, dying at the height of their admiration, the perfect gift.
When it is either not possible or not desirable to award the victim in that way, a court may award money damages designed to restore the injured party to the economic position s / he occupied at the time the contract was entered ( known as the " reliance measure "), or designed to prevent the breaching party from being unjustly enriched (" restitution ") ( see below ).
When a new symbol has been entered, the device typically sends an interrupt to alert the CPU to read it.
When Austrian-born Hitler entered Vienna, he was greeted by loud cheers.
When Bulgaria entered the war as a German ally in October 1915, Venizelos invited Entente forces into Greece ( the Salonika Front ), for which he was again dismissed by Constantine.
When baby boomers entered the workforce, the economy did not generate jobs fast enough and hundreds of thousands emigrated to the more industrialized Sweden, migration peaking in 1969 and 1970 ( today 4. 7 percent of Swedes speak Finnish ).
When he entered a plane with Opal a bomb detonates, and Opal reveals herself as Mystique.
When Jason entered Iolcus ( modern-day city of Volos ), he was announced as a man wearing one sandal.
When they entered Italy, some Lombards retained their native form paganism, while some were Arian Christians.
When she entered features, Hollywood believed that the movies ' future lay in reproducing Broadway plays for a mass audience.
When Agapetus arrived members of the clergy entered charges against Anthimus as an intruder and a heretic.

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