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When and XERF
When Vendetti left XERF no one else seemed to have the ability to keep it on the air.
When the primary transmitter failed, XERF constantly dropped back to its 50 kW standby which was then only run on a fraction of its power.
When Ben Toney, the original offshore Radio London program director, became involved, the show was aired on KXOL in Fort Worth, Texas and as a daily show aired over 250, 000 watt XERF in Mexico.

When and signal
When looking for a long-term partner more conventional altruism may be preferred which may indicate that he is also willing to share resources with her and her children while when looking for a short-term partner heroic risk-taking, which may be costly signal showing good genes, may be more preferable.
When the Israelites, led by Joshua toward the Promised Land, arrived at the banks of the River Jordan, the Ark was carried in the lead preceding the people and was the signal for their advance ( Joshua 3: 3, 6 ).
When compressed, the crystal produces a small electrical current, so when placed under the bridge saddle, the vibrations of the strings through the saddle, and of the body of the instrument, are converted to a weak electrical signal.
When analog television was developed, no affordable technology for storing any video signals existed ; the luminance signal has to be generated and transmitted at the same time at which it is displayed on the CRT.
When gastric hydrochloric acid reaches the nerves in the gastrointestinal mucosa, they signal pain to the central nervous system.
When the signal drive to the amplifier is increased, the output also increases until a point is reached where some part of the amplifier becomes saturated and cannot produce any more output ; this is called clipping, and results in distortion.
When conjugation is initiated by a signal the relaxase enzyme creates a nick in one of the strands of the conjugative plasmid at the oriT.
When the Laplace transform is performed on a discrete-time signal ( with each element of the discrete-time sequence attached to a correspondingly delayed unit impulse ), the result is precisely the Z transform of the discrete-time sequence with the substitution of
When the key was not in use, that switch was kept closed, so that a signal was continually sent.
When she was half a mile away, Baralong ran up a signal flag indicating that she was going to rescue Nicosians crew.
When Datis surrendered and was ready for retreat, the Ionians climbed the trees and gave the Athenians the signal that the cavalry had left.
When the Athenian line was ready, according to one source, the simple signal to advance was given by Miltiades: " At them ".
When the trumpet signal for the start rang out, Antony's fleet began issuing from the straits, and the ships moved into line and remained quiet.
When the infant BBC Television service was started in 1936, Rediffusion, which had supplied cable radio services since 1928, started providing " Pipe TV " to its customers who had difficulties tuning into the weak TV broadcast signal.
When the bridge was in use, boaters would signal the operator, who would start a diesel engine and rotate the bridge to the open position on a large gear.
When the keyboard processor detects that a key has changed state, it sends a signal to the CPU indicating the scan code of the key and its new state.
When Greek orthography was codified by grammarians in the Hellenistic era, they used a diacritic symbol derived from this half-H shape to signal the presence of / h /, and added as its counterpart a reverse-shaped diacritic to denote absence of / h /.
When the power supply to the amplifier is first switched on, electronic noise in the circuit provides a signal to get oscillations started.
When such a system is subject to an impulse ( or any signal of finite duration ) it will respond with an output waveform which lasts past the duration of the input, eventually decaying exponentially in one or another manner, but never completely settling to zero ( mathematically speaking ).
When a pedal is off or inactive, the electric audio signal coming in to the pedal is diverted onto a " bypass ", resulting in a " dry " signal which continues on to other effects down the chain.
When a pilot moves the control column ( or sidestick ), a signal is sent to a computer ( analogous to moving a game controller ) the signal is sent through multiple wires ( channels ) to ensure that the signal reaches the computer.
When it appeared that the revolt would succeed, the Thrintun elders built and used a psychic amplifier that forced every sentient being in the galaxy to commit suicide, the signal repeating for centuries.

When and lost
When they lost it, the French artillery moved in, and that was the end for Garibaldi that time, on 30 April 1849.
When, therefore, it turned its attention to the concrete entities with which popular imagination had peopled the world of spirit, these entities soon lost whatever status they had enjoyed as actual elements of external reality.
When Ursicinus lost his office and the favour of Constantius, Ammianus seems to have shared his downfall ; but under Julian, Constantius's successor, he regained his position.
When they lost control of Assyria itself, the name Syria survived and was applied only to the land of Aramea to the west, that had once been part of the Assyrian empire.
When two monosaccharides undergo dehydration synthesis, water is produced, as two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom are lost from the two monosaccharides ' hydroxyl group.
When they saw that the centre had broken, the Elector and Marsin decided the battle was lost and, like the remnants of Tallard's army, fled the battlefield ( albeit in better order than Tallard's men ).
When an object falls into a black hole, any information about the shape of the object or distribution of charge on it is evenly distributed along the horizon of the black hole, and is lost to outside observers.
When the Soviet Union broke up in late 1991, a major boost to Cuba's economy was lost, leaving it essentially paralyzed because of the economy's narrow basis, focused on just a few products with just a few buyers.
When in 1981 Fran├žois Mitterrand was elected president Denard lost the support of the French intelligence service, but he managed to strengthen the link between SA and the Comoros.
When the Babylonian Empire empire was absorbed into the Persian Achaemenid Empire, the name " Chaldean " lost its meaning as the name of a race of men, and came to be applied only to a social class.
When Kling returned the next year, the Cubs won the pennant again, but lost to the Philadelphia Athletics in the 1910 World Series.
Writing in 2010 Neil Finn said, " When we lost Paul it was like someone pulled the rug out from underneath everything, a terrible jolt out of the dark blue.
* Abu Hurairah narrated that Muhammad said, " When honesty is lost, then wait for the Day of Judgment.
When Marcus Livius, the governor of Tarentum, claimed the merit of recovering the town, Fabius rejoined, " Certainly, had you not lost it, I would have never retaken it.
When he came round, he was informed that though he had not suffered any life-threatening injury, he had lost the sight in his right eye.
When the Hundred Years ' War was lost in August 1453, Henry fell into a period of mental breakdown that lasted until Christmas 1454.
When CD4 < SUP >+</ SUP > T cell numbers decline below a critical level, cell-mediated immunity is lost, and the body becomes progressively more susceptible to opportunistic infections.
When the Treaty of San Francisco came into force all ethnic Koreans lost their Japanese citizenship and with it the right to welfare grants, to hold a government job of any kind or to attend Japanese schools.
When the PNP lost power in 1980 Edward Seaga immediately began to reverse the policies of his predecessor, bringing in privatization and seeking closer ties with the USA.
When Richard still did not return from the crusade, John began to assert that his brother was dead or otherwise permanently lost.
When the battle was lost, Saladin captured the relic, which was then ransomed back to the Crusaders when the Muslims surrendered the city of Acre in 1191.
" When Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939, contact with his Soviet controllers was lost and Philby failed to attend meetings.
When done carelessly, a point / counterpoint can be as unfair as a simple biased report, by suggesting that the " losing " side lost on its merits.
When myelin degrades, conduction of signals along the nerve can be impaired or lost and the nerve eventually withers.
When voicing was lost in all dialects except the Wu group, this distinction became phonemic, and the system of initials and tones was rearranged differently in each of the major groups.

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